Dinc 4G LTE

HTC has pushed out the kernel (and other open-source bits) source code for the Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE (versionĀ 1.43.605.3). It's up for download right at HTC's developer site, and we expect the small, but very enthusiastic, development community to dive in and try something wonderful. If you picked up one of the most under-rated phone's in Verizon stable (you can tell I'm a fan), and like to mess with things (again -- I'm a fan) be ready to flash, test, and report.

If you're a developer, hit the link below and have at it.

Source: HTCdev


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HTC releases Droid Incredible 4G LTE kernel source


Unfortunately, the Dinc 4G was at least 6months too late. Anyone with a rezound would never downgrade to the Dinc 4g, even though many of us were former OG Dinc owners.

It is hardly a downgrade. Except for screen res, everything is better. Better processor, better battery. The processor/battery combo on this phone can have you going all day with medium usage (14 hr ave on LTE for me). That is just under 3x better than I did with my Rezound (which I loved). If my Rezound didn't break, I probably would never know about the Ding 4G because it is being treated like it doesn't exist by Verizon.

I love the Rezound.Probably the best phone on Verizon when it was released and for about 6 months after. But the DINC4G can make a good case for being the better phone.You get ICS w/Sense 4 right out of the box.You're never going to get that on the Rezound unless you Root & Rom.Even more important,the Snapdragon 4 processor on the DINC4G is way more efficient than the Rezound's S3.Yes,the Rezound has one of the best screens you can find on any phone but the DINC4G's smaller screen almost balances out the lower qHD resolution.The fact that you don't need the extended battery's bulk with the DINC4G to last the day is a nice change of pace from the Rezound(though the Rezound's extended battery wasn't bad). One thing that the Rezound and the DINC4G share is Verizon's almost total lack of support when it comes to HTC sales.It's especially embarrassing considering the "DROID" line usually gets showcased by VZW and the OG DINC's success.At the VZW store by me every device on the floor was on and connected to the network for playing with,except one.....care to guess which one that was?