HTC One M8 and Nexus 7 (2013)

Back in January, DigiTimes reported that Google was working with ASUS on the next small Nexus tablet, but a report today from DigiTimes runs counter to that with the notion that HTC might be the one that Google goes with for the rumored Nexus 8 . Of course, any report out of DigiTimes we have to take with a grain of salt (go ahead and re-read that first sentence if you don't believe us), but they claim that Google is considering a new design and plans to launch the new HTC tablet as in the third quarter of the year.

The third quarter is just 2-5 months away, which we would hope means that Google's been contracting with HTC for some time for the Nexus 8 design. Where Google and HTC could go with a Nexus 8 is up in the air, though it's more likely that such a partnership would result in something more along the lines of the plastic-bodied HTC Desire 610 than the all-metal and all-expensive HTC One M8.

Not that we'd scoff at a well-built plastic device, as both the most recent Nexus 7 tablet and Samsung Galaxy S5 have demonstrated is possible.

ASUS reportedly dialed back their enthusiasm for the third-generation Nexus tablets following Google's imposition of new restrictions that would limit ASUS's involvement in the design mostly to that of a manufacturer.

HTC has been out of the tablet market since the dismal performance of the HTC Flyer 7-inch tablet back in 2011. It was thick, heavy, and slow for a tablet back then, though if the performance of the HTC One M8 is anything to go by, HTC's got their design and engineering ducks in a row now if they're to do a new Nexus tablet. DigiTimes adds, however, that Google's enthusiasms for the Nexus 7 is also waning, having "served the purpose of boosting Android's penetration in the tablet market," and that the third Nexus 7 could be the last.

Source: DigiTimes

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Would love to see this come true. 8 in size, HTC hardware, Nexus experience. Win, Win, Win.

jlink38 says:

Don't fuck it up

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jacobydarkon says:


mwara244 says:

Please keep the speakers, my N7 2012 sucks for loudness, would love boom sound on a N7 or 8

lightyear420 says:

FUCK HTC! I wouldn't own a Nexus made by HTC if they paid me to take it. Get Sony in on this, guys...that's where the Nexus line will really start taking off into a more mainstream market. It will give Sony US exposure, and it will boost the Nexus name. It's a win-win. Going with an OEM who is in a debt of more than they can ever hope to overcome, and who hasn't made a single successful tablet in its entire lifetime is just about as bad of a decision that could possibly be made. This story is either bullshit, or Google is on a severe downward spiral.

Calm down.

jacobydarkon says:

You make a valid point about HTC being very much in the red. I would buy a Sony Nexus.

ameadows252 says:

I love HTC's hardware, but yeah, if there was a Nexus tablet that resembled Sony's newer Z tablets, I'd lose my mind. Those things are dead sexy.

iknownothing says:

No he doesn't. HTC's finances have little to nothing to do with the quality of their devices.

kjrod98 says:

This. The M7 and M8 are solid devices. They could easily incorporate something similar in a tablet design.

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wicketr says:

An HTC Nexus tablet with Boomsound?? I just creamed.

I mostly agree. Keep in mind that the Nexus line started with HTC. I think HTC is a great company but I personally would love a Nexus device with Sony. I want Sony to have a presence here so I can buy a new phone next time I can upgrade.

Thettle down, Beavis.

cctpitts01 says:

I think you might be confusing HTC with BlackBerry there shhh if they were in such a downward spiral I don't think they put would have put all there time and effort into the M8 and the new Desire line. Second most when it comes to build quality when comparing HTC and what seems to be your beloved Sony I will take HTC hands down plus the fact that Sony DOES! not need anymore exposure they are actually the same as HTC In some ways, HTC has a huge problem with marketing there One line actually any of there devices and then you have Sony marketing there Xperia line all over the place but they take forever to launch it here in the US and by the time it launches the next model is already out. The M8 and Stock android are already proof that HTC can knock this out the park and remember where the nexus line started originally ☺

Habiib says:

Explain how a company with a positive balance sheet is in debt again? What financial obligations have they not been able to meet? Also what sense does it make to try and give Sony US more exposure when they scaled back their presence in the US by selling their headquarters there (including layoffs)? Your comment is so riddled with error that I'm sure you're being sarcastic.

