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The confusion over the Sense 4 multitasking methods is about to come to an end, albeit in a way that many of you aren't going to like. While we were pretty confident that our investigation into the matter gave us the answers, we reached out to HTC about the issue, and it has responded with the following.

"HTC is aware of some questions in the enthusiast community about how the HTC One X handles multitasking and memory management for background apps. We value the community's input and are always looking for ways to enhance customers' experience with our devices. That said, right now multitasking is operating normally according to our custom memory management specifications which balance core ICS features with a consistent HTC Sense experience."

So there you have it. HTC has taken open-source Android, and customized it to its liking. We're not surprised, nor should you be. HTC places more emphasis on the front-end user experience, at the expense of background tasks, and has modified the source code to better suit its software. This is how open-source operates, and HTC should deliver what it  feels is best for their customers.

I think the real issue here is users' expectations. Sense 4 is as far from stock Android as iOS is from BSD. The core code was made available, and HTC has spent three years refining it, adding to it, and making it its own. From the user standpoint, only the very nerdly few are going to be up-in-arms about HTC's changes, and all of us knew ahead of time that HTC's phones would be running HTC's software. Our option is to purchase what suits us the best.

I've been using Sense 4 on the HTC One S for a bit now, and I think HTC has done a bang-up job with it. It's certainly not stock Android, and there are a few things I miss from vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich, but as mentioned, I knew that going in.

We often say Android gives everyone a choice -- let's not get out our pitchforks and write those petitions to try to take one away.


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HTC: Sense 4 multitasking and memory management working as designed


Easy fix:

Get a Home Manager. Get a Aftermarket Launcher. Set Home Manager to Autokill Sense. Set new Launcher as default.

Play with phone for awhile. Reboot if necessary.

Check RAM usage in the Home Manager.

Sense on average should take up less than 75mb of RAM, compared to over the 200mb it normally takes up.

(Multitasking will have major improvements)

So basically they said they are aware that they've COMPLETELY F@#KED UP multitasking on these phones so that Sense can actually work and they really have no plans of changing anything. Thank god for root and that I can disable all the AT&T and HTC bloat. Now that I've done that the phone is mostly usable. Hopefully it will get unlocked soon and some custom ROMs on it, then I'll really be happy. In the meantime I'm just really glad I didn't get rid of my GSM Galaxy Nexus....

There are plenty of custom roms for the HTC One X on XDA and HTC even provides a unlock method for it. People should stop complaining. There isn't a company in the world that will cater to your every need and seeing people buy a device they know comes with Sense 4.0 then crying about how it has Sense 4.0 is ass backwards. How about you try the device before you buy it. Don't forget, if the store doesn't have a store demo, you always have 14(or 30) days to return if it's unacceptable. Of course you will have to pay a restocking fee for returning a perfectly fine device because you wanna bitch about something unimportant. All these videos posted about the device in the last 4 months and you did not do your research? I like to call that "Your own damn fault".

There are a couple of reasons why this is a bad post, but I'll just touch on the main ones. AT&T's One X has a locked bootloader and AT&T is not doing anything to change that. The company doesn't have to cater to your every need to keep multitasking working like it was on every other phone they've had out for the past 2 years. No one is complaining about sense just because it's sense - they're complaining about what HTC did to the android code to essentially remove real multitasking.

All the videos posted in the last 4 months did not touch on how multitasking works or whether the code was changed. That is not the buyers fault for assuming multitasking should work as it does on essentially all other new android phones.

Ok bye.

Don't like how they do things? Don't buy them, it's that simple.

Don't buy an HTC Sense phone and expect it to look, act, or respond like stock Android.

Yes, lets all defend HTC's obnoxious policy of forcing us to use their stupid launcher whether we like it or not. How dare we complain about it.

Because if you buy a phone, it means you have to like every single thing about it. We are forbidden to be dissatisfied with ANY aspect of any product we choose to buy.

Yes, that is completely rational.

Yeah I 100% agree with you on this. Apparently you are not allowed to be dissatisfied with a purchase because it was you who paid for it. Since when do people function like that? You have to experience something in order to properly judge it.. but if you purchase it you can't have any negative feedback? What world are you people living in?

Actually HTC should be the ones blamed. What about folks who have used previous versions of HTC devices with Sense 3.x? Shouldn't we assume that memory management & multitasking would behave in the same way? Well apparently it doesn't.

The problem these folks face is that none of the reviewers mentioned this major difference between previous Sense 3.x devices and the new Sense 4.0 devices. And I don't recall seeing it mentioned in any official HTC press release.

So in my opinion, these folks are justified in being upset. If they were complaining about the new card-based app switcher, then it would be silly since this was clearly advertised by HTC and the tech reviewers. But the new memory management system is completely out of left field and severely cripples the ability to multitask.

I also think tech reviewers (AndroidCentral, TheVerge, Engadget, etc.) dropped the ball big time. If they thoroughly reviewed the device, they would have noticed that apps were cleared out of memory seconds after switching to another app. This should have been something mentioned in the review.

I'm becoming exceedingly weary of people bitching about Sense when they already know it's anything but stock android going in. No one forces you to buy the phone, and you're not obligated to keep it if you do.

Should you find HTC's OS and UI customizations to be that much of a high crime then just return the phone within the 14 day period after you've had your "experience" and simply be done with it.

This isn't complicated.

I'm becoming exceedingly weary of people whining about any criticism of Sense. Yes, we are allowed to criticize it even if we were 100% aware of it's existence before we bought the phone.

The fact that you paid money for a product and knew about it's flaws ahead of time does not mean you are forbidden to complain about those flaws. If enough people complain about it maybe the manufacture will fix the flaws.

Sense is not a flaw. The fact that you are being forced to use it, when it is not *necessary* to force you to use it, IS a flaw. And yes, you are being forced to use it if you can't shut it off.

What, exactly, compelled you to buy it rather than waiting for the Galaxy 3, or picking up an Nexus oh... anywhere?

The lack of an SD slot. The use of a pentile display. The Rezound is still better than the Nexus despite the Sense pollution that it is infected with.

I bought the Rezound because of it's hardware specs. I bought it in SPITE of Sense, not because of it.

It is kinda like sex with Pamela Anderson...the risk of Hepatitis is the price of admission. The phone is Pamela Anderson, and Sense is the Hepatitis I have to put up with if I want to use it.

OK, so you know their is no cure for hepatitis right? :) Don't expect one for Sense. I like your analogy though, they are quite similar. Sense is that bad. Root, install CM9, that's your option. Next time, chill on the specs just a little. Some of the GNex models have an SD, so maybe let go of your carrier. It's an option, maybe not a palatable one. Pentile is not as bad as the critics make it, it boils down to how the drivers handle it, and Samsung does NOT make a bad looking display, it is what they do. I'm sure you are thinking this already, but next time, if HTC has the best in show, ... wait. Within 3 months someone else will best it. If that is not an option, get used to HTC sellng you down the river, it is what they do.

Oh I know it is unlikely that HTC will actually give us a choice. There is nothing in it for them. If they give us the option to use Stock Android everyone will do it, and expose how undesirable their UI really is. The fact that everyone is forced to use it gives the illusion that it is desirable.

That won't stop me from venting about it. Sense is the one thing I hate most about my phone.

No, I will not chill on the specs. You can always upgrade or replace software. As annoying as it is, I do have the option to free myself from Sense if I am willing to jump through enough hoops. But no amount of rooting will ever give you SD expansion on the Nexus (and no, none of them have SD...not sure who told you otherwise).

Honestly, I thought I read here that Sprints did. Now that I read back it was some interlude about some LG POS in the middle of the article. That's what I get for speed reading.

I'm big on an SD card as well, especially since most kernels require one to flash zips from SD, but that might differ on the GNex. I'll defer on that for now since I obviously missed some critical reading.

