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Large phone is large

We got our first look at what's probably HTC's big-screened One Max over the weekend, and now the source of that leak, Taiwanese site ePrice, is back with another comparative photo. In the latest image, the 5.9-inch HTC phone is pitted against the Motorola XT882, a device with a humble 4-inch display. As you can see, the difference in size is pretty ridiculous — the Motorola phone doesn't even cover the enormous screen of the One Max.

The image also gives us a closer look at the Max's hardware, and it seems HTC may have opted for a One Mini-style plastic trim rather than the chamfered metal edges of the regular HTC One. We can also see what might be a SIM tray on the left edge, and an off-center microUSB port is revealed by the presence of a charging cable.

Purported specs for the One Max point to it being the most powerful HTC phone we've seen so far, with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 800 chip running the show. Android Central understands that the Max is targeted for a September release, so we're still around a month out from actually being able to buy HTC's largest handset yet.

Source: ePrice


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HTC One Max gets sized up in new leaked photo


I don't mind it on the HTCOM (catchy, I know!) If you had to charge while in landscape mode it would actually be quite convenient.

This handset makes no difference to me. It will be the Galaxy Note 3 for me in October. The Note line is a proven product who made this category prominent today. Now everyone seems fit to jump on the bandwagon after 2yrs with all there rookie products in this category. I say no thanks to Sony, Htc, Huawei, and Lg I roll with the real leaders of android.

Posted via Android Central App on my Galaxy Note 2.

Look at you on your high horse--hold the applause. There is nothing better than good ol' fashion competition. I am a proud owner of the Note 2, however, if I were so delusioned as to not thoroughly compare products before purchasing, well, I'd be a fool--something you find no shame in I presume. The HTC one blew the S4 out of the water. If that's anything to go buy, then Samsung's dominance may be in jeapordy. I'm not a Brand loyalist. May the best device win!

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Blew it out of the water? C'mon the HTC One was good but not THAT good

Posted via my HTC One or S4 using the Android Central App

Not the Google Editions!

But I do agree with your first comment.
Why would you lock yourself down to a device that isn't even out yet?

Honestly, if that were true, HTC One sales would reflect that sentiment.

They don't.

Complain, whine and moan all you want, but Samsung built a quality phone with good support and people bought into it. HTC built a better phone but burned so many in the past that now their almost motionless in the water.

This statement is just wrong. Samsung was coming off of the Galaxy S3, a ridiculously successful Android device, while HTC was basically starting from scratch after coming off the failure that the HTC One X was. Also throw in the fact that Samsung has a huge marketing budget while HTC is still trying to find a way to market their devices (and they're not doing too horribly with the One, in my opinion) and you can see why the S4 is selling more.

Another thing you have to factor in is how is the general consumer buys what everyone else does. Most don't even realize that TouchWiz isn't the only type of Android. They might even call all Android devices "Droids" (something I've noticed is quite common). These people are now very aware of the Galaxy devices, almost to the point of iPhones.

That's why the S4 is outselling the One. Not because it's better. Because it's not. I own both phones and have gone through days of usage with them both. Not only does the One by far have the better design, the experience is just better all around. And the screen is simply stunning. Pentile AMOLED doesn't deserve to exist.

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You're last paragraph is purely your opinion.

I agree with the rest of your reply, though.

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HTC dropped support for the One X series. They pissed a bunch of people off. I almost purchased a One X. Glad I didn't, it still is a beautiful phone.

I really wanted to buy into the HTC One, but my previous experiences with all HTC phones has been horrible. IMO, HTC had a chance to blow the doors off and corner the Android market a few years ago.

But every time I brought a HTC phone I was happy the first month, then after that the bugs kicked in and they stopped supporting their devices.

I owned the G1, My touch 1, My touch 2, My Touch slide and they all replaced the following phone within six to nine months. TMobile kept giving them to me as retention offers just to pacify me from canceling. Around the same time I had a friend who owned the G2, another who owned the EVO and they all had the same complaints. $#@!tty hardware that was outdated quickly.

I have owned a S3 for 15 months now and I couldn't be happier. I just don't trust HTC and the 30 versions of the One X made me even more skeptical. They stopped updating the phone, which was a flagship. So what makes me believe when their new Flagship comes out next Spring that they will still support the phone?

