HTC - Beats Audio

This is pretty cut and dry, folks. HTC tells Android Central that a rumor going 'round today about it cutting Beats Audio out of its smartphones simply isn't true. Here's the full line from HTC:

"HTC remains strongly committed to Beats Audio and including their innovation in our devices. Any rumor of HTC no longer integrating Beats Audio into our devices is categorically false."

You may now feel free to plug in your headphones.


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HTC says it's not cutting Beats Audio from its devices


Wouldn't be a loss. Anyone that uses Beats headsets wouldn't know audio quality if it legitimately raped them.

^^ +1 to The Shag. Thanks for leaving in an equalizer. Now make my rezound work with the newest GMaps update. Tired of it making the phone restart.

The Google Maps thing is not HTC's fault. There is a workaround for now.

Go to Manage Apps, Click on Google Maps, click uninstall updates. Clear the app's cache. Then install the previous working version of Gmaps from here: (Credit to XDA)

just like how the international one x is beats certified yet has just about the worst D.A.C. that you can have in a mobile device?

beats on phones is a total and complete joke.

Honestly, I use my phone a lot in the car. I have a Boston acoustics set up with a twelve inch sub. I can hear the difference the beats audio makes through the auxiliary. Any mod to high end system I have run it through, I can hear the difference. I cannot on factory stereos or cheaper stereos On headphones, it isn't a big deal. I would never buy beats headphones. Hat is too much money for low wattage for my tastes. I guess it depends on what you're listening to music on. When I got my one x, I had an at&t rep test that and a galaxy 3 through my car audio. HTC was the clear winner among the two in everyones thoughts.

I don't have a problem with Beats Audio products, but I'm not going to buy from them because they are way overpriced and I can get a pair of Sennheiser or JBL headphones much cheaper and have the same if not better audio quality.

The problem is that you are paying for it. It's marketing, pure and simple. HTC paid through the nose for no real improvement in sound quality all in the hopes that idiots will fall for the Beats marketing. There must not be enough idiots out there because HTC's revenue has dropped and they've divested some of the money they invested in Beats.

Beats is nothing more than a way to prove that people will follow a Bruh in what ever they do:

Beats Audio -
Saggy Pants -
Whasssuupp -
What's up Dawg
Fist Bumps
Handshake / Hug
Hip Hop Music

Keep your eye on a Bruh... the next new fad will be mainstream weather it makes sense/works or not.