HTC One Max

Mystery blob under camera

There's most likely a month or so to go before HTC's 5.9-inch One Max becomes official, but we've already seen enough evidence to suggest that the phone is real, and coming soon. Today a fresh image has leaked out over on Taiwanese blog ePrice showing the Max alongside its smaller siblings, the HTC One and One Mini. And while it more or less confirms what we already know — specifically, that it'll look like an oversized HTC One — a couple of features on the device's back warrant further investigation.

The first is the mysterious black blob under the camera. ePrice speculates that it could be some sort of fingerprint reader; it's also possible that it may be part of some IR-based communications feature, as previously seen on the Japanese HTC J One. Or it could be nothing more than a sticker placed over some identifying mark.

Look in the bottom right corner and you'll also spot three marks, which might be connectors for some kind of charging dock. Curiously, a controversial non-final render of the Max didn't include either of these two hardware characteristics.

In any case, there's a little longer to wait before we find out exactly which features will make it into the final HTC One Max hardware. In the meantime, share any theories down in the comments.

Source: ePrice


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HTC One Max pictured again, sized up next to One and One Mini


This is the reason I'm holding off before breaking down and getting the regular HTC One. I hope this comes to Verizon and does not demolish my hopes and take forever like the One did.

Exactly! My Bionic is so freaking slow right now I am tempted to buy the Ultra Max, but one look at my wife's One gives me strength to wait!

I just hope Verizon releases the One Max in a timely manner.

The mystery blob looks so out of place, hope it's just a sticker.

The three pins? A car dock that charges the phone? Now that is something I would love to have!

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There is something wrong with this pic of the predicted HTC One Max. It seems cheap looking next to the 4.7 HTC One. There's is a gap in the casing next to the white lines. Not saying its a fake, but it could be (or hopefully is) a pre-production unit.

You're right that's odd. It could be a pre-production unit that is not fully assembled so they set the back case on there to snap a picture.

It might be a trackpad to offset the awkward one handed operation of the beast. I want to get the Max but my One is keeping me happy!

Also, the back of the One Max looks removable, based on the gap along the bottom edge of the larger rectangle, just above the bottom white line.

I was set on getting either this of the Note3, but after doing some math I figured I would be better off buying a HTC One($600) and a Nexus 2013 ($270) instead of buying a Phablet(Note 2 costs $800+ off contract on release.)

Having no idea what part of the world you're in, or who you use for phone service, I just wanted to throw out a warning:

When I went to buy my Note 2 off-contract, I discovered that Best Buy wanted $800, while Sprint only charged $700. A little more price investigation lead me to a surprising discovery:

Best Buy's retail prices on cell phones are all $100 higher than if you bought it directly from a carrier's retail store.

Conclusion: *NEVER* buy a cell phone off-contract from a Best Buy store. Or at least price check first.

Just go into the store and they will price match. On release day of the EVO 4G LTE i got them to price match me Sprints price when I had to buy it off contract. It was $700 from Best Buy but they price matched Sprint at $550.

HTC ONE MAX will be the best phone its going to kill the Note 3. HTC always the best they never copy anyone they always do there own thing. HTC are not lazy like Samsung. samsung + apple = Lazy copy and upgrade only

Typical whining, whenever there's a post about an oversized handset, lol.

Nobody cares, that you have small hands, people. Move along.

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I hate when people mention the small hands thing. I know people who can't use an iPhone without two hands. If it's too big for you, don't use it, and certainly don't tell the internet about it.

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I know a lot of people who can't use their iPhones with a thumb. For them, any phone must be used with two hands, one to hold the phone, the other to poke with the pointer finger.

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Lol, I am just messing with you. I know what you are saying. I tried the large phone fad for a few months (Note2) and it wasn't for me. Around 4.7 in. is perfect for me.

I've never had a problem operating phones with one hand. I currently have the Nexus 4 and can reach the entire screen with my thumb. I couldn't understand why people had so much problem as I have average sized hands for my size (5'11"). At some point I realized that I have really long thumbs in relation to my hand size. Mystery solved.

I agree with you for the most part...but this device seems to shame the HTC One making it look like it may be close to the 6" mark. People like me hated the complaining (mostly from Apple fans with a 3.5" device) when the 'big' phones were 4.3" like when the Evo 4G came out and everyone was going crazy at that HUGE phone. Now, years later the 'big' phones have 5.5-6.3" screens and i'm beginning to take the other side. There has to be a limit for 98% of people at least. I guess if Shaq wants a phone then who cares, but even for most big screen phone lovers like me, we are ready to call it quits around the 5.5" mark or way earlier.

I completely agree. Truth be told, I'm not even interested in buying a "phablet" anymore. I just find it funny, on posts about "phablets," the same "This has to stop" comments are made.

I'm not buying one, but, I don't think these handsets have to stop, if people are buying them.

Samsung "won" awhile back, with the original Galaxy Tab. Now, Asus is "winning," with the FonePad.

I'm just curious, as to what the size limit will be.

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If it sells, they'll make more of them. Pretty simple really, it might be too big for "98%" of people but obviously enough people buy them to justify the cost of development.

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I hope it comes with one as well but it seems that most note users seldomly use the stylus if at all so if the One Max doesn't have one then its not really a deal breaker for me. I really hope though that htc adds features to take advantage of the larger screen versus it just being a larger one and that's it.

Wtf is this about small hands? Seriously people!?

You have three different ones to choose from. Why do you think HTC is doing this? And yet the biyatching is in full effect.

Obviously this phone is not for you!

If you need 34 size pants you buy 34 size pants, not 36 size pants. And you are happy with your pants, you don't bitch that your pants use less material in them.

Class dismissed!

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Perhaps they should make an array of devices in .1" increments. Yeah. That would make sense.

I don't understand the Mini at all. It's barely smaller than the regular One. And then to make the Max so much bigger... I'm sure they put a lot of thought into these decisions, but I just don't see the logic.

Placing my bets on the blob being a finger print reader for your index finger. Cool idea none the less.

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I would really love to get the one max. Ultimate entertainment device for watching movies, playing games. The boomsound just fits in right. Boomsound is such an awesome idea. You need speakers in the front when your watching videos or a movie on your phone, now don't you. Atleast I would settle for it.:)

How has nobody else noticed or mentioned the bottom left corner of the phone being blocked out by some type of gray sensor. Not saying stylus but......stylus. I mean why would they block that out unless to hide something? And if you're hiding something to do with that part of the phone, what exactly is being hidden? Where's the note 2's pen slot located again? ;)

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This really puts the HTC One in perspective..
The HTC One is without question the Best Looking Phone on the Planet.
This Max size looks ridiculous.
And this coming from a former Galaxy Note owner.

If that black square is just a "sticker placed over some identifying mark", then whoever put it there did a stellar job placing it, because it appears to be perfectly centered and aligned with the phone's length & width axes. I wish I was that good with screen covers.