HTC Sensation Update

What's this? This image submitted anonymously via the Android Central app shows a nearly 369-megabyte test update for the HTC Pyramid (aka Sensation)? Veddy interesting. We've got no idea whether this is the T-Mobile USA version, or the European version, but the latter recently saw an RUU leak out with a similar version name.

Either way, looks like someone's getting set to push out a sizable update.

More: XDA Developers; Thanks, anon!

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Bones72 says:

369 MB oh my! That's why I dropped an AOSP ROM on my Inc. Sense is freaking huge. My current ROM (OMFGB) is only 79 MB.

slackerjack says:

God let it be the update that unlocks the bootloader....I'm anxious to see what this thing can do once sense isn't bogging it down.

Alex Dobie says:

Dunno, but according to XDA this fixes the weird launcher lag in Sense. Which means now I'm gonna have to buy a Sensation :(

monstermav1 says:

May even be a fix for the carousel thing eg the lag

sgastel says:

Ok this is the update that will unlock the bootloader fix sense and sprouts wings. I cant wait though since I have one and can now fly away on it... I do love this phone though !!

Macklesdaddy says:

root is good and all,but this thing needs a million bug fixes.

spaided says:

I love my Sensation, I would like it to speed up just a tad though... But i do not have any issues EXCEPT, the very quiet speaker!

crxssi says:

It's "cousin", the Evo 3D, has a pretty quiet speaker also (compared to the Evo 4G and other phones). New trend for HTC?

mhmmdy123 says:

PHIL<<< The T-Mobile SENSATION for sure need good update, for now it`s slow, even on the 4G network, and the home screen lack like crazy. Yesterday I went to T-Mobile in Fairlane Mall in Dearborn, MI, and I try to see how fast the Sensation on the 4G compare to my EVO 3D,I beat the Sensation on the downloads, to be honest with you guys I have nothing against T-mobile or anyone els, the Sensation and the Glaxy S, both phones not fast as the carrier claiming.

Sniper1087 says:

It all depends where you live, i am getting 6mbs down with T-mobiles 3G HSPA+, while I am not getting even 4G with Sprint and of course their 3G is like 300kbs which is not worth it for me. The Speeds that carriers are claiming is not real world speeds, but somewhat faster than any Evdo rev A or rev 0 available atm.

tompro53 says:

This will be for the HTC Pyramid if it were for the Sensation the picture would say so.

IceBone says:

I really do hope it fixes the UI lag, the EVO 3D, a practically identical phone, seems so much faster. I wish that didn't play a role in my phone selection, but it does. :(

velezwill says:

Dude u are tool... 9 times out ten...the phones have a "code name". Pyramid happens to be the one for the sensation. Please read up before making tard comments like this.

quailallstar says:

Beat me to the punch! Yeah the Sensation and Pyramid; same device made by HTC.

Wicell says:

Sensation = Tmo name for pyramid... Like G1 = Dream...

K1utch829 says:

damn i already want the update fire that thing up now !!!

asj2583 says:

That's like saying the evo 4g and supersonic are different phones

It's so weird. I have only had two problems with my Sensation. One with the camera which is fixed now and the second with the speaker which I am sure I will have just to live with. I hope that if this update is for the T-Mobile version it doesn't mess up my phone.

spazoid says:

Could be a update to Block the Loophole that Teamwin found