So why not wait on the Galaxy 3? Its just a couple months? Nothing I've read about the "One" (pathetic matrix symmetry aside) showed me anything I'd want over it. Frankly I'm on the Galaxy 2 and don't want either of them, rather wait for something 'more'. They have been weighed, they have been measured, and they have been found 'wanting'.

I guess what I'm still saying, is that if you buy an HTC, you have been rushed into something, because they suck. period. The rumors of HTC build quality have been greatly exaggerated. My wife's SGS2 has been THROWN not dropped a full story onto hard wood floors, and fully immersed in a toilet, and still functions. If my old Nexus One would survive that I would be suprised.

At one point I was going to wait on the Galaxy S2 for Verizon too. How'd that turn out? We got the galaxy Nexus SD and a worse camera. I could live with Pentile, but I can't live without SD. And they got rid of hardware buttons from the GS2...I was not a fan.

Verizon has a habit of trying to re-invent the wheel and messing it up in the process. Thats why not wait.

(The One is also lacking SD isnt it?)

The Rezound is my first HTC phone, and Sense aside, I love it. It is like a great steak that you have to eat with a fork you dropped on the isnt ideal, but the steak is still pretty good.

HTC isn't forcing you to buy their phones, so you're not actually being forced to use their launcher... See what I did there, I thought with my head. You should try it. You might learn a thing or two, like how to root your phone and install a ROM with a different launcher!

So apparently you also think that it is morally wrong to criticize any product you paid money for...because if you were not 100% satisfied with it in every way, why did you buy it? LOL!

Installing a different launcher will not remove stuff like this - - And my entire point is that we should not be REQUIRED to root to get rid of this crap. You completely missed the entire point.

There is no reason HTC should require me to run processes in the background that I don't want or need. That is the point. I am sure HTC's marketing dept appreciates your defense though.

And because I know the question is coming, I'll answer preemptively: I bought the phone for the *hardware*. I did not buy it because I thought Sense was awesome. IMO sense is a liability, not an asset. And I am obviously not the only one who thinks so.

I agree. I tried out HTC, because everyone was saying how good they were. Never again. And with stuff like this, I'm even further from it. This is why I got the Galaxy Nexus--the Nexus line has beat down any of the competition in not screwing stuff up like HTC has done with Sense.

That said, I do like to keep tabs on this stuff, because it makes any future smartphone decisions easier (I know not to get any HTC phone with Sense unless they fix issues like this).

I'm starting to get the vibe that just saying Android is cutting it less an less as time moves on. Sense is practically its own thing that easily runs Android apps and has its base in Android. Kinda like buying a Honda that's been redone for street racing off of Craigslist isn't nearly the same as buying the same year and model Honda stock from the dealership. Might have several advantages to some which might sell it to those who are looking for those advantages, but can get completely lost to those who are looking for what you would expect from a generic Honda. Saying "Honda" for both makes you think they should be roughly the same, but really, there's a Honda and a street racing car. You're not going to get the street racing car if all you want is the Honda, but you're probably more likely to get the street racing car if that's what you're looking for over the Honda. Less familiar with the other skins, but get a lot of the same feel from those as well as time is moving on (some of them are talked about like they pretty much just replaced a few apps, as opposed to Sense that digs deep with modifications to the engine and transmission, to tie back to the imperfect car analogy).

UI experience over app performance is an iOS hallmark. But that's what people seem to want so it's hard to blame HTC for giving it to them.

Let me make sure I have this right. Raising valid complaints about a broken feature on a phone is now trying to take away options or is somehow going to end up with less options because of the complaints? You guys are on a roll today with the condscending articles.

"Dont worry your little head. HTC says it's working right so your complaonts are obviously invalid."

Worry all you like. It's working as designed, and every person who bought one knew it was running sense before they reached for their wallet. 

Sounds pretty simple.

Except my HTC Inspire multitasked just fine, it ran sense I expected a phone with better specs, and more RAm would be better, not worse than a 2 year old phone.

Mine's going back tomorrow.

That was a previous version of Sense. It bloats more and more with each version, consistently. Jesus, Sense 5 is going to require 5GB of dedicated RAM.
i'm sure HTC will ship it with at least 3.

Sense 5 will have amazing 'features' such as camera functionality removed.
Then we will see an article from phil or jerry saying "doesn't matter, HTC intended it that way, don't buy it if you don't like it"

I don't see how open source is an excuse for broken implementation, again, you can say it's working as intended all you want. Doesn't change the fact that it doesn't work. I didn't know open source was an excuse to ship broken features and then say "welp, your holding it wrong..."

Oh wait.

The website isn't terrible but the apologetic attitude of the employees is. HTC is assaulting the functionality of Androidand they seem perfectly fine with that.

I'll quote myself:

to me, the only phone that will be better than the Nexus is the next Nexus.

excerpt from here:

When you paint with a broad brush, you look like a fool. We are not some collective mind, like the Borg. We are people, each with different likes and dislikes. Should I ever post all my dislikes, some folks would have coniptions because i don't agree with them. Sort of like today ..

I have an Inspire. I bought it because at the time, the iPhone could not multi-task and that was a deal breaker for me. Can you give a specific example of multi-tasking the Inspire can do that the One X can not?

I was really pissed about the One X being held up in customs now it sounds like it might that be such a big deal to have to wait. I can not upgrade until October so maybe by then unlocked Jelly Bean phones will be available (ha). What a crappy day for tech news.

here is what happens when you try to do BASIC multitasking over 50% of the time on the One X.

open maps, search for a place, get a text, switch to messaging to answer, switch back to maps, all your search results are gone and the app reloads.

another example, open email app, start to write lengthy reply to email, switch to calculator to figure out some numbers for said email response, switch back to email, YOUR ENTIRE MESSAGE IS GONE and the app reloads.

another example, start angry birds, be on your best run of a level so far, get a text, switch to messaging to reply, switch back to AB, entire game reloads and you have lost all your progress in the level.

this is not people complaining that sense is on the phone, i like the aesthetic that sense brings to android, but an iphone 3gs can outperform the flagship HTC device when it comes to performing basic tasks that people need to do every day on their phones.

i know when i have a busy work day, i use my lumia 900 because even with its dated hardware, it far outperforms the One X when it comes to actually using the phone.

if the screen and general hardware weren't so nice, i probably wouldn't have even bought it.

that all being said, early reports seem to indicate that the GS3 has broken multitasking in the same way with their implementation of TW on it.

while i am happy with the battery life, all they have to do is give US the choice of battery vs performance, a simple toggle to adjust memory management settings and everyone would be happy.

all we can really do is hope for a bootloader unlock and the release of the kernel source so that a proper kernel can be made that fixes this piss poor state of Multi Tasking.

I think it is reasonable to assume, as a customer, that HTC would not break a feature of Android for the sake of sense. It's hilarious that this is OK when it is obviously not working right. The hand waving is adorable and sad all at the same time.

i.e. Sense is bloated crapware. Don't buy our stuff if you don't like it.

That's about the same style answer I got from their customer service when I had my Nexus One and the car dock cracked. "Tough, GFYS."

I'll never buy anything HTC again. Oh, and that's my 'Android Choice'.

"From the user standpoint, only the very nerdly few are going to be up-in-arms about HTC's changes."

This is simply not true. Any iPhone user trying out the One X will instantly realize that apps are not where they left them when switching between them, unlike on iPhone. This will make them feel like they've taken a step backwards and will likely make them return the phone. Check around on other forums, it's already happening. Do not for a minute say that HTC is simply placing "more emphasis on the front-end user experience, at the expense of background tasks" or anything of the sort. That is simply FALSE. Other Android phones are perfectly smooth while allowing proper multitasking. The ONLY reason HTC is doing this is because it is necessitated due to the utter bloat that is Sense. Do not make excuses. This is fragmentation of the worst kind for Android. An application developer can't even count on how their app will be handled when navigating away from it. It's rubbish.

