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Company is in process of getting HTC One and Droid DNA phones across the US and Canada on Android 4.3 next month

Jason Mackenzie, president of global sales at HTC, has taken to Twitter to give an update on the recent news that some HTC phones will be skipping Android 4.2.2 and jumping straight to Android 4.3. The quote, in all its 140 character glory:

Lots of questions re 4.3 release for One. We r wrking hard (needs cert) to release 4.3 across all US, Canada skus by end Sept. DNA as well.

Abbreviations aside, this is good news for everyone on this side of the world waiting for an update on their HTC One or Droid DNA. In Europe and Asia, HTC One units as well as the DNA's twin the Butterfly are already running Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5, but here in the Americas even the unlocked Developer Edition is still on Android 4.1.2. 

We've no idea what changes HTC will bring with the 4.3 update, but we expect them to address the dreaded black bar as well as make a few changes to the camera software like they have done with the 4.2.2 update. For now, we'll all be patiently waiting.

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HTC president: Working hard to get 4.3 on devices by end of Sept


As awesome as that sounds I'll definitely believe it when I see it. Sorry for being pessimistic :-\

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I hear you, man. I wouldn't glance over the "needs cert" part of his comment either...

Regardless, it's good to communicate your intentions to your customers. If only to be crucified for not owning up to them : p

Definitely, I have to give them kudos for actually talking to their users. My only issue now is if they don't make their self imposed deadline, the Internet will rage.

I'm happy with my CM DNA but it's definitely time for the DNA to get some love.

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HTC seems to really be coming around. The One is beautiful and now they are even trying to get updates out in a timely fashion. This is how they will get back up there.

DO YOU HEAR ME CHOU!??!?!??!!??! (Sorry I never can resist that)

we're on the verge of Android 5.0 and they are promising 4.3 at the end of September? So glad I have a Google Play Edition device and don't have to deal with this non sense. Try again HTC.

Yeah, the nerve of HTC working to upgrade their phones to 4.3, when all the other Android phones from all the other carriers are already running 4.3. /s

It's true that there is a comment in every story about them. That they are better is a matter of opinion.

Now that phones are being specced with plenty of RAM, I think OEM customizations are fun. I like the "new" TouchWiz (from what shipped on the SGS3 on forward) and Sense 4/5. They look good, they run pretty well (though some will always gripe) and there's usually a useful feature or two in there that Google just won't do - such as Blocking Mode on TW. Quiet hours has been around for a long time in different mobile OSes (and Cyanogenmod has had it since Gingerbread). Would love to see that on a GPe or Nexus but for some reason they just won't.

Occasionally they take something useful away, too. Sense hides the display on-time on the battery stats screen, so you have no idea how much of the battery is really eaten by the display. Touchwiz also has some negative points, but they're overall improvements.


You are either intentionally lying or you're seriously uninformed.
Less than 3% of Android devices are running 4.3.

I think he was being sarcastic since its obvious that 4.3 just dropped what 3 weeks ago or something? And obvious troll JD914 is trolling when we ( phone geeks) know if HTC actually get 4.3 out by the end of September it'll mean there listening to consumers again

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I don't know about "on the verge" of 5.0. It will probably be out by the end of the year but 4.3 has been out less than a month. I have fully converted my ONE to a GPE so I don't have to worry about updates but lets be honest, if all U.S One's are running 4.3 by the end of September that's going to be damn impressive. I can guarantee the Note 2 or S4 won't be running 4.3 by then. If this does happen we will have a carrier branded device which would be running the most recent version of android less than 3 months after its release via an update. That is unheard of for Android.

Do you realize we don't have an announcement date for 5.0 or even any solid rumors of new features? Do you realize the only phones that have been updated to 4.3 are Nexus and GPE phones? Do you realize STFU.

I hope they keep their word. Not having 4.2 or 4.3 is about the only thing driving me crazy about my HTC One.

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If they would drop 4.2/3 for for DNA I'd not be looking into another manufacturer. The hardware on this phone is still excellent.

Yep, I rooted it a while ago but an update to Sense 5 would really bring this phone alive.

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Unless you're talking about a previous comment, I don't see how that's eating crow. Sense 5 is an incredibly massive improvement over the Sense 4.5 currently on the DNA in every conceivable way, from stability to battery life to graphics performance, so it stands to reason that for an HTC device, Sense 5 is a "must have". The discussion of whether or not Sense itself is "good" is a matter of opinion, but irrelevant since there is no GPE image for the DNA, and as such there is no real choice there.

I'm glad that they are at least communicating their intention. I'd much rather have 4.3 instead of 4.2.2 anyway.

What exactly would I be gaining by going up to 4.3 on my DNA? I wonder if this would also get us DNA owners Sense 5?

It almost assuredly would. The J Butterfly is already on 4.2.2 with Sense 5 in Asia, so I can't imagine we'll still have Sense 4+ on 4.3.

I'm running a Sense 5 ROM on my unlocked/S-Off DNA and I really enjoy it over 4+.

True there has be one. That said it's quite a valid point. The biggest issue with getting 4.3 on the DNA is Verizon itself.

I'm happy that HTC may have finally gotten a clue that we need timely updates. All that goes by they wayside if the carriers for it up by not pushing it out. Verizon has been one of the worst when it comes to this.

I hope HTC can pull it off.

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We got Sense5 + 4.2.2 on One X this week here in Europe.
It's really running smoothly - look forward to this...

I've got 4.2.2 on the one, in no rush to have 4.3 tbh. Any major issues I had were resolved with 4.2.2.

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As an AT&T One owner, I've been jonesing for the updated Zoe/Video Montage themes. Also the ability to get Dash Clock going. If they're skipping 4.2, even if HTC gets 4.3 rolled out by the end of September, it's liable to be the end of the year before AT&T rolls it out. :(

What do you mean by "rooting"? My DNA is still on 4.1.1 and here we are closing in on December and still no update? How and what does "rooting" do plz? Tnx

Will the HTC EVO 4g LTE also be getting the update? Is is barely a year old, and hopefully it will not be forgotten by HTC since it is still currently sold and at a premium price

So you are saying HTC is giving up on LTE..... The Evo LTE is a great phone as is, and I don't see a need to "jump ship" without it. I'm not really sure why you feel that way. Is it simply beacuse of the fact that it may not get an update past 4.1?

Last I saw (which was a few days ago) Sprint was offering the Evo LTE for free on contract.

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Still can't get over the One S snub but glad for those with devices that will get 4.3

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I'm going to be pessimistic and be hopeful that at&t will certify 4.3 and have it to us by October. As a nexus 7 owner, I get the most recent updates, but it's not bad timing if we get 4.3 after Google pushes out within 2 months.

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Verizon will surely hold up the DNA Droid update 3-6 months after HTC delivers the update to Verizon.

well 4.1 works fine on my Unlocked One on AT&T, but I would like updates as soon as they come out. Which is what I thought I was getting when I bought a unlocked phone from htcdotcom. But now that I know thats not the case I will be looking closely at the next Nexus release to see how it compares to my One. It may be time to switch if it means immediate updates when they come out.

Am I right to say that in the forum, there is no thread for HTC Butterfly S? If not, can the moderator create one?

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