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Update: Ausdroid has pointed out that this is nothing more than a fan-inspired render. See the original at Danny Tu's Flikr stream. Maybe HTC should hire Mr. Tu, as everyone seems to love his design!

HTC’s mysterious Verizon-bound 5-inch smartphone has been the subject of numerous rumors over the past several months, and we’ve seen purported blurry-cam shots of the device in the past. However, today, we might have our first clear look at the large-screened device, as the image above has surfaced on Chinese social network Sina Weibo. In the top left corner it's labeled as the 'HTC One X 5,' which is the first time we've heard this name associated with the rumored device.

The image is low resolution, but it’s detailed enough to reveal a few key points -- a black design with red accents, Beats Audio branding, and both rear and front-facing cameras. The simulated image on the screen seems to have been taken from earlier HTC One X renders, as it displays Barcelona and Feb. 26 in the clock widget, as well as the old Android Market icon on the home screen. We’ve seen fake (and prototype) press renders leak out before, so there’s certainly no guarantee that this image is legitimate. The low resolution alone means it’d have been relatively easy to forge.

HTC has a big event lined up in New York City this Wednesday, so it’s possible the One X 5 -- or Droid Incredible X, as the Verizon version’s rumored to be called -- will make its debut there. It’s equally likely, however, that Big Red will want to save such a flagship device for CTIA, or some standalone event. We’ll have to wait and see. Whatever happens, we’ll be live from NYC this Wedneday to bring you all of the day’s HTC news.

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HTC 'One X 5' purportedly revealed in press render


I said it before about htc, they have to wow us if they are going to stop the downward slide in both sales and interest. A 5 inch screen with One X resolution and 3300 mAh battery will do it. Come on htc don't disappoint us.

I would be very surprised if the screen is not the same as the One X and Evo LTE. Although the "5" in the name might indicate otherwise....

The battery- that they might fiddle with. It was bumped up for the Evo LTE from the One X, they might have something similar.

Based on the rendering, you can already tell it will lack the kickstand and SD card slot (and probably the camera button) of the Evo LTE.... (the back is solid and clearly visible). Can't tell from the photo if it is plastic (One X) or metal (Evo LTE) but likely it is all plastic because you can't have antennas behind metal, and there is no door or separate section present.

I said it before about htc, they have to wow us if they are going to stop the downward slide in both sales and interest. A 5 inch screen with One X resolution and 3300 mAh battery will do it. Come on htc don't disappoint us.

You should focus on runtime rather than obsessing about a specific battery size.
Hasn't your girlfriend taught you anything?

I'd love to sell my Galaxy S3 for the this beast. Sadly Gazelle will probably mark my S3 for around 10 dollars when the iPhone 5 hits.

But if somehow, someway, I can sell this thing and only have to pay 100-200 dollars for this HTC phone then I'm definitely getting it!

Gazelle? How dare you mention such a ripoff site on an Android Blog? Go over the Swappa and name your own price to sell your device. You'll get atleast 350 - $400 if it's in good condition

So what happened to the HTC Droid Incredible X story that flashed up on AC and then disappeared instantly? It sort of looks like this phone. About same specs too.

I snapshotted the story before it was pulled:

Alot of Android devices come out with these moderate upgrades 3-4 months after the initial phone launch. I'm not seeing the strategy here.


You're a little late to the party, aren't you? Samsung has had *tremendous* success with 5.3" screen and is poised to release the 5.5" version. I'm using HTC 4.3" at the moment and I believe that 5" will be the sweet spot.

IMO, people who think the 5inch screen size is too big, fail to understand that the manufacture usually has a specific use case in mind when they make the screen size what they do.

The screen is never too big, because it all depends on how the OEM envisioned their device would be used.

Now, having said that, I believe Samsung made a 5.3 inch, and now a 5.5 inch screen because they envision their device as a note pad first, a tablet second, and phone third. Anyone merely looking for a phone, Samsung would say move along and select one of their other pure phone options as your solution. However, if you want more than a phone then we have a device for you. The larger screen is to allow the user to actually use the device for the OEM's intended purpose.

I wonder what HTC has in mind with this device? Without a pen or some other unique feature to justify the large screen, then this may not take off like the Note did. To just build and make a large screen because you can I don't think will appeal to the most folks.

If you're like me and actually bought the original Note, and used the s-pen extensively like I did, then you get it. However, if you only see it as a phone with a large screen you missed the point of the device.

For HTC's sake I hope they can clearly define their purpose with this device or it will never make it.

1. i like the G-Note 2 better.
2. i wish all carriers would nix the hard buttons. it's almost 2013. stop bastardizing Android.

I don't know if this is a conflict of interest or not...
There may be a few attorneys who have both Apple Inc and
BMW USA as clients.

BMW will be attempting to get a judge to issue an immediate
injunction preventing HTC from announcing the HTC "One X 5"
because the "X5" name belongs to BMW.

HTC can't change it to "One X 5.0" because that belongs to
Samsung. (the "5.0" part)

There is an aircraft called the X-5, a boyband from Korea called X-5 and a synthesizer called the Korg X5...

"One X 5" or "One supra script X 5" would be sufficiently different enough as to not cause brand confusion with BMW.

They should have released this sooner. I wanted this phone till I heard about the G-Note 2 going to Verizon. I think many more people will do the same.

Not trolling but it kinda takes design cues from the iPhone especially the when look at it at the side and front. Commencing android fanboy shitting in 5...4...3...2...1...

Seriously? You think Verizon would allow a Verizon bound phone to NOT have a big ugly Verizon logo on it? If this is a real soon-to-be-released phone, it would not be Verizon bound or it's simply a very very early rendering of such phone.

On another note, the design is quite nice. I like the thin bezel and red accent (which has been used in previous Verizon devices but then again the EVO 4G LTE has a red kickstand). By the way, that looks like a very thin and tall phone, kind of like the iPhone 5. :O

Regardless of how real this device is or not, I really hope HTC shows Verizon some love soon. I'm sure the fact that they came out with the rather disappointing Incredible LTE when AT&T and Sprint both got One X variants has left a bad taste in many consumers mouths, including my own. They really need to whip out a hero device soon if they want to stay a competitive OEM on Big Red.

I will wait for an official release of details.

Personally I don't pay too much attention to speculation on any phone, as most rumours end up being false or misleading.

They do make interesting reading but I prefer not to be disappointed, especially when the released item falls short of the exaggerated rumours may have lead you to believe.