HTC Rezound event

We're in New York City this afternoon for a little event with HTC that should, in fact, be for the HTC Rezound, the latest Android smartphone to feature Beats Audio.

Things get under way at 3 p.m. EST / noon Pacific. So join us back here 'round that time for all the festivities!


Reader comments

HTC Rezound event liveblog starts at 3 p.m. EDT today!


HTC - come out with an ICS SUPERPHONE - a true successor to the EVO - which rivals the Galaxy Nexus. all of the gimmicks and silly kiddie stuff doesn't interest me. otherwise - my money goes elsewhere. you've been warned.

The Evo was way ahead of any phone when it came out, can HTC bring that same game to the table once again? I hope so cuz I really want the galaxy nexus but I'm counting on HTC to sway my decision.

If the rezound is the vigor, it is a super phone. The fact that it doesn't have ICS doesnt detract from the hardware. I am sure it will see ICS soon enough plus i dont want an HTC verison of it, CM is better, and I'm sure that will come out before a bloated update.

As for the EVO all it was, was a nexus one with a larger screen, dont get me wrong it was a great phone.

Truth be told as much as i love a pure google experience, the lack of an sdcard slot kills the G Nexus for me. The Rezound, and the G Note seem like much better devices in my eyes.