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Still trying to figure out exactly who the HTC Rhyme is for? Here's the thought process, in HTC's own words.


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HTC Rhyme 'for a new type of customer'


By "new type of customers" im guessing you mean women and morons.
They only 2 people that don't care about having old phone technology at new phone prices. But look! Glowing charm cable!!

HTC just jumped the shark... Thanks for the Vigor announcement.

Gee if you don't like it don't buy it. You are not the target audience for this phone.

This are aimed at women who have other things to do than worry about the their phone specs, what version of android it is running, when Ice Cream is going to be released and what is the status of the Apple lawsuits against Android OEM's.

I this is a great idea my wife is excited about it. And she could careless about a phone normally. The problem is I told her a little while back about the charm, I told her it would be bluetooth and she could clip it on the purse. She love it though that was a great idea. Just showed he it was a cable you plug in she was disappointed. "who is going to plug that in every time before tossing it into their purse, not me. "

BTW: How does this phone help you catch calls you normally would miss? Does it have a hidden cartoon hammer that pops out and clobbers you upside the head instead of ringing?

had one of those from my Microsoft Rep, showing an illuminated 360 symbol.
out of 10 calls, it lit up for maybe 2 of them. hopefully some groundbreaking tech has happened in the past year for those must-answer calls.

so let's see now.

the charm is for retards who are willing to plug in a wired device in order to catch all your calls if your phone is in your pocketbook? yet this same option is for people who don't want to deal with technology? what a great marketing bull crap!!!
I guarenty that a woman who buys this will stop using it in about 3 days. now if it were bluetooth and can be cliped onto the outside of a pocketbook, then it would be used every day...hTc, hire me quick. your research staff sucks.

as for the dock...what's the big deal? do they really think that they reinvented the wheel?

The phone has bluetooth, there is nothing stopping you from putting on a bluetooth headset if you need that amount of instant access.

The other purpose of the cord is to fish it out of those cluttered purses some women carry, my wife for instance. "Pocketbook"? A pocketbook is what you put IN a purse. Along with a ton of other crap which hides your phone.

If the charm silences the ringer, it would be great for the office or sitting in class.

not to just nitpick but maybe I'm just old school.

a purse is a tiny bag that a lady may use when going out on the town all dressed up. many of them don't even have sholder straps and must be carried in their hand. a pocketbook is what most ladys use for every day use. it is a large (sometimes way too large IMHO) purse that always have shoulder straps that can be used to carry on their sholders. this bag is then stuffed with everything but the kitchen sink and is the cause of many back problems for woman.

with that said, I agree. why not just use a bluetooth device to answer your calls? why even need the charm regardless if you are a woman?

need to find your phone in your cluttered bag? well learn to always put your phone in the same spot and you'll never loose it. or you can also just add a stupid string to your "charm hook" on your phone so you can fish it out as you said.

now if the charm does not only turn off your ringer but also doesn't ring but just light up instead, then I can see this device giving some people a false sence of security when it comes to missing phone calls. your eyes are never always going to be watching this gizmo while you are driving, shopping, or even at the office while busy doing work.
if a woman doesn't want to keep her phone in her pocket or on her belt and alow the vibrate function to tell her that she is getting a phone call (or have a BT headset in her ear), then this "charm" is not going to help much, if at all (if, it is just a light up device).

"a purse is a tiny bag that a lady may use when going out on the town all dressed up. many of them don't even have sholder straps and must be carried in their hand."

That's a clutch.

ah, good point. I could call it a clutch.
I still can't call a paperback book a pocketbook tho.

I do find it funny that even in the US we may call the same things different names. I mean, just ask almost any woman in the NYC area what they call their big heavy bag on their shoulder, and you'll find that 8 out of 10 will call it a pocketbook. we also call running shoes or tennis shoes, sneakers. at least we are not talking across the pond as then there will be a drastic different names for almost anything.

This is a pretty cool device from HTC. Although I think they miss the mark with the charm, everything else is pretty cool. Something for my wife, mother, or good female friend(s). I understand the concept behind this and their targeted audience. As for the rest of us (the ones who like to root, keep up with the latest android update, ect.), please keep in mind that this is not targeted for us. HTC are making phones for a wide variety of consumers, even if we don't understand it, or it fail to live up to expectations (sales wise).

Good idea. Good product. Wish HTC success with this product.

OMG this phone was designed by such interesting fun looking people with such cool mildly mysterious accents, I bet I would get along great with them. I should get this phone.

This is target to iphone user, small and cute. How mant time we heard iphone user calling our 4.3 a brick.

sounds like a great phone for my wife. Geeks should lighten up. Smaller form factor is a plus, instead of the giganto Android blocks. Heck, I'd be interested if it wasn't purple!