HTC has made the Gingerbread kernel source for the EVO Shift 4G, HTC Thunderbolt, and Droid Incredible available for download on their developer center website.  As always, unless you're a kernel developer or ROM chef, this won't do too much for you -- other than build anticipation for the awesome new flashables that will be coming soon for these three. 

Devs, have at it.  And don't be afraid to holler at us when you get something good cooked up!

Source: HTC Developer Center

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duke82722009 says:

They just got around on the incredible? Took em' long enough!

LamaFc says:

Get to work devs! My shift needs some fixin'!

Does this increase the chances that root will be achieved for GB DInc?

uranidiot says:

Wow still nothing for the samsung epic

Kronko says:

Incredible? I have not gotten the gingerbread update, they put it on hold. Maybe devs can do a better job now.

tcmeiss says:


Or maybe HTC and Verizon could releasethe update for the correct phone and not the Evo 4G.

nate44 says:


sproketz says:

This essentially means HTC is done with support for these phones and is handing the baton to independent developers.

jurgen82 says:

Hi guys I just downloaded the kernel source code from for the htc droid incredible
I dont know what to do with the file, to get the update, I unzipped it but really dont know what to do to get the update, Im sorry if this is silly
but please help me!!!