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Been waiting for an HTC Sensation to arrive in Canada? Today just might be your day to get your hands on one. After having called local Bell and Virgin mobile locations I can confirm that most stores (At least, in my area) have now received their inventory. With the device not set to officially launch until July 5, you might want to try and score one a little early. Let us know if you do -- I tried but was advised I would have to take one under contract, not outright purchase it.

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HTC Sensation arriving at retail locations across Canada


Corporate stores (which are most of them) can't and wont sell a phone without some form of new or existing plan. In fact our registers/point-of-sale system is engineered to make that impossible. You'd have to buy it from an independent dealer.

I just got my Sensation when Walmart was doing their $150 deal just about 2 weeks ago and I love it! I have it unlocked and on AT&T but with only EDGE speeds. So far it isn't too bad but I would like to get 3G if I can. Where is the best place to import an off contract unlocked Sensation that would work on AT&T here in California? I heard that the Bell ones will work but don't know the first thing about importing one.

Any help is appreciated.

Unfortunately you will not be able to get AT&T 3G speeds on the T-Mobile Sensation.

T-Mobile 3G: 1700/2100 MHz
AT&T 3G: 850/1900 MHz

There is no hardware or software fix for this -- you just have to purchase an unlocked overseas phone that supports 850/1900. Else you will get nothing but EDGE speeds on an unlocked T-Mobile device on AT&T's network.

i think that the one from bell canada will work with att's 3g bands O.o

i neeeed this phone. i dont like samsung's android phones bc i dont like the touchwiz thing they have. i need the sensation i am dying with this stupid iphone. -_____-