Oh btw, having Sony make the Nexus 10 would make more sense, given the outstanding job they've done with the Xperia Tablet Z/ my silly opinion.

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onezerofive says:

I'd tend to disagree... I've owned my Nexus 4 for about a year and a half (love it), but I was strictly HTC before this phone. I probably owned 4 smart phones (all HTC) up to that point, and loved each one of them.

HTC produces good phones (last year, the M8 won phone of the year, and it's expected to do the same this year). That can easily be translated into tablets. They just have poor marketing, and the bad luck that Samsung got trendy...

"This story is either bullshit, or Google is on a severe downward spiral." --- I think Google's earnings report would say otherwise; millions and millions of 'added' revenue gains care to argue.

Calm down. This could help htc make more sales and gain more money....

Besides educate yourself. Htc made the first nexus phone..

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tdizzel says:

You expect us to believe that if someone walked up to you and said "Here's $100, all you have to do is take this HTC Nexus" that you'd say no? Everything you've ever posted is now completely invalidated.

chillyblue says:

Dude.. Ignorance is bliss for you. HTC M7,and M8 are the bench mark for all Android machines. An 8 inch tablet with that build quality and stock android os would absolutely kick ass

chazybaz13 says:

Nothing is wrong with HTC.

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Nope. Bee the a fan and user since 2010 with the original EVO

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mstrblueskys says:

Ditto! Also, with HTC's specs and design, I think it'd be hard to mess up a Nexus.

jakeuten says:

but they can sure mess up a camera.

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thod3n says:

Honestly, I'd like to see them mess a tablet camera so badly that it deters people from taking tablet pics.

Razieltov says:


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kctony says:

Went to the zoo and saw a guy lugging around an iPad to take pics and video.... Ridiculous looking indeed.

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deuceja says:

Yea same here I just hated that their HTC One Max spec wise was a bust hopefully they will have a M8 Max in the works also and learn from their mistakes. I've missed HTC ever since I upgraded from my 3D Evo. Please comeback with a great phablet.

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MarkSeven says:

HTC learning from their mistakes? Lol.. Good one. It takes them about 2-3 years to figure out when they messed something up. They still don't understand the camera mistake and they're just now trying to do something about their horrible marketing mistakes by hiring that ex-Samsung guy..

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sequoia462 says:

So there is going to be a third Nexus 7? I will seriously consider either one to replace my old 2012 Nexus 7.

hmmm says:

8 inch, 4:3 aspect ratio please.

sequoia462 says:

No way, no good for movies. And you can bet that it will have front facing speakers, definitely making it a media consumption device.

Buy an ipad mini then

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Qbancelli says:

Only an Apple fanboy would ask for 4:3 aspect ratio on a tablet.

sequoia462 says:

And Google has no reason to copy Apple. Considering it was Apple who copied the Nexus 7 in making an iPad Mini.

HunterKen7 says:

I told myself I would wait until this summer to buy a new tablet. Looks like this is the one I'll be waiting for!

AOSPrevails says:

8" 2560X1600 + Dual Front facing speakers = Buying!

joe23521 says:


bumpandrun says:


kjrod98 says:

Would be awesome.

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neonworm says:

Front facing speakers are almost a must for me. I am surprised that more companies don't include them on their tablets.

sequoia462 says:

Me too, would be nice for videos.

If it's an 8"/tablet version of the M7 or M8, I'm sold.

I've been dying to see another HTC tablet for ages. I hope it's true somehow.

flattie says:

I hope Google continue using the utilitarian design they employed for last year's Nexus devices; I absolutely love the understated, soft-touch backs; they feel so good in the hand (particularly the N5).

Given google didn't make the tablet....

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flattie says:

*Sigh*...the internet...

