HTC Sensation will be arriving in Canada

We've heard plenty of rumblings about a Canadian carrier picking up the HTC Sensation but nothing substantial came from those rumblings at that time. No matter -- good things come to those who wait and if you're in Canada you'll soon be able to get your hands on an HTC Sensation courtesy of Bell. Mid July is the rumored launch date and pricing details have yet to emerge but that's quite alright -- at least we know it's coming and that's half the battle right there.

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Source: MobileSyrup

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StefanYFC says:

Ah, a tip from The Source employee. Should be there soon then, those skus only enter the system a few weeks in advance.

Chipras3 says:

Does this mean that those radio frequencies we hoped were for AT&T weren't?

E-POTS says:

Bell and AT&T use the same 3G bands, so it's possible that AT&T might get this phone as well

E-POTS says:

I need this phone on Telus!! I don't want to buy it outright