HTC Evo 4G source code

For you coding types: HTC has released the source code for the latest maintenance update to the Evo 4G. That's the one that added the Swype keyboard, Kindle and Blockbuster apps, and NOVA stub app, among other things. We knew there were at least a couple version of the update (for different hardware versions), but it looks like there might have been a total of three (or is one an older update?). HTC's also released updated USB drivers, which is darn nice of 'em. As is the usual, most of us don't need to worry about any of this -- this is kernel source code and what not. But for everyone else, get it all at the source link. [HTC Developer Center]

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Yeah, this is also the maintenance update that f**ked up the streaming audio. Thanks htc, thanks Sprint

Owned, lol

dcdttu says:

I had to warranty my hardware version 0002 Evo out, and received a 0004 Evo. Most of my friends have an 0004 Evo. I have noticed dramatic differences between my previous Evo and my new one as far as data is concerned. The new Evo seems to have a really hard time keeping a data connection in 3G, and speeds are all over the board, from 20k to normal, but usually very low with horrible latency.

Anyone else notice this on a 0004 Evo? My friend's phones are all like this, that have the 0004 hardware.

I just got EVO replacement last week... after i read this today and I check hardware version 0003 and mine seem running good on data connection

svargas05 says:

I believe I'm on 0002 and my data's fine.

THE ONLY hangup sometimes, is when you really need the internet. Seems like it likes to stop data transferring when you need the GPS/Internet most.... the devil in our phones.

SIDENOTE: I'm glad the 4G lag issue was fixed with this update, that was horrible horrible. And, what audio streaming?

briankurtz79 says:

This update came out just after I bought my evo. Now when I try to root with unrevoked it fails. How can I root with this new update?

rjc02648 says:

Ok, try it now.

Liber739 says:

I want to root my evo 4g to avoid my phone freezing and get a have my battery last longer

Does anyone know how or when this stupid update will or can be fixed? I can't stand it, the streaming cuts out after a few minutes, it drops calls, turns off the internet, force closes just about every app. Someone has to know how to fix it or when a new ACTUAL update will be out.