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Update: HTC has confirmed that this is in fact just a joke, and they're not working on voice control tech for dogs or humans.

Original: The Galaxy S III might be "designed for humans," but HTC has just published photographic evidence of what seems to be an attempt to court the canine smartphone market. The manufacturer posted the image above on its official Facebook page, showing the HTC One X chatting it up with an unusually smartphone literate dog.

OK, so HTC probably isn't going into the field of animal behaviorology anytime soon, which means this is likely a not-so-subtle hint that HTC is set to join LG, Samsung and Apple in launching its own voice assistant app (OK, a Siri clone). Based on the image above, it looks like HTC's app will be able to manage appointments (such as walkies) and other general queries, much like Apple and Samsung's offerings. The big question will be how well the app's voice recognition features actually work, as we found this to be a major sticking point for S Voice, the Galaxy S III's voice control effort.

In any case, we'll be interested to see what HTC comes up with in this area, and how much of its Sense UI it's able to augment with the new voice-controlled tech.

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HTC teases 'dog translator' app


even though they are mostly just gimmicks, it would be cool to have HTC join in and make its own voice assistant app just so i can tell my friends with iphone 4s's and galaxy s's that i too have the power of speech~!!!!! >:D mwahahahaa

Hey, does anyone else know the name of that voice assistant app for android that came out a couple of years ago? I had it on my wildfire in 2010 but for the life of me I can't remember the name. I remember being able to ask it weather conditions and turn things on/off and stuff. i could even ask it my location.

It would be nice to find it so I can rub it in iPhone users faces that Siri isn't the first voice assistant.

Nevermind. I think I found it. It's called Edwin. But the Dev stopped working on it in June 2010, the time I started using it :(

I actaully recall something from a company in Japan. That predates iPhone. Small device that translated dog barks.

Edit: Ok maybe it didn't predate the Iphone like I thought.

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Maybe I was right about predating the iPhone.
But it's been around.


Google Voice Commands are already better than Siri.
When they add a voice that talks back it will make all of the OEM's voice apps look stupid.

Sorry to say it took Motorola to bring attention to the fact that GVC is still and has been better than Siri from the start.