Peter Chou

Heroic Timely Cyclist

What do you do if you're stuck in traffic on the way to an important meeting on day one of Mobile World Congress? If you're HTC CEO Peter Chou, you might think on your feet and seek help from a local motorcyclist. According to the company's official blog, the HTC boss found his cab gridlocked in traffic on the morning of Feb. 24, when he was on his way to a meeting at the Fira de Barcelona. Determined not to miss his appointment, Chou instructed his cab to honk at a passing biker before asking him for a lift to the MWC venue. Ten minutes later, HTC's CEO arrived safely at the Fira on the back of the man's green Honda Scoopy.

But the biker didn't accept the cash Peter Chou was offering for the favor, and now Chou is determined to track him down and see that he's properly rewarded. So HTC is now trying to locate "a good-looking man, 45-50 years old, riding a Green Honda Scoopy with a yellow plate," between 08:24 and 08:35 on the morning of Monday, Feb. 24. If that's you, or you know who it might be, HTC wants you to e-mail or use the hashtag #HTCseeksBiker on Twitter and Facebook.

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HTC seeks Spanish biker who helped Peter Chou to timely MWC arrival


That's what I call Ethics! I bet that guy's gonna get a custom new HTC One M8.

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Random acts of kindness, the best reward for those is the satisfaction that you made somebody's day a little better. Kudos to the motorcycle guy.

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Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Before worrying about rewarding a biker who insisted on no payment, how about focus on the company? I love HTC, and I don't want the company to go away

Wow, an inspirational article that focuses on the positive side of daily events. Yet and still, you make a comment like that. I'm so sure that the effort he is dedicating to express his gratitude, should be 86'd so that they can try to plan ANOTHER plan to "save" the company known as HTC. Pure genius. Quick! Email chou and tell him to stop wasting time with this.

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CEO of HTC in a cab, guess he's budgeting now and can't use a town-car or limousine anymore on the companies finance, I wonder if he also brown bag's it for lunch now too.

I was me. I just happened to be in Barcelona that day away on holiday. I imagine I could use a better bike and also the all new HTC One...yeah and tickets to Disneyland. Those prices are outrageous.

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This is an awesome story. Not only are bikers the best ( I'm a biker) but here you have a big time CEO that isn't scared or to good to jump on a strangers bike and ask for a lift. Kudos to both

I'm in Oklahoma and I drive a Metro/Scoopy. It fits the textbook definition of motorcycle as much as my old crotch rocket. It just doesn't go as fast. ;-)

Yes sorry. Didn't know what a scoopy was, just going off what the article said about the biker not accepting his money

I think well done Peter. He went for it. As a motorcyclist myself, I would have recognised Peter and given the dude a lift.

Like the title of this article: Heroic Timely Cyclist -> HTC (H)eroic (T)imely (C)yclist. Well thought! :)

HTC was one of my first smart phone on touch and touch pro and first android phone on the incredible and lost me after the thunder bolt to Samsung GNex,Gs3,note 2 ... Now back with HTC one and confused on my next move ... The fact that HTC seems a little more like a quality mom and pop dinner vs MCDONALD'S (Samsung and Apple) makes me wanna keep supporting them .. it's like they're starting to listen and respond to people ... And this story adds to that

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I agree with you about Samsung being "McDonalds", but you can't say apple products aren't high quality because they are.