I really like the One and this looks awesome too, but HTC is like a hot, crazy ex-Girlfriend. Sure it looks good, but their is always a problem.

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"That's why the S4 is outselling the One. Not because it's better. Because it's not. I own both phones and have gone through days of usage with them both. Not only does the One by far have the better design, the experience is just better all around."

Pure opinion. The HTC One, in MY opinion, has too many compromises that make it not worth the money being asked.

- No removable battery, while not a HUGE deal to me, is a compromise that some may not want to make.

- No wireless charging AT ALL. The S4 you can add it for $20 yourself. I'm sorry, but I'm totally over having to manage tons of cables because of hardware providers not conforming to a standard.

- Sense is a horrible UI. I'm not a Touchwiz fan either, but given a choice of the two, Touchwiz is significantly lighter than it used to be. Sense, while it may be more "attractive" is still as heavy as always. Any HTC device I own, Nova Launcher gets loaded STAT.

- HTC cares less about updates than Samsung in the grand scheme. See the HTC One X for example.

- I've said before that anyone who complains about the S4's screen is finding something to complain about that isn't there. NO HUMAN EYE can make out the PenTile arrangement on this phone, it's not possible. The only advantage the HTC One has is brightness; and quite frankly, the S4 is pretty bright and sharp, better than the Nexus.

- Remember the "Location Glitch of Doom" that plagued HTC? Where the damn thing claimed location was off when it wasn't? Only affected HTC devices. Fancy that.

- Lacks SD card slot. Most don't care, but again, it's a compromise.

The HTC One is essentially speakers, a sharp LCD and a fast processor. That's it. There's nothing overly amazing about the device, and for people who don't bother watching movies on their phone (I have the new Nexus 7 for that), it loses its one remaining advantage.

Did you see Samsung's release event for the S4? It was a fucking Broadway show! Marketing is your best ally.

Posted via the Android Central App on my Note 2

Hey I'm somewhere in between... just because its Samsung I'm not gonna crown it king.. owning a note2 gs3 .. buying my mom a gs4... I'm loyal enough to wait till the note3 releases prior to making a decision. .. However if samsung isn't loyal to me by doing everything they can to bring me their best product. .thats it I'm on to the better device.. I am very interested in HTC one max and LG optimus g2. .. trust me HTC at one point was handing everyone their hat and samsung just sucked Period ... so lets not forget that... Htc became repetitive and begin to slip... now they are putting out their best.. I give Samsung the notch still but Moto, Htc, and LG have all stepped slip samsung and we will have a new OEM leader ... of this note 3 is anything like the margin from gs3 to gs4 .. im gone!!

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HTC one is a great phone no doubt but in noway did it blow the s4 "out of the water".. They both have there pros and cons and depending on what you want you pick the device you wanted.. I wanted the bigger screen in same form factor, removable storage and better camera over aluminium build and boom sound.. My brother picked the htc one and they both as good as one another it's just a matter of personal preference.

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If every consumer took that kind of attitude, our products would never have made it as far as they have. I would also like to point out that HTC was the first company to release a 4.3" device. They were the first company to release a device with a 720p screen and the first to release a 1080p screened device. On top of that they were the first company to release an Android device that had dedicated stylus support.

Go ahead and tell us about Samsung innovations some more.

Also the first 4G phone. Add on top of that the FIRST Android phone!

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Which devise from HTC had designated stylus support? I'm not even being a jerk, I'm actually really curious, as I didn't know that, or just not remembering things correctly. Thanks for sharing!

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Yes Htc did all that... and Samsung has done its share too.. hand gestures, spit screen, s.pen and features, sbeam, eyescroll , they made the 4.3 htc screens u speak of.... so while the comment made was a lil ignorant... and I agree with u we as consumers need competition from these OEMs .... Samsung is plenty innovative and actually leading the mobile industry right now.. I agree HTC had their day too..

