Tegra 3-powered One X receiving update with new OS version, BlinkFeed, video highlights and more

Not long after the HTC One X+ started getting its Android 4.2 update in parts of Asia, HTC Europe has followed suit with an update for the original NVIDIA Tegra 3-powered One X. Reports from the XDA forums show that the update to version 4.18.401.2 weighs in at a little under 380 MB, and includes Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and the new HTC Sense 5 UI. As such, the update also adds many features from the HTC One, including the BlinkFeed home screen experience, the new Gallery and Camera apps, and automatic video highlights.

It's worth underscoring that this update is for the European HTC One X (codename Endeavor), not the AT&T One X, known internationally as the One XL (codename Evita). So far there are reports that the update is hitting Nordic countries and parts of Eastern Europe first, including Slovakia and Denmark; other European countries should be getting the OTA in the hours and days ahead.

HTC insider @LlabTooFeR tweets that the European HTC One X+ should also be getting a similar OTA, to software version 2.18.401.2, however we've yet to see any signs that that update is rolling out.

If you're seeing the update on your HTC One X or One X+ this morning, hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

Source: XDA, @LlabTooFeR


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HTC One X getting Android 4.2 + Sense 5 update in Europe


I updated my ONE X today and to be honest in my opinion it's not all that great. It works pretty much the same as before and I personally like eye candy Sense better that spartan like Sense 5. Thunders and clouds are gone from lockscreen, so is weather widged. I never liked blink feed because I use other news apps, luckily you can turn it off. Now the really crappy part, UI is flat looking, not all that great on a slightly curved screen.
One question for everyone that does have an update, how do you turn on Zoe and is there Zoe at all? And it seems like slow motion video is out.
Good thing is that htc clock is saved.

hy thnks for he heads up!!
I am from India,
waiting for update,
ofcourse it will reach here soon,
want to ask u tht after the update do we get "Drama Shot" in camera app??

Good news after half day i found slow motion video... but bad news are neverending desktop is gone and last calls are now last call. Answer Zoe is supported only by "HTC One" not by One S, X, X+ because of new camera in HTC One.

Sweet! I miss my one x. I might get flamed for this, but I like the one x better than the one. I would never use Boom sound and the 2 hardware buttons seem terrible.

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The hardware buttons are completely fine and you will use BoomSound more after you here it for the first time trust me.

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No he could've easily upgraded to something else and just have an opinion on what he sees.

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Nothing on my Far East model One X, (which was originally the first model released).
Even manual checking shows no update. :-(

I *almost* mentioned the HTC One X as an example of HTC abandoning a "flagship" phone's Android version updates in the HTC One thread about VZW exclusive to 4.2.2 on the One, but held back. Must have been a sixth sense that this was coming. LOL

The intl One X was the best phone of 2012, at least in my large stable of phones, in my opinion, but mine got little attention from me because of it's lack of LTE. I play with it every now and then and it's still a snappy-feeling device , with a gorgeous display and great camera. I just checked and the ARHD ROM I run on it will be 4.2.2 today. One of the advantages of unlocking the bootloader and running custom ROMS!

US folks, please remember that the One X in the US is different hardware than the "international" version (US=S4 w/LTE, Intl=Tegra w/o LTE); this might be an impact on release for US models.

Blinkfeed available in settings. The way it should be. Available in settings if you want it, not the default even if you don't want it.

It really grinds my gears that Europe gets updates before we do. Heck, my HTC One, on Sprint hasn't even received an update to 4.2 or 4.3.

There is another post about this like 2 stories down. You should in theory have 4.3 by the end of September.

- before the update one charge for two days
- after the update: one charge per day

It sucks...

The % drops by about 13 or 15 per night (= no use, just stanby), no WLAN, no Bluetooth, energy saver on ....

Posesorii de HOX din Romania care au stock rom sa anunte aici daca apare update-ul oficial la Sense 5. Cer asta pentru ca am o versiune non-stock..
Mersi anticipat

I returned to stock , with Hox ( rom: asia wwe , cid 044 ) and i don't have any update to 4.2.2 available in Romania.. So, what update are you talking to ?
Tnx mate !

No update on my OneX+ yet but I guess I just have to be patient and manually check (every 5 minutes ;-)

Any feedback on how the phones work after the update (speed, feel,...). What's the overall user experience... Does it feel smooth, faster,...