This is exactly it.

The multitasking is worse than what you get on an iphone- and my choice is i ordered a Galaxy Nexus and the One X is going back.

Also- it does seem a little weird that no reviewers caught on to this prior to the official release. Did HTC throw this in at the last minute? I dont remember previous Sense builds handling multitasking the same way, but maybe I just dont remember. Weird.

iPhone users aren't the "nerdlings", they are isheep who would recognize dozens of things are in different places regardless because they are using Android and not iOS

This is son and I likes the new One X. He noticed the multitasking was different while playing with it in the store. He wants a new phone coming from an iPhone 3gs. I'm still on a captivate typing this. If I read the email that (just) came thru, this what I'm typing would still be here when I switched back. It is a big deal..I didn't notice it while I played with one in the store a week ago, but he did. Now Im reading this on AC. Its an important function, hope they send a fix for it...SORRY change for it being that they(HTC) don't see it as broken...

I sure hope that 1. The EVO finally gets to me and 2. The root method works on it so I can disable all HTC/Sprint bloat.

I can understand why iOS fanboys hate android fans now, because the people on this site blindly defend manufacturers such as HTC even when they remove a core feature of android.

The 'don't like it, don't buy it argument' is invalid as when i bought this phone it was meant to come with multitasking but it couldn't do that and now i have no option to return it.

The HTC One X doesn't run Android. It runs Sense 4.0.

That's something people are just going to have to come to grips with. There is no defending anything. It's their OS, to do anything they want with. You don't like what they did. I get it. 

Stop giving them your money.

And yet you and your associates were telling everyone that the HTC One X was the must have new thing. Now that an apparent user issue has developed you seem tell people not to buy the phone. Conflicted?

Nope. My opinion? 

Buy it. This isn't as big a deal as the Internet drama squad wants it to be. But you should form your own opinion instead of listening to mine :)

This isn't as big a deal as the Internet drama squad wants it to be.

Ok, so is not a big deal taking the phone hear Pandora or other musical player and in 10 - 15 minutes it stops working? That the navigation resets every time you open an email or skip a track? Wow. Go to the XDA forums and look for several different examples of what the "Drama Squad" are having.

Jerry, I think you are dead on most of the time, but if this thing is killing of Pandora (which is marked for background priority), among other things as is being reported, you might consider reconsidering your 'buy it' opinion. That has nothing to do with Android, as you have said, but a poorly implemented skin. It is working as intended, and people who don't care will still say it's a great phone, but perhaps it's time to accept that renigging on a review is acceptable when more detail comes to light. This whole article is based on a 'buyer be ware' warning, follow through.

To be fair, they reported specs an initial impressions. It would be far worse if they continued to defend it. To me, that would signal bowing to advertising pressure (like so man crApple blogs do). At least they are reporting honestly so that people who didn't jump it the second it lifted the skirt have a chance.

Don't have an HTC One X so I can't comment on the multitasking issue. However, with the above comment - "The HTC One X doesn't run Android. It runs Sense 4.0" - how can, in all honesty, the same bloggers at AC so tenaciously dismiss the obvious fragmentation on the Android world... I wonder...

It comes with multitasking, it's just gimped because they use an EXTREMELY bloated skin, and gave it top priority. If you didn't know it came with Sense and that Sense is bloated crap, then you didn't do much research. Stop listening to the store salesmen that make $8/hr, they aren't that educated. Where they work should be your first clue.

This falls into the category of buyer be ware. Period.

Obviously i knew it came with sense, just didn't think they would remove a core feature and give no opportunity for a fix.

But they didn't remove anything, they just tweaked disposal priority, which is easy (remember that next time). Removing it would take a lot of developer time, and if HTC were willing to devote that, they could probably cut the bloat of Sense by 2/3's as well. They aren't, that's why they have such a bloated skin. They could write native c++ level, but instead they skin with bloated Java and blow out not just RAM but fill the Dalvik as well. Amateurs. They don't care, because they can still cram it down a consumers throat at upgrade time with a few well timed hardware specs that mean almost nothing to how apps run today. (oh, except for their own sense, it needs a quad core for sure).

So is the multitasking issue something that wasn't necessarily obvious enough to notice within the 14 day return window? (Not trolling; I really don't know since I don't have one).

I noticed it but dropped my phone and damaged the case quite badly so wasn't able to return it. Its my fault for being blinded by the brilliant screen and camera, i should of stuck to nexus devices.

Maybe it has to do with a apple patent on multitasking. Any its HTC phone there skin they can do what they want. If u don't like it don't buy it.

I've been thinking for quite a while now that Android Central must be getting a sizable retainer from HTC. The coverage of the HTC One X far exceeds anything I've seen here for any other phone. Now they have become apologists for HTC. AC is actually defending a software modification that adversely affects the way a smart phone is supposed to work. Mr. Hildenbrand says, "I think the real issue here is users' expectations." Well that's pretty obvious. Why do users who have had other, sometimes many other, cell phones complain about HTC's multitasking? Because it doesn't meet their expectations. Are those expectations unreasonable? They're not when users have been happy with multitasking on other phones. For HTC to modify a system that users like to one that they don't is poor marketing or necessitated by poor design. Personally I believe if this was any phone company other than HTC, AC would be as agitated as the owners complaining about the HTC One X. AC's love for HTC know no bounds. Ask yourself why that is.

Their defending of this issue is pathetic, there is no excuse for this. Expected the writers on this site to be a bit more neutral, but suppose you're gonna be biased when your getting sent goody packs by HTC.

Wait... you don't want to hear the writers opinions? Why do you read the articles then? If you want purely information then you should look somewhere else. I think the guys at AC do a great job, and I like sense and plan on picking up an HTC One X when my contract is up. But if I did'nt like sense and the changes they made in 4.0, then I wouldn't buy the phone.

You caught me! Now excuse me while I count my HTC millions.

Please do a search on this site on Samsung Galaxy S III, then get back to me with your correction.

A little survey of AC readers would be informative as to the coverage of the HTC One X vs the Galaxy S III on this site. I hope you had your tongue firmly planted in your cheek when you said the coverage of the Galaxy S III was equal to or more than the HOX. It is ludicrous to make that claim. On the basis of release dates alone the coverage of the HOX would have to be more.

The search function of the site is open to everyone, and will show you exactly what you need to know. SGS III coverage outnumbers One X coverage by a factor of about 3:2.

If only Samsung paid me as well. I could buy a solid gold statue of Lemmy and fly it around the country on a private jet!

Are these commentors crazy or what? Do they not understand how this whole open source works? I mean accusing people that they take money from companies is the lowest blow your can give a writer especially an unfounded one. trying to tarnish the writers on this Site is very classless. I'm dumbfounded at the way these people are acting... Grow up its a phone and your money. They told you facts now make a decision on buying or keeping the phone and keep the immature crP out of here

Seriously? So the editorial policy here is "Don't like what we hyped don't buy it and don't complain" and "If you disagree with us go somewhere else." Professionalism at its finest! I would suggest that if you can't handle users comments don't read them or in the immortal words of Phil Nickinson, "Go somewhere else."

Seriously? So the editorial policy here is "Don't like what we hyped don't buy it and don't complain" and "If you disagree with us go somewhere else." Professionalism at its finest! I would suggest that if you can't handle users comments don't read them or in the immortal words of Phil Nickinson, "Go somewhere else."

Explain to me how this adds to the discussion.

It responds to two points made by the AC writers "buying choice" and "go somewhere else." Your response was defending two adults who can presumably defend themselves. Why do you feel the need to pick up the gauntlet at their feet? And just so this response adds to the discussion. I again ask why wasn't the multitasking issue discovered and discussed by the supposed experts on this site. If you have an answer by all means reply. But if you are simply going to carry their water why not let them do it themselves?

