HTC Raider

The HTC Raider can now say goodbye to the rumored tag, and hello to the official device list as Rogers has announced that the device will begin shipping today online, and be available in stores tomorrow. This 4.5-inch qHD super LCD device will run Android 2.3.4 accompanied by an 8MP camera, 1080P video recording and all the other usual Sense goodies. If you have been waiting for an HTC device that can run on Rogers LTE, the HTC Raider may be the right device for you at the price point of only $149 if you sign a three-year deal. 

Source: Rogers


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HTC Raider shipping now and in store tomorrow at Rogers for $149 with 3-year commitment


yeah, Im with you guys. Im on AT&T also but I have to see the Galaxy Nexus and the Galaxy Note before I make any committments. I already love the GS2 but want a huge display for media. Wahdaya think?

I've been waiting for this phone since the first pix leaked back in May. Now it's time for HTC and AT&T to get off their kiesters and get this thing released to US in the U.S. The phone looks good and the specs are killer, so let's Get With The Program!!!