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We had heard rumblings of a new version of the HTC One X last week, and things are a little closer to reality as the FCC has passed certification for what appears to be the One X+. The documents show full support for AT&T's LTE network, so that at least gives us a direction to look in. 

Here are the rumored specs we've heard so far. 

  • Size: 134.36 x 69.9 x 9.3mm
  • Weight: 129g
  • NVIDIA AP37 1.6GHZ quad core, 1.7GHZ single core
  • ROM: 32GB
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Battery: 1800 mAh
  • Android 4.1 Sense 4.5

While the HTC One X+ is shaping up to be a modest update, LTE is always a nice addition. Anyone One X owners considering an upgrade, or is it not worth it just for LTE? Is that fancy NVIDIA chip tempting anybody?

Source: FCC

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HTC One X+ shows up at FCC with AT&T LTE


I'm sorry, but my One X on AT&T already has LTE? What's the point of AT&T even getting this? Or why is this even being released? It's hardly enough of an upgrade. A slight amount of processing power probably won't even be noticed by 95% of the people who have purchased the phone. Maybe if HTC would have upped the RAM, but they didn't.

Its got twice the storage so the 16gig whiners will stop weeping for a microsd card.

But the main improvement may be a switch to Tegra 3+ for the ATT version.

If true, the processor transitions to 28 nm products based on Kepler from the older 40 nm die.

They aren't seeking a speed bump, (it will be slight). They are seeking a HUGE power saving by moving to 28nm die. They don't need a bigger battery because 28nm is so much more efficient.

Tegra 3+ also includes the Icera LTE chipset.

Tegra 3+ lets HTC get down to a SINGLE processor model, with vastly improved battery life that handles HSPA+ and LTE.

I'm entirely speculating here. But it just makes sense that the PLUS is due solely to the Tegra 3+, and the smaller cpu with embedded LTE support lets them slash production costs while improving battery run time.

Never the less, there will be a bunch of posters here whining about the 1800mAh battery without even waiting to see the runtime.

The Snapdragon S4 in the current AT&T One X is already a 28nm chip so... probably no battery savings. I'm guessing it will be slightly faster and have slightly worse battery life. Unless you need the 32GB, the two models are pretty much a toss up.

There is a reason they are switching processors.

Regular old Tegra 3 has always had better power utilization until S4 was shrunk to 28nm, and its pretty much a draw with the current Tegra 3.

Tegra 3+ probably beats S4 by a lot or HTC wouldn't be dropping Snapdragon like yesterday's fish.

Im not following. The ATT HOX already supports LTE. The upgrade would seem to be the processor, Jellybean and the available memory. No?

Same motherboard footprint. Far less power needed due to 28nm die. Now with LTE built in.

Only one OS version to maintain as well.
Snapdragon just lost a customer.

Not entirely true. It's still A9 based, which isn't as power efficient as the Snapdragon. Battery life won't be as good. Twice as many less efficient cores running on LTE.

Cores don't run on LTE.

The only power efficiency Snapdragon had was the fact that it was 28nm. That advantage is gone now.

As for twice as many cores, you have no clue what you are talking about. Cores run ONLY when they need to run. Tegra scales instantly from one core to 5 cores.

And yet the benchmarks and real-world comparisons of the S4 to the Tegra 3 always show similar performance, regardless of how threaded the comparison is.

I don't think this will result in much performance increase. It might bump graphics a bit.... maybe. And it might be as good as the S4 for power consumption, but I bet it won't be better on that either.

Guess we wait and see.

Actually it goes from the 1 complimentary core to the 4 main cores from the setup I saw demoed last year. The extra core, to 2 of the main cores or as many as needed to speed processes up. The advantage with this being that the extra core runs at 1.7GHz while the others run at 1.6 when needed. The old Tegra 3 processors have the companion core only running at a max of 500 MHz.

No, you've misread the specs..

Nobody is saying the exact speed of the 5th core, but it is almost certainly not 1.7ghz.