And by that logic I shouldn't comment because I don't agree with you, and I happen to agree with the writer. Hmm I see what you did there.

Again with no constructive response. Instead of sucking up to the writers how about addressing my question about the lack of a mention of the modified multitasking in the HTC One X reviews?

BTW I didn't say you shouldn't comment I said you shouldn't be an apologists.

Your regretting purchasing your smartphone we get it! But how is it AC fault? How long have you had the phone? From what carrier? Give us some details and be truthful

Agreeing with the writer=apologist... Right.
Regarding multitasking on sense 4.0 I don't think assuming that redesigning the way multitasking works hurts the Android experience. I also think if you plan on spending $200 plus on a smart phone it is your responsibility to know what you are getting. Htc and AC have made the information very available. But if you decide to just buy the phone without looking into it you have a grace period of 14 days to return it. More than enough time to fully test it and see if it is to your liking. So given the circumstances if after the grace period you don't like it then you shouldn't blame htc, AC, or anyone else besides yourself.

"I don't think assuming that redesigning the way multitasking works hurts the Android experience." Well then I guess all the complaining on the phone sites and returning phones is just a figment of someone's imagination. People are upset about it and several posters here are not happy with AC's HTC fanboy response.

Are you even reading what you respond to? I blame HTC for poor multitasking. I am disappointed in AC's response to the issue. No where have I blamed AC for HTC's multitasking problems. Don't be so involved in your personal agenda that you blind yourself to what others are actually saying.

How could I respond to it if I didn't read it. Do you throughly complete a thought before you type it? Have you been reading any of my counters to your arguments? Have you even tried sense 4.0 for yourself? Ok fine you don't blame AC for the issues but "how they respond to it" that's fine. I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this one. I feel you are entitled to you opinion despite how narrow minded it appears. Apparently anyone who disagrees with you doesn't get the same courtesy.

"How could I respond to it if I didn't read it."

And yet you replied to it. You are kidding right? Do you make a habit of replying to posts without reading them? And what opinion do I have that is so narrow minded: That HTC One X multitasking has disappointed a lot of users or that AC's response to the issue was underwhelming and more of a fanboy aria? Read this entire thread and you will see that many agree with me. Hardly a narrow minded stance.

That was sarcasm. Not a statement that I didn't read your comment.
Sycophantic, apologist, disingenuous, aria... Ok we get it you own a Thesaurus. You keep dancing around the fact of that matter that you haven't actually tried sense 4.0 so you can't accurately judge it for yourself. Assuming it is broken before you have tried it yourself just basing your opinion of it off what people on the Internet are ranting about is narrow minded. What it boils down to is what I have previously stated
"if you decide to just buy the phone without looking into it you have a grace period of 14 days to return it. More than enough time to fully test it and see if it is to your liking."
So if you don't like it don't buy it. If you bought it and don't like it return it, if you disagree with the direction a company took a product no longer support the company, and if you don't like the way a website has offered the information and opinions about the said company then don't go to the site.
Based on the majority of the views you have expressed on the comments for this article you don't much care for the website, the writers, and the other followers, but you keep coming back. Maybe you should use that handy Thesaurus to give me another word for "narcissism".

OK, another word for narcissism, illustrator-Joe. You must be to assume you know what's in my mind. You also can't seem to comprehend what you read. You assume I don't care for the web site based on my comments about the coverage of one phone: very lame and overreaching. You are the one who said, "And by that logic I shouldn't comment because I don't agree with you..." You were wrong then and you are wrong now. And by the way, what on earth do you care if I like the website or not? You seem to have your feelings hurt by something that doesn't involve you in any way. You need to look up the definition of narrow minded. Having an opinion based on numerous owner comments, video evidence and responses by the company involved is not narrow minded. Reading an AC article the downplays an issue that is adversely affecting many owners on the HOX and forming an opinion of the writer's motives is not narrow minded. It is called deductive reasoning. You seem to base your opinions on a sort of creepy desire to protect the site's writers. I'm sorry if I used big words. I should have taken into account the education level of those responding to me.

Using what you call "big words" doesn't make your points any more valid. My college degree and job in a professional industry have nothing to do with my comments on the matter. I don't care that you belong to the site, but I don't see the good in trying to bring down the writers when they are trying to do their job, do I agree with all their opinions, no, but I don't criticize their every word. Your form of deductive reasoning may work, but it is not very objective. A hands on approach is always best, try the phone, you haven't. I haven't either, but I am not going to let some whiners on the internet or even the writers on this site make the decisions for me, I will try the phone myself. If I don't like it I will return it. And I wont hold blame on anyone besides myself for my decision. I have no "creepy desire" I don't know these people, I just respect them and what they do, you clearly do not. I feel that way not because you disagree with them, but the fashion in which you do so.

So I should disregard all the information I have about the negative issues with the phone and go out and buy one? Yeah, that's a smart move. I guess that college education didn't cover logic. A better approach, and one you might adopt, is to continue to research the phone and if it appears that the bugs have been worked out to then, if there is nothing better, buy it. Buying it now just to confirm that it has problems or not is pretty silly. I still don't understand why you care one way or another in what "fashion" I disagree with the writer. You say, "I don't know these people" but you continue to defend them. If you are carrying around a badge that says "Sensitivity Police" then I understand. By the way Deductive Reasoning, by definition, is objective (Logic 101).

"My college degree and job in a professional industry have nothing to do with my comments on the matter" and yet you bring them up, sigh.

I only bring that up because you use the old internet standard of attacking my education level, I was defending myself. I happen to agree with " continue to research the phone and if it appears that the bugs have been worked out to then, if there is nothing better, buy it." But just because something isn't the best, doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it, it may fit your specific needs perfectly. You say I am the "Sensitivity Police" and I have a "creepy desire to defend them"... but how is that any different than your obvious attempt to discredit them? Sigh..

"...but how is that any different than your obvious attempt to discredit them? Sigh.." I commented on the context and content of the writer's article. That's called reading and commenting. You continually defend the writer because of my opinions. That isn't a normal response. That's the difference. I'm glad you agree with my method of buying a phone rather that your initial advice to just buy it and beta test it. Do you really buy products that aren't the best? Your definition of the best must be very narrow. Most savvy buyers would describe the best as a compilation of price, features, applicability to the task and personal preference. If you buy something that doesn't meet that criteria (or whatever your own criteria is) then you are indeed buying less than the best.

As far as education goes, I guess you forgot you initiated the subject with your snarky comment about a Thesaurus: "Ok we get it you own a Thesaurus.."

I try to buy products that are "the best" but people opinions of what is the best obviously differ, and thats OK. And your rebuttal to my snarky comment was justified. Honestly I am getting exhausted with this argument, we are obviously going in circles here. I will not change my point of view on the matter and neither will you.

I appreciate the link. However I will stick to my guns, I don't believe that the writer is biased, but I see more where you are coming from.

"why wasn't the multitasking issue discovered and discussed by the supposed experts on this site"

Um, not to inflame things, but tohio is kind of right here. The quoted statement seems to be the white elephant in the thread. The reviews might have gone something like this: The Bad: No microSD slot. No removable battery. No [true] multi-tasking.

And for the record, Engadget and Cnet are JUST as guilty for not bringing that little tid bit to light. Very bummed my Inspire may not be getting a true big brother.

lol @ "verbally attacking writers", more like trying to make sense out of their ignorance on this subject. The HTC goody pack thing was clearly a joke, but probably isn't to far off the mark in reality.

It is clearly HTC's discretion to make Sense act however they like. I'm glad they confirmed that this is "working" as intended - it makes my purchasing decision much easier.

I don't agree with Jerry's tone of "you knew it had sense when you bought it". If HTC designed the next Sense to drain your bank account would you shrug your shoulders and say "dont blame HTC, you knew it had sense when you bought it"?

