This should be old hat by now -- an ICS ROM has leaked out for the HTC Rezound. Just like the last leak, and the one before that, and the one before that, you need to either be S-Off or completely stock to load it, and this go 'round it brings new radios, and (you won't like this part) takes away the hidden dialer menu. That means if you've been using the Rezound on T-Mobile or AT&T, you'll want to stay far away from this leak, and likely the official update when it comes around. If you're rockin' the Rezound and wanna give it a look, hit the source links.

Source: Android Police via Android Central forums. Thanks, piizzadude!


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HTC Rezound gets yet another Ice Cream Sandwich leak


EDIT: I didn't think the Rezound was global capable until I read this and looked it up. Interesting... VZ certainly doesn't promote it as one.

The Rezound also, like the Thunderbolt, is capable of simultaneous voice & data over 3G. That is also a rarity in VZW land.

AHHHH... Verizon is getting crafty plugging some holes. That makes it all the more likely they'll try to disable the native app freeze in ICS. Place your bets.

you just made me cry a bit on the inside because Verizon really would do something like that. Somedays i wish i could just go back to my pre+ with its free hotspot even if it is outdated.

Not many people realize the Rezound is a world phone. I use the GNex but the Rezound is my back up. Really nice piece of equipment.

Been using it as my daily driver for a couple of months. I even returned a G Nex on a 2nd line, it had a terrible screen problem anyway, & got a 2nd Rezound for the $49 sale. It's only gotten better using Clean Rom Pro. A highly underrated phone indeed.

They didn't remove the menu, just the code to get to it. Use the LTE ON/OFF widget and it takes you straight to it.

I almost peed my pants when I read the header while scrolling through, but then I realized I read it too fast. LOL! I thought it said "HTC Rezound gets Ice Cream Sandwich" but then I realized it was just another leak. The joys of being a fast reader! LOL!

That's not fast reading, it's fast sighting of the keywords ICS and Rezound lol.
My eyes are trained for it as well lol, fast reading would be if you comprehended that it was just a leak quickly.

So quick question...I'm thining about getting a Rezound (coming from G2 on TMo). So this would be the official version, but would 3rd Party ROMS be able to take advantage of this? Also, if this "patch" stick, would the Rezound loose the ability to do data/voice simultaneously?

I look at the Rezound and think that I am getting an OLD phone, but every time I read the specs I realize that it came out 6 months ago, but it is still very much in the top of current specs.

Mobile tech moves too least one is led to believe so.

I have no doubt ROM makers will be basing ROMs off of this. Or whatever official release replaces it.

The Rezound is only "outdated' in a few limited ways; it has no embedded NFC. It doesnt have as good a camera as the ONE series (thought it's camera is still fantastic, even by current standards). And it won't be getting Sense 4.0.

But it is still a pretty sweet phone. It has the best pixel density of any phone right now (including the iPhones). And IMO has the best reception of any Verizon phone. It has awesome GPS. And it has been confirmed to support 64 gig SD cards.