The numbers you are quoting of 1.7ghz is the maximum speed for a single regular core, and they slow down to 1.6 EACH when multiple cores are used, (because time slices need to be yielded for the other processors to access the buss and memory, and when 4 are running they throttle back a bit to reduce heat).

Most apps are single threaded, and run in a single core. The max speed of such apps is 1.7ghz, if (and only if) the other cores are not busy.

The 5th low power core speed is probably still around 500mhz.
Every blogger in the blogosphere has totally got this wrong based on a SINGLE TWEET and massive PLAGIARISM and failure to check their facts.

Yet just a little bit or research reveals that this is ALWAYS how Nvidia chips work and are speced. See which describes the current Tegra 3. Max Frequency line indicated two speeds, one for when only one of the main cores are running and the other for when they are all running. Nowhere does that page mention on that page the the 5th core is limited to 500mhz.

But if you review Nvidia's Tech Primer White Paper (Page 6) you can see they explain quite fully how the fifth low-power core works. If the truth were known, your Tegra 3 device spends the VAST majority of the time in the 5th 500mhz core. While you read, it idles.

It would make no sense at all to have the 5th core running faster than the 4 main cores, there would be zero savings by having it in the chip.

Gah, what is it with tech site writers not knowing proper terminology, internal storage is not ROM, ROM = Read Only Memory, the phone has 32GB of internal storage or flash memory if you want to call it that, but ROM is just flat out wrong.


Just like sites saying "Memory: 32GB". Which is also dead wrong. "Memory" with no other qualification = RAM. I doubt any Android device has 32GB of memory.

I'm surprised nobody sees the subtle but core reason for putting this phone out is to grab anybody waiting for the next NEW Android version JB and sense 4.5, while the One X won't get a software update for some time to allow sales of the higher priced One X+

Seems to be the season for incremental upgrades..... LOL iPhone 4s+. What I am more excited about is the fact it will ship with Jelly Bean, which can only mean it's ready for my One X, bring it on! I'm hungry for some sugary treats!

Oh dear. HTC is pulling a Motorola.

I've always wondered if the Android manufacturers wouldn't make a ton more money if rather than pumping out tons of marginally upgraded devices, create less, but more recognizable product lines a la Sammy Galaxy line. Even though I am one of the world's biggest Android fans the diluting of the market can't possible be good for Google's long term goals and vision. Everyone knows the name "Iphone", the Galaxy line is just about there (even though there are arguably still many versions of that as well). Moto and VZW are confusing the hell out of folks with their Droid branding..LG is being LG and least most folks seem to know the brand name..people often say "oh you have a HTC phone" instead of "android device" or "Rezound". Average consumers don't keep track of the numerous devices out there.

The only way this phone makes sense is if it's released as a Maxx version. The phone has already proven not to be a big seller unfortunately according to HTC themselves. So releasing the same phone makes no sense.

I think the 32gb jump is good but hell not enough to relaunch the phone as a + model, the processor is such a minor thing at this point and the S4 is already at the top of the heap so it's not like it shipped with a under powered cpu in the first place.


I don't understand this development at all. If it had a larger battery or SD slot or SOMETHING, it would make sense. Otherwise it is just a 32GB One X.

The CPU change is *LATERAL* and unnecessary.

Sorry but blame it at me. I ask HTC when the ATT HTC HOX came out, in a email, to pull a Motorola and make a HTC with 32 GB of memory or I might as well get a iPhone. Good thing I waited. And seriously, I even said this in a HOX forum here.

Well I already have a One X... and although this new one sounds better, I guess I'm shit out of luck. HTC pissing me off with this announcement. Phone should have definitely launched with 32GB of memory :(

Regarding the ram/memory aspect of this phone, I think 1GB will be plenty. I thought that the GPU of the S4 shared its memory with the GPU in a similar fashion to intel GPUs. Wasn't this why 2GB was needed for S4 chips?

Wouldn't the GPU of a Tegra chip have its own memory making it not an issue?

Would really like someone to clear this up if they can!