If HTC is going to change core functionality we've come to expect on modern phones (my epic 4g multitasks just fine), they are open to criticism. Luckily the people who are bothered by not being able to have 2 apps open will likely notice and still be within their return policy.

So who is responsible for your (collective your -- not you personally) buying choice?

It seems like a no-brainer to me -- don't like it, don't buy it. Can't understand why that is so hard for people to accept.

I absolutely agree with "don't like it, don't buy it". But you guys seem to be treating this with such a ho-hum attitude, this isn't ho-hum. Why review every single setting in the camera and not mention the fact that opening a txt message will make you lose your game progress, or otherwise cause other apps to reload?

You hit it on the head here. I don't remember any reviews mentioning the crippled multi-tasking, so telling people they knew what they were getting into is silly. People depending on sites like AC and others who review new phones to give us the scoop since it's hard to know everything about a phone by fruitlessly tapping on the dummy display at the carrier's store.

If you buy the phone after hearing this and then complain about the multi-tasking, or lack of, well then yeah, Jerry has a point.

Yup. They really botched the review... or they withheld this information because they knew people would pass on the phone if they knew it couldn't multitask properly.

On my 2 year old Samsung Epic, I could have a game open, jump to a text message, and then go back to my game and it would still be open.

If this if the future of Android... it's going BACKWARDS. Of course the guys at ANDROIDcentral would hide that information from us.

What about the people who bought the phone based on the rave reviews here at Android Central? Where was the mention in any AC review that multitasking might not be what users were used to on other phones? To tout a phone so aggressively and then tell users who may have bought the phone based on the hype, "don't like it, don't buy it" is rather disingenuous.

"So who is responsible for your (collective your -- not you personally) buying choice?

It seems like a no-brainer to me -- don't like it, don't buy it. Can't understand why that is so hard for people to accept"

OK, this is a little ridiculous Jerry on your part. I have owned two HTC phones with Sense and I am aware of what sense is and isn't... I am not dumb. However, these prior versions did multitask and operate for the most part in similar fashion to any other Android phone, such as the Nexus or the Epic that I also have. Multitasking in particular was simlar enough between these Sense phones and my other Android phones.

If this new version of Sense has changed the way multitasking is handled enough to cause these issues with users (again, I can't say I have experienced this as I don't have this phone), then this is not internet drama or unreasonable user expectation - if you used Sense before, you would expect to function in the same way and if it doesn't, you guys - reviewers - are the ones who should mention it on the reviews for us to know before hand.


Total lurker here, but I agree that this is a bit disingenuous. Of course I would try it for 14 days and return if disappointed. It is just hard to believe that I haven't read one review of this phone that mentions the issues with multitasking. I trust this site, so I'm not saying that it was intentional. However, I think it does call into question the thoroughness of some reviews.

The "How am I supposed to know if nobody tells me" excuse is the ultimate crutch for everyone who every lacked a sense of responsibility for themselves. You could wait for the phone to be out a while before buying it out the gate. Then you could do research for yourself, and make your own choice.

Yah, but I think the point people are trying to make is that NO ONE, HTC or the media, mentioned this at all. New phones are like the return of Sauron "a whisper, of a shadow of something on the wind". There is no non-disclosure in this industry. There are whole sites dedicated to rumors for Pete's sake.

"We" (collectively) have had access to the tech media's earliest impressions of the HTC One X from rumors, to MWC, to CTIA, etc. And in all of those articles and blog posts, not ONCE did ANY writer (I will not single out the author here) ever mention that Sense 4.0 on the device nixed multi tasking (as we know it).

Even if you tried to do the research to make an informed purchase decision the lack of that feature would not have been revealed until after you bought the phone. Return policies are great and all but what a pain; not to mention bs restocking fees.

If HTC had told us they made this change, then there's nothing wrong with this. But the current situation is a bit like buying a car which only turns left, and then telling the customer you bought it, its your problem.

How come AC didn't mention this drastically change in core functionality in their review! It must have been noticed.

"I don't agree with Jerry's tone of "you knew it had sense when you bought it". If HTC designed the next Sense to drain your bank account would you shrug your shoulders and say "dont blame HTC, you knew it had sense when you bought it"?"

If it was known in advance that it was going to drain one's bank account, yet the customer buys the phone anyway, than yes. That's kind of the point of doing research before buying a phone.

"If it was known in advance that it was going to drain one's bank account, yet the customer buys the phone anyway, than yes. That's kind of the point of doing research before buying a phone"

If prior versions of Sense DID NOT drained your bank account and the reviewers FAILED to tell you this one actually did, then how is the customer that bought the phone and found his bank account was drained by Sense guilty because 'he knew it has Sense when he bought it'.

And if people buy phones based off of one site's review (and Android Central was not the only site to give this phone a glowing review, by the way) but still kept it knowing the issue(s) that it had, who's fault is that? That would be the "research" part.

I had a bit of One X envy, but I feel great again about my GNex purchase. I bet after several months of filling their phones up with Apps and files, Sense will be the major pain in the ass it has always been. My previous HTC reloaded Sense constantly.

You know, I would support Jerry's condescending tone for anybody purchasing this phone NOW and then complaining about it knowing it was a limitation in the first place.

But come on, people who bought this phone without this being disclosed have a legitimate gripe. Multitasking is a pretty important feature that every modern smartphone buyer expects to work. Taking the "if you don't like it don't buy it" approach is arrogant and a cop out. Period. There is no excuse for a modern smartphone to do multitasking so poorly.

You know when those Apple Fanboys always drag out the tired "my phone just works" argument? This is why that argument is still legitimate.

I take issue with this -

"From the user standpoint, only the very nerdly few are going to be up-in-arms about HTC's changes"

I think every person who buys this phone won't like this one bit. Multitasking is not something only nerds do - everyone switches between browsers/email/music etc, that's why they buy a smartphone!

And I can guarantee that if HTC added a disclaimer in their ads or in stores, something like - 'Hey, this doesn't work like Android, its Sense! Use only 1 app at a time' then they won't be getting many customers.

I love AC, but the coverage on the one x has seemed a little soft. I like how AC is usually the cooler head in the tech space. But this wasn't mentioned in the reviews (that I can remember) so its hard to shrug it off and say don't buy it to the people who had pre ordered it and signed a multi-year contract. Especially when HTC came out and said sense is more important than any other apps that you install.

And how is it ac fault? You have a return period. It's a good phone that handles multitasking differently what's the problem?

The problem is that it doesn't just "handle it differently," despite what Jerry keeps trying to tell us. The problem is it just doesn't work. For some reason Jerry thinks it's not only OK, but expected that Sense would break a basic functionality of Android.

Jerry thanks for putting this out there for complete clarification. I really want to get the new Evo but this is now a deal breaker. I will get this phone, but not until CM9 is out for it. Then I will enjoy all of the greatness of this phone. I cannot wait to see the screen in person. If HTC/Sprint really want my money now they need to send out an update to make it work the way that Google intended it to. I am in no hurry though, I am truly enjoying CM9 on my E4GT.

Jerry quit getting so defensive and take a step back and see this from the users eyes instead of from a blogger.

For you this issue isn’t so big because you have many phones to play with if you get bored you pick up another one and move on. However most users are stuck with their phone for 2yrs or more and so these little things can become huge problems over a period of time. For some users this is a huge deal and for you to state only the nerds will care is an extremely insulting statement to make. For me it is quite often the case where I’m on a phone call and I am accessing several apps at the same time(Word processors, spread sheet, email.etc..) it’s a real world usage for many phone users not just NERDS. I do this on my lowly Galaxy S, the last thing I would expect is a quad core super phone to have less functionality than my existing phone.

