HTC One Max

We've been hearing rumors about HTC's One Max — a 6-inch version of the Taiwanese company's flagship phone, possibly with a fingerprint sensor — for the past few months. There've been leaked renders, leaked photos and leaked specs, but the device itself has remained elusive.

In recent days the HTC One Max has appeared at Chinese certification body TENAA, with full front and back images revealing the phone's enormous screen and rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. And today reports from Chinese social network Weibo point to a possible launch date of Oct. 15 — which would be a plausible timeframe if HTC wants to get these out in time for the holidays. Importantly, though, the Oct. 15 date matches what we've been hearing from our own sources, so we're pretty confident the "Max" will be with us on or around this date.

In any case, hopefully buyers wanting a big-screen HTC experience won't have too much longer to wait.

via: PhoneArena, Weibo


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HTC One Max likely headed for October 15 launch


Htc One Max big just for the sake of being big. With no kind of true specs compared to the Galaxy Note 3.

Actually the Htc One Max isn't even in the same league as the Galaxy Note 3.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 2 via Android Central App.

Hey! You're back! I've been waiting for your Samsung butt-kissing and HTC bashing. I hope you do get the Note 3. Remember to put some KY on it.

Even though Richard has his moments, there is no bloat on the Note 3 from what I have seen so far. They are all useful features (and I am one of the people who use all the gimmicks on the SGS series)

Actually, there is. That horrid my magazine, that keeps popping up driving me crazy. Anyone found a way to disable it?

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Your right about the HTC one max not being in the notes league..... I mean having a faux leather back that looks terrible with fake stitching makes it the look everyone one wants over the full metal body.....

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With the scratch and dent body on the One, I will take the fake leather.

Is this how the game is played? I just want to make sure I am doing it right...

In all seriousness, I would love to go with metal on the Note or most phones in general. The one is the best device I have held this year but I will take substance over style any day. The Note 3 has a ton of great features that more than outweigh the backing

I agree with you in that the HTC Max is not really a true comparison or rival of the Note 3.

Although close in screen size, they are targeted to two different users.

The Note 3 is more of a business and productivity device, whereas the larger devices of LG, HTC, Sony, and even the Samsung Mega are more large consumption driven devices.

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Well put. I am gonna steal that somewhere along the way

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You know the beauty of Android is that theres something for everyone. The One Maxx does have great specs. Just because its not for you doesnt diminish the device's appeal or impact. You just can't stand it because some other company besides Samsung is doing something interesting and its not focusing on the Note 3. That device isnt the only device in the category anymore. Samsung may have created it but its not exclusive to them. Really all they did was create the first one for the category. And theres nothing wrong with other oems making devices to compete. And your statement "Htc One Max big just for the sake of being big. With no kind of true specs compared to the Galaxy Note 3". People said the same thing about the original Note. And the One is in the same leage as the Note 3. You just refuse to admit it. Deal with it. The Note isnt the only phablet anymore. There are other options now. And you're continued bashing of any device thats not made by Samsung is just really quite pathetic.

Specs don't matter as much on a smartphone than, say, a gaming PC, unless you game a lot on your smartphone.

However, you can give a phone a dual-core CPU and make it just as fast as a phone with a quad-core CPU in real-world usage (I'm looking at you, Moto X). It's all due to software optimization.

Basically, it's the software that counts. There's no point giving a phone so much beef if it's software isn't well optimized. Of course, there are limitations, such as slower video encoding performance and lower framerates in games. Though if you use your phone to make calls, browse the web and maybe play a lil' bit of Candy Crush, specs won't matter much to you.

Also, I tried the Note 3 and compared it's real-world speed with my HTC One.

It's looks kinda unfair but the Note 3 was only a millisecond or two. Not what I was expecting from a phone with so much beef, but then, it's fast enough for real-world usage.

Overall, it's too soon to say how fast the Note 3 is. My GS3 has recently started lagging really badly and I still can't find the root cause of the issue. I'm assuming it's TouchWiz.

He was in Korea developing the Note 3. That's why he was MIA for some time. He's so great at it that the Note 3 will bitch slap eveything else, to quote him.

I really, really hope the HTC One Max ends up with a Snapdragon 800 and very high-end specs. I love my HTC One and my LTE Nexus 7...but between those, my laptop, Glass, and various things I need for work...I seriously need to slim down on the tech that I carry!

No come in Google play edition & unlocked with T-Mobile radios

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I smell a lawsuit coming from apple, no phone can have a finger print scanner. That's a apple trademark. So don't expect one on a USA max one

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Yeah somehow I think you are off on that one. Other phones had it before apple

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But nobody has done it as good as apple. Therefore apple is god and everything they do is a miracle.

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Apparently you don't know how Apple does these things, they patened their chiclet keyboard (which has existed since 1980 on the ZX80 Spectrum) and their iPhone name (which Cisco had before Apple used it).

As long as the fingerprint technology was not the same as AuthenTec's, then there's no case for a lawsuit.

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Considered this phone and Note 3, but for about the same price off contract I could get HTC One and Nexus 7 so I decided against going Phablet.

They need to hustle with this roll out or Samsung will take all of their customers with the Note 3!

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If the release is October 15, when can we expect an announcement? I'd love to see the release immediately after they announce the phone.

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I've been wanting something like this since the Droid DNA came out. 6 months later and I'm still absolutely in love with my One....I just wish it was Note-sized or bigger....oh wait, HTC One max! Please release this on T-Mobile and take my money!

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So after HTC divorcing with beats.......if there is a max?...will it have beats audio

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Sweeeeeeettttttttt if it has an SD card slot then i will be purchasing one otherwise i guess I will be getting the Note3 or nexus 5

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