Hopefully you've already checked out Phil's HTC One hands-on impressions from the press conference in New York. But that event was just half of the HTC One launch story, as the manufacturer held a simultaneous event in London, attended by CEO Peter Chou, design lead Scott Croyle and others.

Naturally, we got some hands-on time with HTC's new shiny after the presentation, so check the video above for another perspective on the handset. You'll find five minutes of footage covering the design, BlinkFeed, the Ultrapixel camera, HTC Zoe and more.


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HTC One video walkthrough in London


No removable battery?

No expandable storage?

HTC - you really think you will be successful?
(may be with people who will answer to the question: what phone you got?
Oh, I have the HTC IPhone)

Yeah right a good camera is not the only thing what makes a great phone.

Pretty sure most people don't replace batteries

Pretty sure 32/64 GB is enough for most people

Pretty sure you don't know what your talking about and this phone will be a great success.

Exactly. These are both outdated gripes that certain people apparently can't let go. For being so "technologically inclined", some users on tech blogs seem old-fashioned and afraid of change. They like to comment on their NEED for a replaceable battery. Exactly ZERO of my real-life friends, family, or coworkers have a 2nd battery for their phone. Myself and a few others own external batteries, but I rarely use mine. My EVO LTE gets though more than a day without needing a charge, and I usually charge it when I go to bed anyway. As far as storage goes, get with the program and use the cloud. In the rare case you don't have connectivity, 64GB SHOULD be plenty of storage space. Of course there is the rare person who wants to carry around their entire music and movie collection in their pocket. They would be well suited to get a secondary media device such as an iPod Touch or a Galaxy Player.

Seems pretty fast. Camera opens really fast. Eager to see the images from it.


I wish the people who keep saying "Non-removable battery, No SD card.. FAIL!" would just move on. Ok, so you don't want the fracking phone, why clutter up the comments with your noise? It's not constructive. Wait till there's a phone that you want and then get it. Nobody is going to force you to get this phone. And complaining in these forums is NOT going to change HTC's mind. Period.

This. Comments about the battery and lack of SD card is like saying "What? I can't put a sheet if 4x8 plywood in my Honda Fit car? FAIL!!!"

Buy what you need for your requirements.

4.3 megapixel resolution camera conference showing competitor x and y not saying which smartphone they took snapshots from is not fair either at their london conference the old camera of theirs the htc one x is better than this one not shown at their conference. Answering a phone call while cancelling out the sound of the boomsound stereo music is something a normal person wouldn't do either ie pause the music not blast it while talking really silly remark. There is a competitor that is offering maybe a half less gigs storage but also removable storage a tad less ghz but gives you a better camera with light sensor technology both in the front and back camera and a 5inch screen and stamina software to make up for standby battery drainage for non removable batteries htc one did the opposite with their homescreen windows 8 style widgets and waterproofing and a glass stylish casing for the same price and uses color technology which makes up for distorted or dull colour that makes up for the 3 x 4.3 ultraipixel camera it will be for sale next week in london i still am inclined to buy that.

Did you make sure to scream at every HTC employee you could find for that HTC button replacing the recent apps one? If there's one thing they can change before launch that HAS to be it. It's ridiculous.

It actually makes me angry every time I look at the damn thing. And then to hear not only is it a logo instead of the standard button, but they changed the ****ing behavior to a double tap.

Dude! Chill! It's just a freaking device. You know how many are going to be announced at MWC in a week or so? Lots! You'll have you pick of them! Obviously this one is _not_ for you.


This phone is gorgeous, but so many things wrong with it. I just saw that menu button in the facebook app, you have got to be kidding. They released an update for the one x to get rid of such thing and here they are sticking it back in?! Then instead of having a third button foro task switch etc. they stick their big htc logo square in the center. Way to go htc. I love the design of this phone but those are huge problems. The one saving grave for this phone for me would be the dual stereo speakers. I am absolutely tired of these garbage speakers in phones. If samsung doesn't have stereo speakers in their s4 I might have to end up getting this one. I'm also finally glad the storage has been bumped up to 32/64. People seriously need to stop whining about that sd card. The vast majority of consumers do not care about or use that much storage. All this custom rom swaps, music swaps, etc. are only for a small minority of users and news flash, htc isn't worried about you as much.

This phone look terrible, both software and hardware (but especially software). I have an HTC EVO LTE on Sprint and I hate how the aluminum feels, my guess is this one feels the same. I could get over the looks and feel but the software looks plain awful, basically a dumbed-down version of android (from what I can tell in this video). I'd be surprised if this device does well in sales...

Really? I love how the aluminum feels. It makes it feel nicer than just plastic. Also with the software, I assume your talking about BlinkFeed or the app drawer? honestly, the only thing I use my homescreen for since I have an app drawer is for the updating widgets, and that's all BlinkFeed is and the app drawer looks great to me, i was a little hesitant about only 3 columns but since you can make folders or categories unlike sense 4 it just looks easier to use. I think sales will be great for this device.

cause I do want only notification in the notification area.
I hate keyboard settings in th notification area in xperia phones so I do not want something similar in htc.
Hope this make sense