For those of you still wondering, here's the full changelog for the Android 4.0.4 update for the AT&T HTC One X. In addition to giving new options for the menu function, you'll find:

New features:

  • Additional NFC Capabilities
  • More content choices in HTC Hub
  • Car application update to provide access for third party music applications


  • Wi-Fi connectivity improvements
  • Improved Bluetooth automobile compatibility
  • Increased 3G/4G connectivity
  • HTC Sense improvements
  • Contacts synchronization enhancements
  • Network time correction

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They definitely enhanced sense. Now over 250mb free and the phone is smooth as butter.

The menu button fix is not listed, though.

gattzzz says:

This didn't fix the WiFi issue I'm having.

dante501 says:

Wifi is a hardware issue. It is known. HTC knows it as well.

gattzzz says:

My WiFi was working perfectly fine until they pushed the first 1.85 software update. Now whenever I enter an app such as facebook it cuts the WiFi off for about 5 seconds then comes back on.

towerdave says:

My wifi is now working after the update. No hardware fix required. There may be multiple Wifi issues, but they aren't all hardware.


towerdave says:

In a few hours, I'll know if my wifi issue is fixed. It worked great after the update, but mine seems to appear after going on Mobile data and then back to Wifi, so tonight will be the test when I get home.

Wonder what the Enhanced NFC capabilities are and when we'll get a functioning Wallet app that we can use. I'm itching for that to happen, or for Google Wallet to be authorized for use on AT&T and our One X's


erwaso says:

Good update from htc. Better update with custom roms lol

JobiWan144 says:

Agreed, from an EVO LTE user.

debsawyer says:

The Evo LTE needs the same fixes.

mstrblueskys says:

Do we think the LTE will see the same updates the One X will see?

dtreo says:

Gotta be in it's way.

I've never had the wi-fi issue so I can't really tell a difference. The 3g is better. I have terrible service at work that causes a lot of battery drain. It is early,bit i did have better connection today (updated before I went to work).

I found the car mode useless. I just put the phone in the mount and go. OK give it a try to since it supports third party apps tobsee of it is better for spptify. I live in new York and we have strict phone laws.

crxssi says:

" HTC Sense improvements "

That is a pretty weak description :(

rdsaicam says:

Any help?? Pls.. Every time I go to check for upgrades, it won't do anything after I tapped it.. I dunno why... I saw the update notification last night pressed continue but didn't do a thing..

Now I cant press the "check for upgrades"

gfbiii says:

Have you figured out how to get around this? I am having the same exact issue.

rdsaicam says:

Had to factory rEset just to update it wow

cyanogen-man says:

Hmm reboot the phone and go into air plane mode it will cut off all data then get out of it then try it again it mite just work but idk I don't have a one x bc ill be damned if I pay 700 full price I'm still on the inspire but lucky me I upgrade in january so I mite just hold on and wait for ces ;)

jbrandonf says:

I keep trying for force this update but my phone will not find it! This is so frustrating... I want the improved multitasking most of all.

pounder001 says:

So far so good....