Is there a company that's on a hotter streak than HTC? Okay fine, maybe Apple. But for a small Taiwanese phone manufacturer to be mentioned in that same breath as the vaunted Apple? Amazing. HTC posted its 2010 Q1 earnings and they did an awesome job beating the estimates. They made $1.2 billion in Q1 revenue which is a 19 percent increase year-over-year and nearly 11 percent higher than even the most generous of estimates. HTC is quickly becoming a brand-name company and they can thank their awesome hardware portfolio and recently introduced commercials for that. We thank them for backing Android. [via engadget]


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HTC Q1 profits up, beat estimates


They are a big name on my block. Right now everyone is waiting to jump on the Evo 4G. No one even cares about what Apple is bringing to the table. It's all about HTC.