HTC One Mini 2 leaks out in gunmetal, silver, and gold

Just like its big brother, the HTC One M8, the HTC One Mini 2 has broken cover, and like the One M8, it looks to be an improvement over an already good smartphone, and come in a similar color palette of brushed gunmetal, silver, and gold.

Apart from that there are a few other notable differences between the One Mini 2 and the One M8 (aside from this phone having a smaller display and likely less powerful internals). For one, the Mini 2 does not have the dual-sensor Duo Camera as comes on the One M8, nor does it have the dual LED flash.

Like the One M8, however, the metal body of the One Mini 2 is more substantial than the previous iteration, though in this case it doesn't quite reach all the way to the front like the One M8. It's more metal than the last version, but there's still a plastic rim around the screen and onto the top. HTC's also move around the positioning of the sensors and the power button, but this phone is still unmistakably a close relative of the HTC One M8. And that's not a bad thing at all.

We still don't have any information on a release date or pricing for the HTC One Mini 2, but you can rest assured that we'll update you as soon as we do. Until then — what do you think?

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HTC One Mini 2 leaks out in gunmetal, silver, and gold


If the internals were just as powerful as it's big brother, I'd buy it in a heartbeat

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there is a company doesn't sacrifice internals for small form rhymes with Snapple. =)

but seriously, it's unfortunate.

The same company that only releases one flagship a year and makes no large screen phone?

There's another company, that rhymes with 'Tony' that's makes both large screen and smaller screen devices without sacrificing specs.

i do wish Tony's devices were available on my rhymes with Horizon. specs aside, performance wise i couldn't be more pleased with Moto's X.

Fu*k that company that rhymes with 'Horizon'. I finally switched and couldn't be happier.
That said...its sad the 'Tony' isn't available on more US carriers.

Also, I switched from my Moto X to the Nexus 5. Both incredible phones. Still missing Touch less Controls :-(

Was it a big upgrade? I went with the X myself to try the features as this is my return to Android. I am impressed. But Facebook lags. Would a device with more power have been better?

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No, the X doesn't really lack for power like many assume from the specs. Facebook app lags in general - poorly coded app. I had/have the same problem with their iOS app, too.

The difference is that the small phone is the only one available.
If there were an iPhone mini, you couldn't do anything with it.

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I don't know about that...Apple is usually pretty good about retaining the usability of its products size notwithstanding.

Um...Sony doesn't rhyme with Snapple, and Apple still sacrifices (your) freedom, while simultaneously charging you a premium to do so. Sorry to hear about your Horizon problem, though.

Internal specs will matter a lot with this one. If it's as powerful as the M8, I'll probably trade mine in to get this! I'm getting tired of these massive phones. I think it's unfortunately unlikely that HTC will pull a Sony and put high-end specs in a miniature version of a flagship phone. I hope they prove me wrong. The duo-focus thing isn't a big deal to me, so I don't care if I lose that.

Yeah, the fact that they didn't include something as simple as the dual LED flash doesn't bode well for internal specs. :(.

Why do specs matter if the damn phone is fast and fierce just like the m8 or m7 for that matter. I swear, you nerds want everything over the top and for what? I have the M8 and the speed between it and the M7 isn't even worth mentioning. They're both really fast and powerful.I never experienced lag on my M7 nor do I on my M8! And, I'm willing to bet that the mini 2 will blaze despite not having super sized specs. Smart phones are really at the point where specs on processor speeds only excite geeks.They're more amazed with the number of the spec than with its performance in the phone! Y'all are just meh! IMHO..not so humble..I guess..Lol!

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Specs matter to some while it doesn't matter to others. Some people are fine driving VWs while others would prefer an Audi. On the surface, anything can be considered an appliance, but to some who may look beyond what's on the surface, the minutiae matter. Either a VW or Audi will get you from point A to point B, but the Audi will have better interior materials, design, sound isolation, etc.

You can buy a mid-spec phone now, but I personally believe a higher-spec phone will last and perform better longer as apps, 3D graphics, etc. continue to evolve and progress. You can buy a low to midrange phone now, but apps and games aren't going to wait up for it.

As someone who's accusing "nerds" who care about specs as being not so humble, you're coming off as awfully ignorant and not so humble yourself. You get whatever phone you want, I don't care what it is, and I'll get what I want. It doesn't matter at the end of the day because we all go home happy.

Haha, sounds like I offended a nerd. Despite what you're talking about, if there's one thing I know you can't make a next generation phone that will not eventually be a past generation! Most will upgrade, especially nerds, before their devices are no longer cutting edge. What you did was prove my point. I stated that performance, meaning does the device do what it's supposed to do despite having cutting edge specs, doesn't matter to spec nerds and I was right. Seems to me that, in your example, both vehicles will do what they're supposed to do...which is to get you from POINT A TO POINT B! And, they can travel the same roads at the same legal speeds and stop and go just the same. I'm not dumb, but you did prove my "dumb" point with your not very well thought out example! Next time think before you write...

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Ah, not quite. I thought about it, but you missed my point. You confirmed my point that the cars would get you from point A to point B; thanks for reiterating.