MetalMike901 says:

Wish LG would get the N8 deal.

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ronnypoo says:

I wish they would have kept it 7 inches

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deeb215 says:

It can resemble the M8 or new Desire but no huge bezels(a little slimmer than the current N7) unibody metal or ultra-pixel cameras please. Slide out Boomsound speakers would be nice and a kickstand OG Evo/Thunderbolt style.

ab304945 says:

HTC will ruin it

Only in your mind. The m8 is the best yet.

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seanjenkins says:

Don't go all existential on us now

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Derek_B says:

Oh man, the thought of an 8 inch Nexus tablet with front facing Boomsound speakers makes me crazy. Please let this be true. Starting to save up my pennies right now.

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neonworm says:

Boomsound speakers would be awesome.

Horrible news for the consumer.

iknownothing says:

Who are you people?

neonworm says:

How is it horrible news for the consumer?

amazebawlz says:

i'm still sporting my hp tablet. don't know how some people go through tablets every year. sure, i'll upgrade soon, it's showing it's age. i'll be interested in something with similar size though and less bezel.

bhatech says:

Unibody, boom sound speakers = sold. I will buy one even though I already have an iPad mini and N7 if it is priced below $250.

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bumpandrun says:

This would be GREAT! Want an 8" tablet and love my HTC One M7 (and my OG Evo)!

Why would Google end the Nexus tablet program just because an interest in Android tablets has increased? I don't know about you guys but I still want the availability of a stock Android tablet!

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eahinrichsen says:

Because Google doesn't make much (if any) money on the device sales at all. The point of the Nexus program is to provide a reference device for OEMs and get Android tablets into a bunch of hands by selling high-quality devices for absurdly low prices. There's an argument to be made that the Nexus program has fulfilled its purpose already.

I like my Nexus devices and I don't want the program to end, but it would make sense for them to wind it down.

Spence1115 says:

I can see a Google Play Edition system working for tablets instead in the future. If only they can roll that out to more countries...

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ACADM says:

I love my Nexus phones but what you say does make sense, they've served their purpose so why continue to pour in all that time, money, and effort.

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Wobblin30 says:

With pen support much like their old Flyer, an HTC branded Nexus could be a real show stopper!

udazavlanje says:

ASUS quality control is horrible so this would be a perfect change.
Will get it for sure, as long as it's below $400 mark.

Moto X VZW

I'm sold already lol

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dethduck says:

So what ever happened to the Nexus 10 refresh?
They've been out of stock for months now on the original one.
Is it being abandoned?

Morq says:

HTC? Do they even make tablets nowadays? Don't think Google would jump into unknown water like that.
Also a lot of HTC rumors lately, wouldnt belive any of them.

willizen says:

hopefully HTC will make the next nexus phone as well. LG did a great job with the nexus 5, but it would be nice to give HTC another shot.

iknownothing says:

I agree. The problem with an HTC nexus though is pricing. Samsung and LG provide almost the entire widget when they're making the devices. Screen, camera, speakers, mics, it's all in house. economies of scale allow them to build and sell a phone to google at substantially less than HTC can. I think this is a major reason why google has gone with these companies for the past few years.

In a broader sense it will be a hard for HTC to compete in this environment agains Samsung, LG, and Sony, all of whom provide almost everything but the chip, at a reduced cost, to themselves.

keilflex says:

Shoot, people been waiting for another nexus from HTC since nexus one. I think I paid like 500$+ for the nexus one back in the day, lol. There hasn't been a nexus phone close to build quality to that phone till nex 4 and 5. After the m8 there's no way HTC is going to make a slouch tablet. I have a feeling it's going to be incredible mixed with newest version of Android. I'm just running through my head how I can part with my nex7,13. I love it so much. I also love the build of nex 7 and 5 but I think HTC is going to bring back that amazing light metal type device again. In a nex tablet. Hell yeah.

seanjenkins says:

Why would you shoot people for waiting? Seems a little severe

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