You and I both* Gumpty. Still waiting (UK)

*And of course your wife, and all the other thousands who are patiently, and unknowingly, waiting :-)

Oh well, soon be October. Should have it by then??! ;-)

I'm more concerned it's going to be the same farce as last time when the UK ONE X's still weren't updated to Jellybean for months, until someone at XDA noticed there was a bug in the update software on the phone and uploaded a new update checker which 'triggered' the download.

I wonder when they plan to roll it out for India?
The rolling schedule and plan doesn't really make sense. Anybody has idea why such rolling out plan?

any body knows when will it be available here in the americas...more specifically Belize... Many HOX owners over here are anxious to get it

Ok, so I was a little behind with my feeds and just read this article from 5 days ago. I've checked for the update to 4.2.2 and Sense 5, but nothing yet (after 5 days??). Is there any specifics when the update will be available to all European countries?
Thanks all

Ok, so I was a little behind with my feeds and just read this article from 5 days ago. I've checked for the update to 4.2.2 and Sense 5, but nothing yet (after 5 days??). Is there any specifics when the update will be available to all European countries?
Thanks all

Ok, guys need serious help. This is my first post and I have a problem.
I read this morning that htc Germany announced this update I checked immediately and it appeared ( hox cid001 uk) since the update I havn't had any signal at all, my phone turns airplane mode on and off, and keeps saying preparing sim.
Has anyone else had this problem? Please and thank you for any help in advance :)

This is probably due to weak 3G signal. So your signal keeps switching between 2G & 3G

In Settings->Mobile Network
Network mode will be in Auto (GSM/WCDMA)

Switch it to GSM for strongest signal

That's how it works in certain areas, in India

I was facing same problem with my htc one x + few months ago and I found a mail from android support that helped me to get rid of this problem. The problem is caused by one of your apps that consume very much internet access. In my case the game "Ninjump" was the worm to block my network acces and switch airplane mode on and network crash. Try to run your apps and see where is the biggest network consumer and uninstall that game/app.

Recive that update today in Romania, the theme is so ugly ... and is the same as navigation speed.
The only feature liked to me is the percentage added to battery in head bar status displayable from settings > power >show battery level.

Can anyone explain why my Mrs's HTC One X on Vodafone got the update 2 days ago and I'm still waiting even though mine is also on Vodafone?? She has the White version and I have the Grey. I think mine is about 5 or 6 months older than hers as well

Got the update a couple of days ago and it's totally draining my battery several times a day, suuuper annoying. Keeps syncing or something, driving me crazy. What to do?

I had the update almost two weeks ago now and I'm still struggle with the set-up. I loved my HTC One X, to the extend that made my wife jealous, and it was a great tool in my every day.
Not any more. Now I have both Sense 5. is that what does it?
I lost my Scenes. When ever I travel, I need other short-cuts and apps, and had made a scene that made it a perfect travelling partner. Lost.
My calender lost the agenda. I can choose the views Month, week, day and agenda but day and agenda are both just one day. I used to get all my appointments listed now I need to now when the appointment was to find it :(
The clock gave me the weather -but if I want that today, I need to let Google now where I am at all time. I wont do that.
Where did the Movie editor app go?
Why did my button "Me" go in the Locations app?
I use a Danish weather app. If I use that today, the GPS will stay on after leaving the program, and I now need to go a.Top menu b.setting c.Scroll down to Apps d. Scroll down to that app e.Force-close that app or the GPS will drain my battery
I'm sure I could go on with all the bad things about this software update, but I'd rather someone told me how to get back my own phone the way it was...

I'm with you Roegg,
In Australia we got it a couple of weeks back, I have an HTC One XL:
- lost most contacts,
- Lost ALL assigned ringtones
- Lost ALL my speedials (it assigned new speedials to people I don't speedial...go figure),
- it messes with HTC Sync Manager,
- icons look flat, dull and boring ( a bit too Samsung now...)
- new digital clock is ugly
- Contacts and People are messed with - opening phone brings up last phone number dialled - I don't want that and now can't turn it off.
- The new lock screen padlock is pathetic - bring back the Ring!
- The ring volume is nowhere as loud as it used to be
- The list is too long....

Why did they mess with it when it was really, really good? They seemed to have brought it out in a hurry (Apple was just a week or so behind, they updated their software for iphones too - friends who own them have had similar problems. Is this 'war' really necessary guys? If it isn't broken, then don't 'fix' it please!

Can I trurn back the clock and go back to the old system PLEASE?