The real point was that some people buy things based not just on WHAT they can accomplish, but HOW they accomplish it. You seem to focus more on the former, I personally place more value on the latter. Again, some people care about the minutiae, others don't. Either way works. I just spoke up because the way you decided to communicate your opinion seemed inconsiderate. You're entitled to your opinion as much as I am to my own.

If your M7 had no lag and was still blazing fast, why did you bother getting an M8? If it broke, why didn't you save money and get another M7? It was just as much a smartphone as the M8 is, at least according to you, so why? These are rhetorical questions, by the way, but you must have had reasons for wanting an M8. I personally think you made a good choice, I like mine, but wouldn't mind if it was a bit smaller. Either way, we ended up with these phones for various reasons and they won't all be the same.

It's pretty simple: People want what they want. I don't see any reason to try and explain it any further, so I'm done.

To be honest,I just like new stuff and I got reeled into the M8 hype! If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. I actually got the new M8 on contract for cheaper than what I sold my M7 for on eBay. so it was a win win. I like the bigger phone and have no problem with the size. I do think/hope there will come a time when I won't upgrade...I just can't see much more I can get out of a cell phone. These things are awesome! !

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I like new stuff too and I just happen to pay a lot of attention to specs. In any case, wasn't trying to offend you or anything, just defending the other perspective. Glad you got a good deal on your M8 though and that it does everything you want. It's awesome when technology has reached a point where it's hard to imagine things they can't do. It's a good problem to have, but I'm sure the next big thing is always just around the corner or in development without us knowing about it. So any disagreements on perspective aside, cheers to having awesome devices available for all! Options are a good thing!

If it has 720p screen and snapdragon 600 it would be ok. 8mp camera or more would be nice.

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So it's apparently going to have a 13 mpix camera..

It's a weird direction htc took there.. Their desire 816 also has a 13 mpix camera but their flagship phone has a 4 mpix ultrapixel camera..

I guess that says htc really believes in their ultrapixel concept but still.. Wouldn't it have just been much safer to go with the 13 mpix camera on the m8 and shut down the critique of a low megapixel count...?

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I think HTC should just drop the Ultrapixel thing until they can get performances comparable to other flagships' cameras. Until then they should just stick with "classic" cameras so that their phones won't be a bummer for photo enthusiasts.

I find it interesting how people hammer on HTC about the camera, how it comes up short on the image sensor pixel density, and how subpar it is for serious photography. Yet anyone serious about photography wouldn't be using a phone to take photos. They would use an actual camera. With actual optics.

yeah, that's the same thing I think. I'm ok with my Galaxy Nexus's camera because I don't take photos that often, if I were a photo enthusisast I would too get a separate camera, surely I wouldn't rely on that of my phone.

The thing is though that I do use my phone for "serious photography" type photos. I am a college student and I love to take unique pictures around campus that I share on Google+ I was always a little disappointed with the camera on my note 2 but the camera on the gs5 that I just got is perfect for this. I know I'm not speaking for everyone but I only take pictures during the day. Night pictures even with a good dslr don't look good without lots of setup and the right subject.

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Not to be rude. But posting your unique photos on Google + is not considered professional.

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Not to be rude, but who said anything about professional? I read "serious photography" and "photo enthusiast" in the thread, but "professional" was never mentioned.

Ultra pixel is awesome on my M8. Wouldn't trade it for more mps! It already creates pics that are too big for most phones to receive texts with.I send pics at full size and every other phone/carrier reduces the pic. The shutter is fast, great low light and medium light pics.takes great landscapes, if you know how to meter. I'm willing to bet those who complain about the M8 camera are only reading internet opinions. most of us who have the phone love the camera..just check out the forums!

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I don't have one and I don't know anyone that owns one so I've never seen its camera in action. my statement was purely based on what I keep reading on the Internet, guess I encountered only negative opinions. I'm glad HTC didn't do it all wrong then.

The camera on the M8 is the reason I probably won't ever buy it. I prefer an AMOLED screen, but can live without it. Everything else on the M8 seems perfect, except that damn lame camera.

I think the dual camera thing should have been the ultra pixel camera plus a 13 megapixel camera. Then you would get a camera that delivers on many different camera situations.

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With that camera and a decent processor with boomsound, this should outsell the M8. But it likely won't be boomsound or even a snapdragon 800. To bad.

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If they even just put in a 600 I would be more than happy

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

I think it would be cool if this had a snapdragon 600 inside, but this will still probably have the 400 inside, though
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If they atleast give specs as good as the droid mini, and good battery life, I would very much be interested

Looks much better, more symmetrical in design. Too bad it's not going to be a mini for real and will be closer to the size of a 5" flagship from last year.

Posted via Android Central App on nexus 7 (2nd gen)

If at least has the moto x processor (or moto g), 2gb ram and a decent price ($350-$400) then I would buy it eyes closed

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How about spend the money on marketing not making another phone that isn't going to sell.... The M8 is such a nice phone but most don't buy it over Samgunk because people know the galaxy name.

I agree, however, if the specs are the same or better than the M7, I would consider making the new Mini my next phone. For me, these phones are all getting to be much too big.

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It looks better without the dual lens plus the screen is within the sweet spot at 4.5". Now add the high end specs including OIS, while removing or utilizing the redundant htc logo and we've got the new htc M9.

Not sure if it's an M7... Fraud?

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1