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besides the split screen, which feature did samsung CREATE that was actually useful. Im an HTC fan boy but I give props to every phone thats great. Like IMO the S3 was the perfect smartphone. Samsung hasnt done anything besides improve the iphone. That's what made them hot. HTC at least took chances. At first they were lucky, not so much now, but at least they had the ball to try. Not just add gimmicky features

Point Taken. However, in today's world, innovation doesn't just refer to whod oes something first but also who can make things better and i think that's where Samsung has excelled. i think HTC should go back to being "Quietly Brilliant"

Get out of here with your fisher price toys you troll! Blah blah blah Samsung, Samsung king, my ass!

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Says the hypocrite who, just 2 years ago, was continually talking about how he'd "never touch any of Samsuck's crappy ass plastic devices with a ten foot pole", and was at the time "applauding" HTC in virtually every single comment you made. Talk about "jumping on the bandwagon"...

Richard is at it again, eh? Don't give this guy the time of day with a quality response... he's worthy of being dismissed repeatedly.

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Geez, this comment went far down the chain lol... should have seen that coming actually.

On topic though, this phone looks fantastic! I'm hooked on the larger screens, and as we all know the HTC One has one of the most beautiful screens ever made. This really should be no different. Plus all the other perks such as quality build and superior performance. Can't wait to compare this to the Note 3 and make my next upgrade! The note 2 is great and all, but I think I've had enough of amoled screens.

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Your level of fanboism never fails to amaze. I remember a few years ago when you were the ultimate annoying HTC + Evo cheerleader over on phandroid.

The size of the bottom bezel makes it look like this beast will have on screen buttons! I'm now intrigued.

Posted via Android Central App

The the buttons are stupid, but that has been covered. If they would have used the normal three button layout it would have been fine. No need to waste screen real estate with on screen buttons.

Amazing how HTC was so critical of Samsung 's use of plastic on thier phones, now for thier "most powerful phone to date" HTC is using the exact same materials they called cheap a few months ago. I've dropped my galaxy3 dozens of times with little or no wear on it at all, I'm pretty sure an aluminum cased phone would look like crap by now if it even still worked. I've owned phones from both manufacturers in the past and Samsung blows HTC out of the water with thier galaxy line.

Not the exact same materials. I'm willing to bet the back is still aluminium, as is the case with the One Mini.

If I were them I wouldn't spend the money on to much aluminum until in knew the thing was going to sell. Plus everybody complains when phones are made of plastic yet it's working very well for Samsung and in my opinion is far more durable.

Posted via Android Central App

Until you factor in the milling process to get the final result. It takes 200 mins for ONE...erm One. It take second to mold plastic. Also, for those of us that take care of their sh*t we'd much rather haver premium materials like aluminum and glass. Not that I don't see the perceived advantages of plastics and/or composites.

They type of plastics that Sammy uses do feel cheap, like kids toys but they are extremely durable. That said, I've owned phones from both manufacturers and HTC blows Samsung out of the water with ease.

Compare the plastic HTC used for the DNA, WP8X, One X, and One SV to the plastic that Samsung implements throughout its model range. If can still imply that they use the "same" plastic, then please dig your eyes out with a spoon and insert both hands in a running garbage disposal.

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It probably is the same type of plastic but we need to remember one is a unibody plastic which straight away will make it feel stronger than Samsung's because as we know they don't make unibody phones.. Then you need to factor in that the finished are completely different, one is matte which feels better and the other uses a glossy finish which makes it feel cheaper.. You can easily get 1 material and depending on how you use it, you can make it feel completely different.

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What a random phone for the comparison photo. Really, a Motorola phone from 2011? Just makes me chuckle a bit.

Posted via Android Central App on Sprint LTE. Seriously.

I just don't understand this large phone market. 5 inches is fine if its done like the GS4 and DNA. And maybe if these phones were large screens in smaller bodies, great. But I don't understand this market.

It's gonna be worse for this phone if the button placement is the same. Reaching up to the top of the phone to turn it off/on will be a hassle for ppl. Hopefully they've moved it down.

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Well its a market that's growing. You don't have to understand it. People like to buy large phones and the proof is in the sales. That's what is great about Android......choice.

I think he understands that they sell. He doesn't understand it. You say he doesn't "have" to. I think he "wants" to.

I propose that many people buy these large phones for the same reason they buy large SUV's... Compensating...