I don’t know how the bloggers here on AC use their phone, with the exception of Alex who truly does multitask on his phone, I suspect many just use their phones casually based by many of the comments made here. If you truly HTC has made such a great phone here is a challenge for you, use this phone exclusively for two years and see if the lack multitasking is a no biggie for you.

As for your “If you don’t like it don’t buy it” argument it’s a bogus one. Most people don’t waste time reading blogs and simply buy on band recognition. Why would any user expect a regression in functionality especially when the specs are bumped. Now let’s pretend people did do research as you suggested, where in AC reviews or in the marketing lit where there any caveat that Multitasking was modified. True enough users are now complaining about it but they’ve already made the leap of faith and bought it.

What would you like them to do? Is changing a couple sentences in a review that big of a deal to you. I understand the problem but don't understand what you want AC to do?

Not being defensive at all. I'm just responding to the most legitimate comments. Trust me, I don't care how anyone else spends their money or what they buy, or what they like. Everyone who knows me understands that this is true, I have no bias because i don't care. It's open -- HTC should change it any way they like. It's your money, you should buy what you like.

The majority of your comment ignores the simple fact that every person had at least 14 days to find out that they didn't like this phone. Apparently, nobody decided they didn't like it until it was too late. That's not my fault, nor is it HTC's fault -- it's yours (again, the collective your -- not you specifically). Fussing and acting like I shot your dog won't change it. But it does make a bad decision easier to swallow when you blame someone else. 

And for the record, I've been playing a Chuck Brown playlist on my Sense 4 device for about 4 hours now, with nary a stutter. All while checking mail, messages, and even a little Google plus. It works fine for me unless I run a game. 


I like how people hear: "Sense 4.0 has redesigned the way multitasking works."
And jump to the conclusion: "OMG THE HTX ONE X HAS NO MULTITASKING!!!!!!1111!1!1".

Well until Jerry's comment above; that is what it sounded like and no one was disputing it. Tempers and insults and bad metaphors aside, this thread was a good one. I say thanks Jerry 'cause guess what?

AT&T is sold out of the One X and we all know that the next shipment is held up in customs. NO ONE is going to buy this phone for the time being but, hey, at least NOW , if and when the One X is available again, we all know to check the phone for what passes as HTC's version of multi-tasking in the store.

Don't you all fret; this will sort itself out just in time for AT&T to pull a VZW and yank unlimited data.

Gotta keep the killjoys comin'

"ignores the simple fact that every person had at least 14"
I guess those are the same people suing SIRI for not delivering.

I see your point and do agree with it, however what I disagree with is the tone of your article. I would have thought you would have chosen to be the voice of the readers vs the voice of the carriers. I can see your view that it gets tiring hearing readers on their constant witch hunt, but so does the constant article where users are berated. Which is to bad considering I've always thought you where one of the better editors on this site. There is a difference between writing an article which states HTC stance and writing one while insulting your readers.

"my Sense 4 device for about 4 hours "

Cool you now only have 1 yr 364 days and 20 hrs to go :)


If you think me saying you should not buy what you don't like is berating you, I can't help that. I don't care how you spend your money, but you should.

You're telling me that the way multitasking works will change over time? It multitasks for me just fine. Music does not get interrupted (as claimed) and I can freely switch between apps. If I open a game, this changes (just as it does on my Galaxy Nexus)

No I don't, I agree with you on that point. What I considered berating is the statement you made in your original post stating only geeks care about multitasking. While the sentence alone is not such an insult the tone in the message was clear. Also a statement that is furthest from the truth. Multitasking is so important that Google's ICS aggressively added such a feature into their design. While they dropped the menu button and search button while added a button to easily switch between apps.

"And for the record, I've been playing a Chuck Brown playlist on my Sense 4 device for about 4 hours now, with nary a stutter. All while checking mail, messages, and even a little Google plus. It works fine for me unless I run a game. "

To me, this sounded like "Multitasking works until you really want it to." I don't care if my messaging app has its progress saved half as much as my games. And in much OLDER phones, I can leave a game and come back to where I left off just fine. You'd think, for a phone released in 2012, it'd be able to do the same thing. Why gimp such a core feature in android? Doesn't make sense. Judging from the massive outcty over this, I think it would be in HTC's best interest to fix it, or at least put a setting in the options for a more liberal multitasking setting. All this jibber jabber about "choice" seems like a poor defense for dealing with poor features on an otherwise good phone.

Why can't manufactures step it up and knock their phones out of the park. Stop settling for shitty features.

only 150 megs free, where is the rest?
you never get a full gig to use, the system always eats up some percent and you are left with low ram to use, i hate that.

the new lg phone with 2 gigs of ram only has about a gig available since it uses up a gig. thats bullshit

To those who just bought one of HTC's latest Titanics... Remember, you have a few days up to a couple weeks to take it back depending on who you bought it from.

Exercise that right. Do it now, do it right now. That is the only way to show HTC how you feel. I've talked to their customer service with a different phone, they DON'T CARE. THEY DO NOT CARE. HTC is CARRIER focused, NOT customer focused. Plus, they are harbored like 10000 miles from you, they know you can't do anything.

Oh, and yes, when they screwed me 2 years ago, I promised I would never stop badmouthing them... this is still part of that promise. BooYa.

You people are amazing. HTC has been putting Sense on their phone for years now and the advantages/disadvantages of Sense have been known/liked/hated for the same amount of time. If you don't don't like Sense, then don't buy HTC or root your phone - very easy. Next to the Nexus, HTC is the most developer friendly OEM with their supported HTCDev unlock (except for ATT - don't buy any ATT HTC devices). I am a user of the HTC Dinc 2, have no problems with Sense 2.1 (operational or speed) and am looking forward to ICS with Sense 3.6 if I don't move up to ICS with Sense 4.0 on the Dinc 4GLTE. If Sense doesn't work for you don't buy it, if you don't like VZW (price or service) go somewhere else - in either case you won't be missed. By the way, I think you do a great job (all the AC writers work hard to be objective while still having an opinion - there's nothing more any of us can ask for - keep it up - ignore the idiots (you already spent too much time on them).

You clearly don't own a HTC device, they are not the most dev friendly nowhere near. They provide a crippled locked down experience with HTCdev forcing users to void their warranty to flash custom roms. Do your research and you'll realize your post is completely wrong.

@ trivor

When and if you buy an HTC One X only to find that the 'new' Sense on that phone works differently than the prior ones, I don't want to hear a peep from you... not one!

With this they lost two customers who preordered the Evo 4G LTE. I held out hope they were working on a fix, but this proves other wise.

Like Jerry said, HTC if you don't like it don't buy it, and if enough don't buy it maybe they will get the message. Hell, buy it and return it, that might make them get the message faster. But companies listen when consumers talk with their wallets.

I have owned a Touch Pro, Touch Pro 2, Hero, Evo and the Evo 3d. This is the first time I will be choosing a different company.

Good news, the 1.29.401.11 update seems to rectify most of the problems for me. I have tested it and the multitasking behavior has definitely changed. it does seem to reload the apps but saves at the state where you left it.

Ill have to give it a full few days testing to see if it has properly fixed it though.

Quite funny how HTC/Phil/Jerry defend the multitasking behavior then a fix is issued shortly after.

That would be good news for sure. Wonder why they would change something that is working correctly though?

Upon more testing the closing of apps still does happen, but less frequent. When it does close then it seems to reopen them faster as well. I know its not placebo because it reopens them with some kind of fade in effect it didn't have before.

After an hour of testing it hasn't closed chrome even once, so multitasking is usable, but still not at stock ICS level.

Well, if it is a 'placebo effect' im happy to know that i can go on different apps and my tabs will stay there in chrome.

More likely you don't want to admit your precious HTC went back on their word.

Open a game like angry birds. Get into a level. Then hop out to the browser or a messaging app. Then go back to the game. Tell me if the game is still where you left off.

