'HTC One X' (image: PocketNow)

The pace of pre-MWC leaks shows now sign of slowing, as a new leaked image claiming to show the "HTC One X" (aka Endeavor) has surfaced over on PocketNow. As you can see, it looks like an HTC phone. And Sense 4.0 looks the same as in that leaked RUU.

Hold tight, folks, just a few more days until HTC takes the lid off its MWC line-up.

Source: PocketNow


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'HTC One X' image leaks out ahead of Mobile World Congress


So where's the menu button for the legacy apps? It's kind of necessary still. Is it hidden, or does one of the buttons double as the menu button when long pressed?

ICS takes care of that. The menu button appears in the bar for apps that don't do menu'ing the new "correct" way. This was described on an android dev blog post by google.

But isn't that for devices using the software buttons? I know on my Nexus, the three square dots appear to the right of the navigation buttons for legacy apps, but how does that work if you're using physical buttons?

I've been wondering too. On GN there's the three dots for the menu button, but they won't be there on this device...so what would happen to those apps without action bars?

Wait, isnt that the dock from Froyo?? I know people want HTC to make their devices stock, but I think they mean of current Android builds. God that looks nasty!

agreed. WTF is up with the Froyo dock? it sends the phone back 2 years. this phone and HTC totally underwhelms me. same old warmed over rehashed EVO-derivative laziness.

but what is going on with the bottom buttons? are they hard fixed capacitive or virtual? they look fixed to me. was this on the previous renderings?

Agreed. That dock is fugly! What happened to the classic curved dock? Hopefully, it's in there as an option. I'm not so concerned about this phone though as I believe it's going to T-Mo, but I'm concerned about this type of crap on phone's for Verizon down the road. Although I'm in no hurry to give up my kickstand on the Thunderbolt! ;P

i'm also not a big fan of the look of the new big HTC Sense Clock Widget. that was the one thing i actually liked about Sense and it looks like they ruined it with a skinny thin weak font for thee flip clock and a big black bar on the bottom. i use Fancy Widgets now anyway.

if you really need a kickstand you can always get a case that has one.

I've moved on too from the Sense clock to Beautiful Widgets, much more functionality and options! Thanks for the suggestion on case kickstands. Not an option for me though as I prefer naked and a native kickstand. :)

I really have no idea why OEMs don't hop onto this "revolutionary" band wagon. Also, why stick to Gingerbread? Come on! HTC was once at the top of the game :(

And by useful you mean not useful, because it's recessed, correct? I hate the notification light on my Tbolt.

Only big turnoff is the design of the grill on the earpiece.

I can see why they went with a more functional dock and the design mimics their signature clock/weather widget.

The million dollar question is battery life. I've nearly given up on HTC because of it. They can't make a phone that lasts more than 4 hours. People who complain about Sense have no business buying an HTC phone. That's their niche. It's the crappy battery life that hurts them the most. Especially not that the Razor Max exists.

What the hell are you doing on your phone that makes it last less than 4 hours? I've got an EVO 3D and can go 24+ with moderate use.

My thoughts too. The ONLY time I get short battery life is when streaming something for any length of time (ex. entire football game, Netflix movie). But that's to be expected as the screen is on with constant data transfer. Otherwise, I average 35-48 hours with light use on my Thunderbolt with the stock 1400mAh or Rezound 1620mAh batteries respectively. About half that with moderate use. AND all of it in LTE (which has actually helped battery life due to the stronger signal and elimination of data dropping/switching). :)

I love the way HTC builds there phones. Sense is ok but a battery hog. Thats why so many people root there phones and get rid of it. Battery life is better without it.

I was expecting more from HTC's 2012 line up. It feels like they have run out of ideas for phone designs.

It's a waste of good build quality.

Yeah yeah. Mention HTC and the trolls pipe up with the same old stuff about all their phones looking the same. It's as predictable as clock work.

Every Samsung looks the same too. Not a peep out of you about that?

That's too bad really. I really liked HTC for a while and they have become sooo boring and predictable. They need to change up their design even just a little. Also I agree with some above saying their dock is absolutely hideous given it's 2012 and we are on Android 4.0 now. Sucks to see HTC getting worse and worse as time goes on.

I was hoping for better. The dock sucks. I'll be loading golauncher immediately with that 3 year old looking interface. It also looks like they are moving away from soft buttons which will be the future of Android. Those icons also look very small. Either there are 5 rows or something is wrong with that picture

I hope it looks nothing like that. Looks so narrow and just like every other HTC phone out. I like the rendered version a lot better


Boring and predictable. The only thing that looks better is the font used for the clock numbers

If HTC launches with the name One X, Avaya will be suing with their one-X trademark. And the HTC/IBM partnership could get IBM pulled into it as well. HTC, make (another) new naming scheme quickly.