HTC Puccini 

With Rogers getting ready to light up more LTE areas as the months pass on, they did make note an LTE tablet would be coming eventually though, they didn't however mention which tablet it would be. As we know it, the HTC Puccini (aka Jetstream) fits that bill nicely with it already being equipped with AT&T LTE radios, and that's exactly what has shown up in recent Rogers documentation. We can only hope pricing on the device will have come down a little by the time it hits Canada but we're not going to be holding our breath. There is typically a little bit more of a markup when devices hit the Great White North.

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HTC Puccini set to arrive on Rogers LTE network


The jetstream really died fast. I knew it was DOA, but not this badly. Haven't even seen any big sites even take the time to review it. Sad, a wifi version with a decent price would be tempting, except for ICS' impending release.

Personally I would not buy anything besides a really unique super-phone on At&t's data network.

This needs a wifi version really badly.