I'll type this very slow, so you can understand it.

I'm defending open source if I'm defending anything. All you folks rallying about HTC changing code they are supposed to be changing are on the wrong track completely. I don't care how HTC re-writes the code, only that they are allowed to re-write it in the first place.

As for any buyers remorse some seem to have, not my fault. Will never be my fault. Lay blame on whoever you like, but I wasn't there forcing you to buy (and keep) something you don't want. 

tl;dr -- it is what it is, and you not liking it won't change a damn thing. STOP GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY.

I don't care if htc changes the code. I'm sure they made a thousand decisions we know nothing about. I'm glad they CAN tweak the code. But let's call a pig a pig, or at least acknowledge the possible consequences of their decision (yes, negative consequences). Why even post this story Jerry if the only point you were trying to make is "its open source, they can do whatever they want"? Why not just post a link to wikipedia and we can all read about open source?

Some people who own the phone are upset by this decision by htc. Some of us considering purchasing it are concerned. We don't need (or care about) a lesson on open source as it relates to this issue. We want to know if/when this will be fixed, or how to work around it, or when it happens, or what roms fix it, etc. That's what people keep saying in these comments...not "I don't think htc should be allowed to do this".

I think you're avoiding the fact that you failed to mention how multitasking works in your review (as did most reviewers). There are threads on every major android site complaining about how the multitasking is broken on the One X line of phones. I can't believe nobody felt that was worth mentioning. I'll start trusting the reviews of average nobodies more than AndroidCentral.

If everyone is unhappy about a feature, it's a problem. If anything else, HTC would be smart to pay attention to it and fix it to make everyone happy. That's assuming they want people to buy their phones in the future. In the meantime, defending open source is one thing, but to defend these guys gimping core android functionality is pretty messed up. I'm all for customization... but I want my new phone that was released in 2012 to work better than my 2 year old phone I just got rid of.

I agree with you AND Jerry on different points here.

I do feel the reviewers in general dropped the ball by not stating this change of behavior on their articles. Simply telling the users 'you should have known it has Sense before you bought it' is a ridiculous argument when prior versions of Sense (the ones most users were familiar with before buying this phone) used to work differently in this regard.

However, I can't blame the reviewers for personal decisions to buy and keep the phone beyond the 14-day trial after finding that multitasking is not working as expected. On this point, I do agree with Jerry.

Finally, is clear to most of us that: 1) Android is open source and can be freely altered by third parties, 2) that HTC phones come with Sense (except the OG Nexus) and 3) that Sense is basically an OEM custom ROM based on Android but is not Android and therefore is expected to work differently that 'plain-vanilla' versions. None of these is at issue or in dispute here. The issue is how this new version of Sense has changed the way it handles multitasking in a way that makes it subtantially different from the traditional Sense most HTC users have known until now.

Personally, I doubt there is any way HTC can 'fix' this issue without causing additional problems of Sense rebooting do to lack of sufficient memory resources. The way I see it potential customers have three choices: 1) buy this phone and accept the multitasking compromises, 2) buy the phone and install a suitable custom ROM, 3) skip this phone and look elsewhere for a better offering.

Damn , Thats ALLOT of hate !!!!

- For everyone who is complaining about AC didn't mention the "Multitasking Change" HTC Did :

"Sense 4 shares most of the traits of multitasking with stock Ice Cream Sandwich. You've got a button dedicated to multitasking. Tap it, and you see thumbnails of running applications. Sense does this with a bit more flair than stock Ice Cream Sandwich, though, bringing in three-dimensional effects and animations. In Sense, you swipe up to end an application — very similar to how cards work in webOS."

From Phil's article about Sense 4 :

They also put the link (In big bright blue font) in the One X review , One X second look , AT&T One X review , One S Review , T-Mobile One S Review & One V review & I'm willing to bet that Phil already put it in the upcoming EVO 4G LTE Review !!!!!!!!!!

I have NOT played with an HTC ONE yet & I already know what HTC did in Sense 4 thanks to Android Central guys !!!

So what if HTC changed the way it looks\works as long as it does the same job at the end ?
look at it that way : Chevy decided to go the Forced Induction route & added a SuperCharger to achieve 638 HP outta the LS9 small block engine , While Dodge went for the big displacement & Natural Aspiration route to achieve the 640 HP outta the big block 512" V10 !!! Does it matter what they did as long as both methods achieve the same goal ?????????

- Anyone who says Android Central is payed by HTC , They are NOT ! They did the same covering the Samsung phones (i.e. the most recent ones are the Sprint Galaxy Nexus & the Galaxy S III) & Im sure they will do the same with the upcoming Motorola phones
HTC happens to be the hot one right now & making the news lately , in couple of weeks it will be Samsung's turn to shine & then whoever makes the next big thing

As Jerry said , Don't Like It Don't Buy It !!!!!
No one is putting a gun to your head forcing you to buy an HTC phone , There's allot of other phones out there

Don't blame em for your buyer's remorse , They did their job covering the phones , reviewing them & stating their own personal opinions (For us who appreciate it) , They did their job & went the extra mile to help us

Don't like the website or the writers , its easy DO NOT READ IT & Stop bashing them

I haven't and won't hate on the writers of this site. They have an opinion and are entitled to it. It is their site to post on, and if we like what is posted (or even if we don't but find it informative) we will keep reading or not.

With that said everything else you said in your post is just plain ignorant. You either missed everything posted, including the original article, or you just don't understand it. No one is complaining about how Sense multitasking looks, and it doesn't do the same job in the end. It closes the progress of what you are doing and makes you start over when you bring it back up. Read the article again, then read the responses again then respond...

"Sense 4 shares most of the traits of multitasking with stock Ice Cream Sandwich. You've got a button dedicated to multitasking. Tap it, and you see thumbnails of running applications. Sense does this with a bit more flair than stock Ice Cream Sandwich, though, bringing in three-dimensional effects and animations. In Sense, you swipe up to end an application — very similar to how cards work in webOS."

Exactly where do they say that background applications will stop when you leave them for another application? Oh, I see, that's what they are referring to when they say, "a bit more flair."

You are aware that they issued a fix for the ,"bit more flair feature"?

Wait what? Seriously?!!!

Then what the hell is everyone flipping out for. Note to self: when trolling, remember to go to the end before getting involved in needless dialogue. Shame on you Tohio for not spamming that statement :)

This Sense 4 multitasking news lines up perfectly with the delayed Evo LTE's and Htc One X's on hold right now. I wonder how many people are thinking about their pre-orders twice, while they are stalled by customs. I sure am, Im wondering if I should stay with my GSM Galaxy Nexus... with its yellow screen, bad battery life, low speaker volume, and shaky camera. ***Forgot to add CRAPY GLASS that scratches easily***


'preciate what you do here, brother whether I agree with you all the time or not. That said, stop letting people drag you in, dude! That's what they want. They've seen you've taken the bait (a few tines in this thread), so they're gonna keep casting the line. You've made your point, and you were clear. IMO, for a while now people are just trolling for feedback. They already know how you're gonna reply. Just my 2 cents. Anyway, thanks again for all you do.

I think the coverage here at AC is right where Phil told us it would be. Here's what we think about the hardware and we'll let you know more once we've had more time with the phone.

I wont be joining the haters or the ones saying its working as intended, but c'mon have you guys seen the videos? it is ANNOYING how sense 4.0 cant re-open an app in the same state you left it in.

If you leave the browser, it needs to reload the web page. If you leave a game, it starts from the beginning. If you pause and exit Slacker radio for a minute, the app closes and you can't even resume the music with the headphones button you need to re-open the app and start playing all over again.

sucks for htc because people WILL return this amazing device just for that, i really hope they notice the decline in demand and work on a hot fix.

To be fair, I'm a little jaded with this whole multitasking fiasco because I really wanted the HOX. It is a drop dead sexy phone (the white one sends a thrill up my leg...) with the most amazing display I've ever seen.

