HTC Rezound

Numerous fixes and improvements are also included in build 4.05.605.14 710RD

No luck this time around for HTC Rezound users hoping to receive Jelly Bean, but the update still has a pretty cool feature nonetheless. As promised -- although not exactly timely -- the Rezound is finally getting Global Roaming Support. This enables roaming on networks previously inaccessible to the phone, which covers over 205 countries.

A couple pre-installed apps have gotten updates, while a handful of others have been removed. Mobile Hotspot and Visual Voicemail get bug fixes, and improvements were made to Skype, Backup Assistant, and overall data connectivity. Users that have been experiencing freezes and random reboots should see system stability improve as well.

There is no word yet on when the update rollout will begin. If notifications start popping up, let our other Rezound owners know in the comments. For the complete change log, check out the source link below.

Source: Verizon


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HTC Rezound finally gets global roaming, Jelly Bean nowhere to be seen


@Casey Rendon
Thanks for the informative post.

At least some useful and happy news for HTC Rezound users.

Thanks in Advance

And this is the biggest reason HTC will never get another dime of my money. It's unacceptable that the VZW flagship device from a year and a half ago is still on ICS

November, 2012 -- HTC releases Jelly Bean for the Rezound to Verizon

April, 2013 -- Verizon finally releases it.


you know its not HTC right? its Verizon that does that. The HTC one S which is based off the same build has jelly bean for today and that phone is on t-mobile. Verizon will not let the manufactor directly push an update without going thru them first. Thats why all the updates take longer and are OTA. It pushes thru verizon systems. Verizon has a bad rep with all the phones updating on their service except for the iphone. DONT blame HTC for your ignorance

It's absolutely HTC. The One S was release in the spring of 2012 but the Rezound and the Amaze were top tier phones in November of 2011 for Verizon and T-mobile and absolutely no hint of an update. Every other top end phone released then got the jelly bean update but not HTC phones. They don't support their phones like other manufacturers.

If that is the right version number, it was leaked OVER 6MONTHS AGO. They were just sitting on it. That is why Verizon is the worst for updates. This isn't HTC, it's vzw.

Check xda if you need proof

The version number is actually newer than the leaked version. This build is 4.05.605.14, the leak was 4.03.605.2

I stand corrected but the leak worked just fine, and those revision numbers are not all that huge.

It still shouldn't have taken this long..

Actually, I've found numerous little annoyances in the .2 global RUU. I'm sure this means I can't roll back since I'm not s-off. Goodbye HTC. Pre ordered the S-4 today.

Well it is the fault of HTC that there is no sign of JB for this phone yet.

Bottom line is a few months after they release a phone they completely abandon support and updates for it, then move onto the next model claiming they are changing their business plan to one flagship device per year.

As has been said 3 times in these comments, HTC had these updates sealed and delivered to Verizon almost 6 months ago. Don't blame HTC for the carrier sitting on the update for "testing", which in Verizon's language roughly translates to "ignoring it so more customers will buy new phones and renew their contracts".

Just in case you missed my reply in the previous reply, It's HTC's fault because both the Amaze and Rezound both never had an update to their phones. SGS2, Motorola Bionic, and Razr all got their updates but HTC won't support their devices.

I bought mine straight from HTC. You're saying I can look forward to waiting on my carrier to sit on an update that was submitted half a year ago for a device they have no control over?

Yes KineticMD because it is a carrier branded exclusive.
You should know better.
You've got the laggiest carrier

Also HTC has the track record of fastest updates.

Either you and your kind are slooowww learners or biased haters; basically a repulsive lot.

I'm slow? I bought the phone from HTC, NOT THE CARRIER! Tell me more about how my non-carrier branded phone is a carrier branded exclusive, LOL.

Learn to read.

The Rezound will not get Jelly Bean anytime soon. (if ever)

When I had it, I was able to use global roaming. That require the phone to be rooted.
Voice and data worked fine on foreign GSM carriers after some tweaking using tips found
on XDA.

Now that that Verizon released an update to enable global roaming, does that include

What it includes is the ability to connect to gsm networks overseas so VZW can charge you through the nose for voice, text, and data. As where before you would have no service, now you will have service. However, if you root and put a gsm rom that works on it, you can put a local sim in the rezound and pay local rates

The problem isn't with HTC, which, by the way, released kernel source for the One right around the same time they released that phone. The problem is with Verizon, which is more than a little OCD about their network and also insists upon bundling crappy bloatware. Backup Assistant? Seriously? Do they just not get Android or what? I haven't used Backup Assistant since I had a Samsung dumbphone more than 5 years ago. Smartphones don't need Backup Assistant.

Anyone who wants to run JB on the Rezound can; there are at least a half dozen JB ROMs available on XDA (I've run 4 of them). This global update is probably incrementally or marginally better than the "leaked" version from EIGHT MONTHS AGO (that's right, August 2012), but, more importantly from Big Red's viewpoint, will have the "enhanced, updated bloatware."

On the other hand, since I actually use the phone to make calls, that rules out any other carrier in my neck of the woods.

You can have mine when my S-4 arrives. You will need the extra battery just to be able to make it through the work day. Horrendous battery life....from day 1

I wish HTC would bitch-slap Verizon, rather than the other way around. I can't wait to dump Verizon & locked phones.

This is why I am leaving Verizon (and most likely HTC) for an unlocked/prepaid device. I can't wait. I'm thinking about getting a Nexus..