Three months, 33 percent improvement, and $268 million. That's HTC's second-quarter numbers for you, with the Taiwanese handset manufacturer posting its largest quarterly net profit since Q4 2007. Sales were up 58 percent at $1.88 billion (and up 67 percent YoY in June alone), beating HTC's own estimates. Not a bad three months, indeed. So if you have any friends in Bellevue, Wash., or Taiwan, make sure they buy lunch this week. [HTC]


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HTC posts record 2nd-quarter profits


I guess having several of the current hottest devices will do a little something for your bottom line.

have had quite a few htc phones starting with the Mogul on sprint, Moto has a better build quality, but HTC always tweaks things better. Nice to see them getting rewarded. But i will be using the TMobile Samsung Vibrant when it hits.