I've been a CM9 user since the beginning and was even willing to give that up for Sense 4. No multitasking is a total buzz kill for me on the HOX.

Now that I have that off my chest, I can see where these complainers are coming from. I read and watched so many reviews and not one of them mentioned the multitasking (or lack thereof). The fact that none of them noticed this problem or pointed it out in their reviews is what is frustrating to me. It's their job.

When something like this is discovered they act like it's not a big deal and that's why it wasn't in the review, etc. It is a big deal, it's a HUGE deal. Own up to you missing it in your review and then call out HTC for breaking a core smartphone feature. Make some noise where HTC can hear it. Go to bat for us normal folk that HTC is pissing on.

To me it feels like there's a pride issue here at AC and everywhere else. They can't admit that they missed a huge flaw with this phone so they play it off as a "they can do whatever they want, and if you don't like it don't buy it" attitude. Don't get me wrong, I don't like it so I'm not buying it (unless the geniuses over at XDA get the bootloader hacked). I just wish AC would make some waves and treat this like the deal breaker that it is...

The iPhone's fast app switching is more desirable at this point.
Rant over...

The fact that this wasn't reported in any review anywhere is somewhat disheartening.
Since you can't really experience this issue until you've bought the device and actually tried to USE it, knowing it was an issue ahead of purchase would have been really helpful.

If Jerry had said, "yeah we noticed this and reported it in paragraph 2 of our review" his stance would make more sense.

At least it's out there NOW, however I haven't seen any reviews anywhere updated with this new information.
Phone is beautiful, fast and takes great pictures but you might burn your dinner because the timer app might stop on you for no reason.
The glowing reviews of 8 and up I've seen should be dropped down to 6 or 7.

The sad thing is anything else in At&T's android lineup is a step backward from this phone.

But that's just it. AC NEVER things anything is worth arguing over, fighting for and getting upset at. It's just their way. I've written them off as just a news blog and nothing else. I look to the Verge for insightful commentary and reporting

"As per reports, the Taiwan tech maker hasn’t yet made a statement on the multitasking issues of its flagship One X smartphone. Needles to mention, the glitch will be a great blow to the company, which has been one of the top Android producers. Lack of better multitasking capacity is certainly one thing that will distract customers from the device. In case of HTC’s One X, it denies the level of multitasking potential that its operating system allows to customers."

Full article:

OK, I'll chime in here and say that I think Jerry is a tad out of touch here...

Firstly, I agree that IF YOU DON'T LIKE A PRODUCT, DON'T BUY IT. That being said, I completely disagree with the notion that We all knew that the phone had sense and because of that, it would not behave the same way as stock Android, thus its out fault -- not HTC's fault.

#1. On all previous version of Sense, MUltitasking worked mostly the same way as all other Android Devices. Who in the hell would have thought that with the new "improved" and "leaner" version of Sense, that they would take away one of the most essential aspects that makes an Android phone, an Android phone?

#2. You and others are making it seem as though people rushed and impulsively bought a product without doing any research on it. Anyone who reads this site regularly know this not to be true. You are correct in that we should not buy a product we do not like. That's why sites like AC, CNET and Engadget exists! So we can properly research a product BEFORE we make a purchase. Please quote for me the part of AC's review that specifically talks about this. While you are at it, please find the quote from Engadget, The Verge, or CNET (The most popular tech news sites). To be clear, I am not saying that you guys did not do your job properly or that you dropped the ball. I am saying, you guys were duped just like we were and assumed that the phone did its job the same way all previous models did. Who wouldn't have? I am saying that you are on the wrong side of this issue. You should be as angry as the rest of the folks who purchased it.

#3. There are some people who love Sense, and there are those who HATE Sense. People are allowed to be dissatisfied with a certain aspect of their purchase and complain about it. We do it with cars, TV's, Microwaves etc. It may not be a deal breaker, but we can still complain. People who don't like Sense still buy the phone because its a good product in spite of Sense. Just like people by Samsung products because its a good phone IN SPITE OF Touchwiz. How else will the products get better if people don't voice their opinion?

#4. Yes, there is a 14 day return window. However, this was not something that was easily noticeable. If it were, I'm sure you guys would have mentioned it long before now. They DID NOT TAKE AWAY MULTITASKING COMPLETELY, they just made it more frustrating to do so.

My point: This is HTC's fault for not being clear about this change in the core functionality of the phone from get go. I have not bought this phone, because I am on Sprint and planned on getting the Evo LTE. I am glad this was caught before I purchased it because now, I just may wait for the GS3. Thanks HTC.

Very well said. Although I do believe the hands-on review of the HOX should have mentioned the multitasking issue. Either they didn't check it out or they did and didn't report it. Either way it's disappointing to find that a site one depends on to provide insight on products is less than thorough. While other reviews didn't mention the multitasking problem I've come to rely on AC for professional, unbiased reviews. I thought they were the best and brightest of phone-centric sites. In this specific case I was wrong. The only good thing to come of this is that multitasking will be a now major issue in future phone reviews.

Well, I withhold my judgement on AC and the other review sites. You can't expect them to thoroughly check out every feature these phones have. There are probably a thousand features on these phones nowadays. A complete review of all of these features would be 50 pages long. They simply cover the big ones... UI, Camera, phone and speaker quality, battery life, speed, browser, new features. The other 1000 features that come standard on an Android device (like Multitasking) should be expected to work normally.

I just take issue with Jerry's "Oh well" attitude, suggesting that we knew what we were getting into when the device was purchased (we didn't, not even the reviewers did) and that we had 14 days to check everything out. While that last part is true, I can see how it would not be apparent at first, since they did not remove the feature, but changed the way it operates to our detriment. Also, it completely dismisses the fact that many people sold (or got rid of) their old phones, so switching back may not be as easy as a simple return, and possible restocking fees.

Thanks Jerry for this clear, informative explanation. It does seem a bit frustrating. This seems to be another case of HTC Sense getting in the way. I like sense, but it seems the price of using it is too high! Hate to think it cripples my ability to multi task :-(

I am using a Galaxy s2 now, but will always have a soft in my heart for HTC, since my first two android phones were HTC :-) Even when. I rooted and switched Roms on my Aria & Evo I went through "Sense Withdrawal " for a time :-)

Aside from the problem of getting it imported to the USA market at all, this HTC ONE seems buggy anyway.
However, many folks seem really committed to this phone nonetheless. ...

This phone is awesome I have always been a fan of HTC sense. But they really did a horrible job on multitasking and HTC music implementation *rant. You have to be insane to love how they designed multitasking. Sounds like fanboy talk.

I find it ironic, that they did everything to make their Sense work flawlessly with the expense of any other software a user might want to use, however their own Sense launcher is getting killed as well, so user have to wait 5-10 seconds before they can make that could've-been-emergency phone call, while launcher is restarting.

In addition, since the crippled multitasking increases our data usage (because web pages are reloaded, other data-dependent apps have to reload every time, the data logging apps getting forcibly closed and then reporting incorrect data usage) who do we blame then? should we send our over limit charged data usage bills to HTC?

Sense multitasking works as designed only if it was designed to not multitasking at all. Sites like Android Central should stop making excuses for HTC. My HOX will be my last htc phone if they continue to treat multitasking in this manner.

I think we should all complain to HTC about this. I picked up the HOX last week and its really slick. However, I downloaded FIFA 12 on Play and the initial download is 1258MB! The fact that I can't let the download run in the background is a disappointment if not impossible. I made a refund rigt away since the 2GB of App storage isn't gonna cut it either.But if I wanted to play games I will load them on my Transformer Prime. Sure the multitasking sucks right now but we need to complain to HTC here not AC. Otherwise just root and flush Sense down the Taiwanese $h1tt3r