Otterbox HTC One X

While walking around visiting some of my favorite booths down here at CTIA I came across the Otterbox booth and decided to check and see if they happened to have anything new on display. Of course, front and center of the display was their new Commuter Series case for the HTC One X! Odds are that you have already seen an Otterbox case or a hundred before, so you know what they are all about, and this follows the same design principle. This two piece case has a silicon case underneath their hard shell, and the one I saw was in a rather stunning blue.

At first I was a bit fearful of the thought of adding a case to the device because it has such beautiful lines as it is, and I know folks who own the device wouldn't want to give that up. Otterbox has done an excellent job with this case in recreating the lines of the device through the case, and adding a lot of protection with little sacrifice. Hit the break with us to check out a couple more shots, and stay tuned for a full review!

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SlimJ87D says:

In my opinion, that case is kind of fugly. I'd prefer the candyshell white and black one compared to it. it looks kind of like a storm trooper. Thise one is pure bad ass... well if you like Star Wars.

Anyone else have any other cool cases to share?

jshamoon says:

It's a little too bulky for a device that's already big. But if you need the protection, I'm sure it's a good case.


HMMM That case seems to cover a 1/4 or so of the flash and the camera cutout seems to be spaced incorrectly as well.

If the case was on correctly theyre going to have to change their molds.

shadestalker says:

Yep, the case is off-center with the front of the phone too. Either it isn't correctly installed or it's a terrible fit.

shadestalker says:

Yep, the case is off-center with the front of the phone too. Either it isn't correctly installed or it's a terrible fit.

icebike says:

Maybe it was made for the AT&T One X, which is about one MM taller, but it is installed on the International One X (mock-up) chassis.

(Side rant: HTC needs to grow a set and stop letting AT&T name a totally different phone the same as an already existing phone.).

funkswing says:

I have this case for the ATT HOX, and it fits fine. Camera, flash and front of device all lines up the ways its supposed to.

Its definitely a stout case, but still feels slim in your pocket. But it does take away from that sexy curve that the bottom of the phone has.

Also, the flange around the camera lens is perfect for keeping the lens cover of on any surface that will scratch it.

Overall its a great case, but as all hard cases it does take away from the natural design beauty of the HOX. I'm thinking about getting a TPU case too.

glazedfaith says:

Will the same case work with the One X and the One XL? I read something somewhere (no source cited) that said for some reason the two were a fraction of a millimeter different in height, and that that might affect what cases would work with which one.

Pace Racing says:

Looks like a good way to take a nice slim phone and make it huge!

mikemick says:

You also lose your 5 gold connectors for accessories

Impulses says:

Someone at HTC's design team is cringing right now...

I'm sure some people need cases that offer this much protection tho (and more). I'll stick to thin TPU cases, might even go bare w/the EVO 4G LTE since the outermost camera lens is part of the battery lid (not too hard to replace if scratched badly), tho probably not.

Might have to the first few weeks tho, haven't seen any TPU cases on sale yet and I doubt I'll pay $20+ for one at the Sprint store.

Looks to me like the security device is attached to a screen protector. That's really gonna stop a theif.

icebike says:

Well even thieves are smart enough not to bother stealing mock-up phones from a case manufacturer's booth.

xbr360 says:

I've owned more smart phones than I can even remember and have never used a case until I got my most recent phone. I bought a used galaxy nexus that had been dropped hard and dinged the corner pretty badly. Looking at it drove me nuts, so I decided that I needed to buy a case for it. I've been through five cases of different types and the otterbox commuter is by far my favorite. It looks the best in my opinion, fits the best, and I think that the buttons feel and operate better than they do without a case. I actually like the case so much that I will probably buy one for my next phone too.

naviwilliams says:

I bought this case today, and I'm impressed. I can bloody press the power button and not have to press multiple times to get it to function...

jnmigr says:

This is why I don't worry/care how a phone look. Everyone love the way this phone look over sg3, but at the end will be slap with a ugly cover.