HTC has released video footage of yesterday's HTC Sensation launch event in London. Hosted by Florian Seiche, President of HTC Europe and Philip Blair, VP of Products and Services, the presentation offers a reflection on HTC's current European line-up, as well as a showcase of the Sensation's main features.

The video is available in two flavors -- a 13-minute "highlights" reel which we've embedded above, and a full 23-minute version which you can find after the jump. [HTC on YouTube]

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Anybody else disturbed by that huge mole of his face?

maybe you're a little too interested in men's faces

if battery is decent, i might get this

ScottJ says:

I just hope the T-Mobile commercials feature Carly. She puts the 'sin' in Sensation.

inuchan says:

I wish Sprint took this phone rather than the HTC Evo 3D.

waydavis says:

A nice upgrade for my MyTouch 3g Slide, which is my 1st DRoiD phone.