HTC Droid Eris source code

For those of you into the cooked ROM thing (check out our FAQ if you're new to that), HTC has just released its source code for the Verizon Droid Eris. What's that mean for you? It's a clean set of code for modders to work from. While it doesn't have to contain proprietary code, it is much better than working from a ROM that's been cobbled together from other devices. [HTC]

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Anonymous says:

unfortunately even though i love my Eris, it seems a lot of the community doesn't care about the Eris or Modding it or anything like that. I still hope some people start making some cool ROMs for the Eris. Maybe someone can figure out some ways to save resources and save some battery.

gbhil#AC says:

The community cares. Contrary to popular belief, the Eris is a new model from HTC running a new kernel and not a copy of the Hero. It's proving a tough nut to crack. If this download contains the kernel source (grabbing it now :)) that will go a long way towards that goal.

I'll go on record as commiting to building a custom kernel and ROM for the Eris as soon as it's feasible.

Anthony says:

There is currently a group of developers working on getting the Eris rooted with a nice bounty being provided. They noted earlier that having this should help speed up what they have already been doing.

NickF227 says:

It might be just my imagination now that I've picked it up, but the Eris is definitely getting my popular. Last time I was in Best Buy the Eris had a full row of invisishields and they were gone by the time I walked out. Its the smartphone for someone who wants a 'pretty' one.

Anonymous says:

but the Moto Droid has gotten 99% of the publicity.. most people love the look of the Eris but get talked into the Droid. I think although the Droid may be a better phone. the Eris is a cleaner looking device with enough power to get me through the day... plus the main reason by the Droid is for the keyboard but that keyboard sucks anyway... but as far as i can tell... the eris has a much much much smaller community compared to the Droid and it will always take much more time for new updates and hacks for the Eris because of this.

aquaj13 says:

i hope this is a sign that an official release of 2.0 is soon to come.

Anonymous says:

Wait, does anyone know if this actually means that the 2.1 update is coming out soon?

Anonymous says:

Does anyone know when the update is even coming and what version of android OS are we getting?

Anonymous says:

No one really knows the exact date. Verizon released a statement saying that the Droid Eris will receive and update in Q1 2010, but now people are saying "the first half of 2010." I'm almost positive that it will be update to 2.1.

Anonymous says:

This brings hope. I don't want to root mine to void the warranty, but if the new sense ui that's shipped with the 2.1 OTA (which I read somewhere that it was quoted to release Feb. 12th), I am definately rooting the crap out of it. And if it looks anything like the rumors, I think I may be considering some custom ROMs...