If you're an Android developer, you might have been little frustrated with HTC lately. They haven't exactly been the fastest in offering up the kernel sources for some of their most recent devices but you can now rest easy. The HTC Salsa, EVO 4G, and EVO 3D, Droid Incredible 2, Sensation 4G and finally, the HTC Chacha -- have all had their kernel sources posted up in the HTC developer center. Now, we'll wait a few days and see how many new custom ROMs pop up.

Source: HTC; Thanks, Jayjam99!


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HTC releases kernel source for numerous devices, including the EVO 3D, Sensation 4G and Incredible 2


running CM7 or any other AOSP based ROM it means virtually nothing. For those of us on sense it means the next few weeks are going to be like christmas. :D

Oh no!

RT @agrabren Way to go #htc with your releasing the wrong source code. Please comply with #gpl

question for the experts. i love the sense exchange widget, is there something that would allow me to retain this on a custom rom?

Am I just missing something here? I'm on and I don't see ANYTHING posted for the E3D and the Sensation! WTF gives here?

Edit: Ahh I see them now, all I had to do was F5 the page and voila!