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We know, we know. You folks are chomping at the bit -- especially here in the U.S. -- to get your hands on an HTC One X. (We've still got a couple weeks before it drops on AT&T here.) But for the moment, let's talk about the HTC One X case.

HTC One X CaseWe've already given you a little preview of HTC's own slim case. (Actually, that's us calling it a "slim case." HTC didn't even have a name for it yet when we saw it last week.) It's a really thin plastic deal that snaps onto the phone, offering some pretty basic protection. We've seen two versions -- one with a series of circles, and another that kind of looks like window blinds. The idea was that HTC didn't want to break up the underlying look and feel of the device. But while the cases certainly are slim (and they do fit very nicely), the designs are a bit on the extreme side. We'll just have to see how popular they are when they're finally made available. (And, no, we don't know when that will be.)

And we've done a full-blown review of the HTC One X Hard Shell Case with a flip stand.

But now we're getting another look at a new case -- and one that definitely lets the design of the phone shine through. Chrisjcks has posted a series of pics in our HTC One X forums showing the phone in the official HTC clear hard shell case. No crazy designs this time, just some pretty basic protection that still lets the polycarbonate shell of the phone show through.  One piece of bad news is that it looks like the charging contacts are covered, which means you'll need to remove the case to use the phone in one of HTC's docks. (The crazy-designed cases we played with last week will actually work with the docks -- no removal required.)

Check out more pics and full rundown in our HTC One X forums!


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HTC One X case: Clear hard shell gets some forum love


Non starter for me, since the dock is the first accessory I'm buying. (At least I thought I wanted the dock, but now I'm not sure, because since 1.28 software, I'm get 18 hours per charge, the desk charging is becoming less important).

But a sweet looking case with just enough scuff protection when out and about.

LOL if I knew it would make the website, I wouldn't have captured part of my garden & certainly wouldn't have used ny Motorola Xoom to take the photos.


Something that wasn't mentioned, the case does protect the protruding camera, only by a mere millimetre though.

The case is very simple & minimalistic, is smooth to touch whilst offering a slight matte grainy texture.

Corners are 80% protected, ports are easily accessed, however the 5 dock pins are covered, I will never use a dock, so it's not a problem for me.

Lightweight, with a good feel

>"We know, we know. You folks are chomping at the bit -- especially here in the U.S. -- to get your hands on an HTC One X."

I bet there are even more people chomping at the bit for the HTC Evo LTE (formerly the HTC Evo One X).