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Alex Dobie, our man in the UK, met up with the HTC Roadshow today in Manchester and brings us this painfully quick look at some flowers ... on the new HTC Sensation. Don't worry, he's got more to come from the event -- of phones, not flowers (we hope), so stay tuned, boys and girls.

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galfert says:

That app is called Love. Since the Sensation ROM has been leaked it would be nice find this app extracted and made available for others to side load.

Hand_O_Death says:

That isn't at start up is it? I mean if I turn on my phone, I want it to go to the PHONE as soon as possible. The Thunderbolt animation on the wife's is annoying enough.


She loves me, she loves me not, she loves me, she loves me... Long time.

NoSpin says:

Hmm, I kinda want that apk

iconicbrand5 says:

Haha, if this is the start up screen, I'd hate to be the old chap who is drowning in his auto waiting to call 911, only to die before he could get past the pedals. "Oh crap! No no no flowers noooooo!"

911: "Hello, 911 what is your emergency?"

victim: "I'm drowning! I'll be dead in a minute!"

911: "Help is on the way, hold on."

victim: "No rush, I'm going to be dead soon. Tell my wife and kids something for me."

911: "Yes sir.'

victim: "If they bury me near any kind of daisy, I'm coming back and bringing them with me"...gurgle gurgle