HTC Rezound

The second of Verizon's year-end smarpthone troika -- the HTC Rezound -- is officially available today. It'll run you $299 with a two-year contract. And for all that scratch, you get a 4.3-inch phone with a new 720p display -- as in 720 pixels packed into the short axis -- along with Android 2.3 and Sense 3.5. It's sporting a 1.5GHz processor to push those pixels, and an 8MP camera full of HTC's newfound photographic goodness. It's also got Beats Audio (and comes with a snazzy pair of earbuds), if you're into that sort of thing.

Online: HTC Rezound at Verizon; more: HTC Rezound hands-on


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HTC Rezound available today on Verizon


Just gotta remember the 10% rule there; be 10% smarter then the equip you are working with :)

HTC knows a lot of people like sense, so they are not going to get rid of it. If we don't like sense, all we have to do is install a new launcher. You don't even have to root to do that. That's one of the beauties of Android, choice.

Oh HTC... I'm so stuck on you.... But I must hold out for the nexus. Went into Verizon couple days ago to size up the RAZR and make and my info loaded into the system (run my credit and all that) so when I head in to grab my nexus I'm READY!.... I just feel like I need to give Sense UI a break.

I have the evo 3d as of now... Next month I will have the REZOUND!! I can't wait. So, so sick of sprints slow data speeds. Verizon here I come.

So far IMHO the RAZR camera has been a disappointment (very few pictures come out in focus) when compared to my Thunderbolt camera so I would conclude the Rezound has a better shot at having a good camera. I am leaning Rezound but waiting to see what happens with Nexus in the next few weeks. And when this doesn't sell well it will get discounted.

The 720p display is definitely the star of the show here. It does indeed look even sharper than the iPhone's retina display. It is not pentile for those wondering. It's the real deal.

Unfortunately, the 720p display comes at a price. The insane resolution combined with the heaviness of Sense UI makes the phone feel rather average in terms of performance. I definitely wouldn't describe it as snappy. If you're coming from something like the Galaxy S II you might be disappointed by the performance.

Pentile doesn't make the screen look bad, that was just Motorola using it in a crappy way. Galaxy Nexus looks beautiful and it has Pentile display

I'm not overly thrilled with the fact that Big Red is trying to tell I need up change my data plan if I want this phone...I have the $30 unlimited data plan on my Incredible 2 currently and thought VZW said we'd be able to upgrade to LTE devices without changing plans :(

I called on Friday about upgrading my line. The rep stated that unless I changed to a non-smartphone and then tried going back to a smartphone I could keep my unlimited plan.

I had the original HTC incredible and the $30 dollar unlimited data plan. I upgraded (if you call it an upgrade) to the Bionic and i was able to keep my original $30 data plan.

When I went to pick up my RAZR on Friday I was making small talk with the Best Buy mobile person, and then the Verizon rep. I mentioned what a busy release schedule they had, RAZR on Friday, Rezound on Monday. Both places were like huh? They both had know idea this even came out. They even asked a coworker, who only mentioned the GNex around Thanksgiving. derp.

Well I read from an earlier article on here and another website that next year HTC will release a dedicated stock ICS phone codenamed "Ville" and it doesn't even have the hardware softkey buttons like usual so thats another hint it will be stock android :)

Just got the Rezound and a dock as well. I am impressed by the snappiness of the UI and the quality of the display. Sense is performing without any issue at all. I actually miss all the Sense goodies after using Motoblur for a while. 4G and network are amazing, browser too. Google Maps and Earth run like crazy even with the 3D models enabled. Nothing to say yet about call quality or GPS - gotta get on that. The camera seems odd to me, it isn't the miracle I expected but is clearly much better than my Droid X. Decided not to wait for the Galaxy Nexus since I don't generally care for Samsung hardware and I wasn't happy with the lack of removable memory. I'll still try the GNex when it comes out but this will definitely do until then, I can't imagine having much buyer's remorse.

I guess you can say the same of Motorola, but HTC phones all look the same to me. I know the specs, but I really don't get what's so special about this phone. Beats doesn't interest me and seems like a gimmick. When I had a BB, I cracked it to download a Sense imitator and it's looked the exact same way... even 3 years later. Yikes!

I went to my local VZW store at lunch to compare the Rezound in person to the Razr and they didn't even have the phone out. When I asked about it they said they didn't have it! I said, why not? today is the launch day, and I got the deer in the headlights look. She had to ask a few other associates before someone finally brought one out from the back. So far, glad I got the Razr, and glad I don't deal with the in store reps on a regular basis.

Pretty much everyone who contacted a Verizon store got the same response....the ol deer in the headlights. I did call them today and, after looking through some papers, said they had received a shipment today.
Marketing on HTC phones is strange to me. I have the Evo 3D and have really liked it. They pushed the 3D thing and not the phone specs. Now on the Rezound they are pushing Beats and not the specs....which are really great. Unless I have a major change of mind, I plan to pick up the Rezound tonight. I liked the Razr, but not being able to change batteries has held me back.

So, skaterguy58, why did you decide on the Razr? You never explained your decision... I would be curious to know.

I currently have the tbolt. I wanted a phone with some wow factor to it. Looking at the pre-release stats and now seeing the phone in person I felt the Rezound was too much like the tbolt to warrant shelling out another $300 so soon. Obviously the the hardware stats are better than the tbolt but so is the Razr. To put it in perspective it would be like trading in a current model car to get the same car, same color, just a bigger engine.

I want people to see the phone and go "ooh what is that?" Of course if the Nexus comes out within my 14 day window I might be tempted to swap, depends on the final dimensions of the LTE model.