Anxiously awaiting Nov. 14 to arrive so you can get your hands on the brand new HTC Rezound? Well, it seems as though a lucky customer received their order from Verizon Wireless a bit early, and they broke out the video camera to show us what they got. So, check out the video above for a quick unbox and hardware tour, and then be sure to check out our hands-on video again!

Source: YouTube; Thanks, Jesse!

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You lucky sons a bitch! Lemme know how it is!!

kurioskurion says:

Two things: I laughed when you guys tried to turn it on before you put the battery in and... Why did you cut the video short? power it up and show us how awesome it is!

JoeUserTX says:

Yeah, I chuckled at that, too. Doh...

JayWill says:

The guy holding the camera sounds kinda like a drunk Joe Pesci.

aamaral729 says:

HAHA couldn't agree more. Memorable Drunk Pesci quotes

"Its Ok they know we got it."

"See you can get it early; Available November 11th in Verizon stores (FALSE), you just gotta have connections"

"What am I a mirage?!"

Gekko says:


TallyHo says:

Agreed. I can tell it was photoshopped.

reverepats says:

yup....definately FAKE!!!!!!....

Monkey Pi says:

And how would they have ordered to get it early?

Gekko says:

i wonder if they'll return it for the G-Nex? i would.

ericinaz says:

Just ordered mine. Had to call twice and use adr6425. Will play with it till the Galaxy comes out then the wife will have some beats by dre.

Yadao says:

I like how as soon as the camera man touched it, the other guy pretty much yanked it out of his hands.


When was it available to order to get early? I want to place my order. Lol


Dude! That's my favorite Rockstar! Recovery Orange!

F&%$# that give me original or the double strength green top or cola

chuckh0308 says:

Nice! Want! Now!

DaveT says:

First Verizon Rep stated it wasn't due till the 14th and they had no stock for me to place an order. Second Verizon rep could not even find any specific information (release date, etc) for the Rezound. He initially thought I wanted to order the Samsung Renowned (Really?!). Nice guy but he had no clue. Tried to sell me on the Bionic. I mentioned ADR 6425 several times but he either didn't understand or couldn't find anything.

CaptainYoshi says:

This doesn't make any sense... you can't even preorder it yet...

Rickbubello says:

I tried 3 different reps, telesales and customer service no dice. ANyone who can order leave the rep number so i can order please or pm me it so i can order, thanks

wareagle27 says:

I have worked for VZW for 9 yrs now and currently there isn't a pre-order available yet for the Rezound. I'll try and repost if and when i hear of anything regarding pre-order

angel35 says:

Here it is 11/10/11 and no pre-order yet why??