HTC Sense 5.5

An easy way to disable BlinkFeed, customizable quick settings, 'dual capture' and 'Panorama+' in camera app

High-profile HTC ROM maker mike1986 has produced screenshots purporting to be from the next version of HTC's Android-based UI, Sense 5.5. Among the most significant changes in the gallery of 15 images are the presence of an easy toggle for BlinkFeed — HTC's home screen reader, which currently cannot be disabled on HTC One devices. Elsewhere in BlinkFeed, there are new categories to select, and a custom topics tab.

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HTC Sense 5.5

There also appears to be a new menu for customizing and re-ordering the quick settings in the notification shade, and new options here include a "Do Not Disturb" mode. In addition, the HTC keyboard features some new emoji icons, and the task-switcher has been re-scaled with bigger preview windows.

The camera app has grown two new features — "Panorama+" and "Dual Capture." It's unclear what's different about Panorama+ compared to the regular Sweep Panorama setting (a Photosphere-type mode, perhaps?) It's also likely the "dual capture" mode is something similar to Samsung's Dual Shot mode, which shoots images using the front and rear camera simultaneously.

Besides the feature changes, it's mostly the same HTC Sense we've come to know over the past year, and we've confirmed with a knowledgeable source that this is indeed an accurate representation of Sense 5.5. However with Android 4.3 updates currently being pushed out with Sense 5.0 onboard, it could be a while before we see the new UI rolling out to HTC phones.

Source: Android Revolution HD blog

HTC Sense 5.5


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HTC 'Sense 5.5' leaked shots show easy BlinkFeed toggle, camera changes


Not that it's is a huge deal but blinkfeed should have been able to be turned off from launch

Posted from a van, down by the river

Options are good. Choosing to free up a home screen should be an option

Posted from a van, down by the river

Um, because some of us don't give a damn about Blinkfeed and would MUCH rather have another empty home screen and less use of RAM... Why is that hard to understand?

Agreed. I might have gone with a One if not for Blinkfeed. Didn't like it and when I found there was no option to turn it off I said Pass.

Could have just used nova launcher or any other launcher as I've done. Blinkfeed is pretty neat in theory but it lacks the customization I'd like.

Yeah, the slogan from HTC fanboys ... 'but you can install a launcher.' Bahaha! Piece of crap, aluminum fashion accessory.

You missed out big time on a great phone. All I did was made another screen my default screen and I never noticed Blinkfeed again. Or you could have installed a free launcher from the Playstore. Easy super easy fix. But to write off an amazing phone because of Blinkfeed was crazy.

From what I understand GPS power toggling is no longer a real battery saver. It now sleeps unless an app that is authorized to use it pings it then it wakes up long enough to provide info and goes back to sleep. It's less on/off and more on demand now which is why many of these things no longer include it. One less thing to worry about.

Not that I have a problem with the battery on my One, but I tried turning GPS off to see if I noticed a difference. Didn't notice it at all.

Exactly. When will people learn. Turning GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi off doesn't save battery. GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi already use an unnoticeable amount or no battery when they aren't in use and Wi-Fi usually uses less battery than a cellular data connection would when it is in use.

there has been several reports on this topic. HTC is rolling out 4.3 with sense 5.0 to US and will later be rolling out "an update" starting in Europe with sense 5.5 although i dont hink a specific android version was attached to the statement. most likely we would see 4.3.1 or 4.3. Honestly if Mike has this now, he is most likely already working it into his android revolution roms and we we all be able to have it soon.

Looks good, glad to see HTC is paying attention. I hope they hang on long enough for a comeback

Posted via Android Central App on a Nexus 4 running CM10.1.3

You mean from Lg Ui, for some reason everyone forgets that Lg had dual shot on the Options G Pro first .

Posted via Android Central App

I disagree. I hate the implementation of LG's ugly UI. And things like q slide don't work as well as multi window on the Galaxy

Posted via Android Central App

Agreed. Touchwiz has never been an elegant and refined skin, at best its been usable. I swear Samsung engineers say: Oh we have 10 slots to fill up so let's make gimmicky features.

Posted via Android Central App

This. I'm disappointed the writer mentioned Samsung by name when LG clearly had the feature first. Samsung gets enough undeserved press...when the writers here can't keep facts straight we're all in trouble.

No,you are wrong! The optimus g pro may be the older phone but it did NOT have those features first. You get your facts straight and stop spreading fud. Honestly I don't mind who copied who.
This article was published March 13, the day the GS4 was announced at the unpacked event with all its goodies. And of course, Lg had to PLAN a "Value Pack" update after the event that copied many of the features announced earlier that morning.

They had dual recording, but no ability to dual capture a image until their value update which was announced after the s4 event.

God I hope they are making this ready for the HTC One on AT&T... I realize that 4.3 is coming very very soon, but it would be amazing if they could roll out a Sense 5.5 update quickly

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You can disable Blinkfeed on Sense 5.0 on the One X by going to settings, Personalize, Home screen style, is that not an option on the One?

Doesn't work on HTC One or Butterfly s both running 4.2 (not sure about 4.3 on the One, as I don't have it I use Butterfly s). I think they wanted people to use Blinkfeed as something "new" on the newer phones but didn't want to force it onto users of the One X/X+ and the original Butterfly.

I believe the HTC board could do with a little of this Sense.
I hate to see this company go out of business. HateToCollapse

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Personally, I like the BlinkFeed, and never thought of disabling it. I would like an option to add more news sources, though. I guess everyone wins with the ability to remove it.

And Sense 5.5 looks great.

Posted via Android Central App, HTC One

I'm with you, I love BlinkFeed! To the point where I was struggling to decide between running Nova or stock Sense b/c I didn't want to lose Blinkfeed. I ended up using Nova and creating a shortcut to Blinkfeed, win-win. Though Blinkfeed does need a lot more customization features.

Now you have custom topics available in the former of a search button to search and add. I really hope I smell RSS here, that'd be real swell. :D

I thought the new update to 4.3 on Sprint included Sense 5.5? I have some of these features but not the ability to turn off blinkfeed. Not that I would, I use it a lot, but just wondering if I should be looking for another update.

Actually, maybe the changes I'm seeing are 4.3 and not Sense (ie, the quick settings screen instead of straight to settings from the notification bar).

Correct. Those are features of 4.2.2/4.3 characteristics.

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I started having the purple tint a couple months ago. My camera is also chronically blurry and can't focus on anything.

So glad to be rid of Touchwiz. Loving Sense again. This is all looking good to me... so when do we get it on the One?

Your'e an idiot. The phone released in the U.S. with it. Deal.
Why do you even care, to the point, you are defending a corporation who doesn't give a shit about you?

How about you grow up and see what I had to say above instead of name calling? See a flaw in my logic, point it out! Apparently it was important enough for you to call me an idiot.

This update appears to be pretty good. I do wish they bring back some of the features they removed from previous builds of sense (7 home screens instead of 5, scenes: I enjoyed having a work, home, and travel scene, certain widgets: people widgets, clock widgets, stock widgets (although Google now is working out pretty well), and certain applications: footprints from the original evo 4g comes to mind). I realize that most, if not all, of these features returning is wishful thinking.

Posted via Android Central App

HTC One just upgraded software. now when i press power button i get wallpaper screen, NOT 'HOME' blinkfeed screen?
blinkfeed is teher AFTER i swipe screen, but it USED to be visible before. can i change it back?