He does have a point on button placement though. Having the power button up top would be a killer on such a long phone.

I too was against having large devices lol I use to think when the iPhone first came out was massive and I said to myself I would never use a phone that big and now I use a s4..the s4 is 5" screen in a compact device which makes it easier to use anyway back to my point I got use to large screens phones easily as I realised with a small screen ie I had an iPhone 4 and I use to use that with 2 hands anyways so I then opted for the s2 which I was fine with too. For me as long as it fitted in anymore of my pockets without sticking out then I'm more than happy to use it. I then got the s3 which I was worried about as it was a 4.8" screen and I thought it would be too big to carry around but too my surprise it fit in any of the pockets all my previous phones did so when the s4 came out with a 5" phone in the same body as a s3 and even slightly smaller I had no issue..also another reason why I think people like larger devices is people do a lot more day to day activities on there phones, from watching media to reading news, email, browsing etc and all that imo is just a better experience on a larger screen so my guess is people are willing to sacrifice 1 handed use for better experience and like I said I personally don't use my phone with one hand and when I need to I can just about use my s4 with hand and am guessing quite a few people probably just use there device with 2 hand regardless of the phone size.. 1 thing you pointed out which is important to me is that the s4 is a well made 5" device because of the slim bezel and that's important as it's less about the screen size and more about the actual device size.

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You people are crazy this phone is awesome sauce

Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App

Looking forward to the full reviews on this guy. HTC do yourself a favor and leave out the stylus. I rarely use mine on the Note 2, plus you guys will probably screw it up. Stick to what you know; great screens, great build quality, and great software.

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From what my friend has told me, not enough proper software has been developed for the GN2-stylus. There isn't really much of a comprehensive guide to it either.

I think if was part-bluetooth headset, like Asus did with their padfone2, we'd be in business here.

Need to figure out how to grow my hand. I'm sure that phone will be awesome but 5.9" is hardly comfortable for 95% of people. The GS Note 2 is pushing it for most. Plus the HTC One has some fairly large bezels so HTC would really need to shrink them for the Max

Use it with two hands, and it will be very comfortable. People who comment how the Note series are uncomfortable are silly enough to attempt using them one handed.

The previous comments sound like a fan boy pissing contest. It looks like a nice device and I hope it does well. I am also excited to see what the Note 3 brings to the table. I hope Samsung does something new with it other than make it a Note 2 refresh. I hope consumers can make informed decisions based on the best device for them and I hope both the Note 3 and HTC ONE MAX bring something exciting to the phablet table.

It'll have same or better spec as every other high end device coming out later this year so If having the latest spec is a refresh then so is every other phone lol.. The one max is rumoured to have the exact same spec as the note 3 with differences in design and screen size so by your thought thinking both are just a refresh.

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People kill me with this bashing samsung crap. If it wasn't for samsung android probably wouldn't be as big as it is now today. If you don't like plastic then that's okay. No reason to bash them. No body in android complain about plastic until HTC made the One so now samsung is so bad. If it wasn't for samsung phones selling and outselling the best of the best phone u wouldn't even have a htc one because samsung push them and showed all other companies that it can be done. If it wasn't for the Note you would not see this HTC One max. So cut that out. I'm starting to not like android central. To much android bashing especially on samsung when there phones are great. If you prefer a One then good it's still android so that's great. If you prefer a samsung then good. If you prefer any other like LG or Moto then good. it's all android but to bash the company that did something amazing and out sold competitors by millions is stupid. Samsung innovated a lot so people can stop saying they didn't as if htc one did or any other company. Samsung innovated more then any other android phone company I can say that for sure. So cut all that crap out!

They didn't innovate, they marketed. That's the difference. Samsung has deep pockets for marketing and that's where success comes from.
I would also like to point out that the distaste for plastic for those that have been on android for awhile has nothing to do with the One. It started with the OG droid. Mine flew off a patrol car at 75mph and survived, ran it over and it survived. That is why I prefer alloy to plastic. Personal experience and opinion. And if you dislike AC for all the complaining then feel free to dismount from the saddle and move on. Otherwise quit being so sensitive to nonsense and enjoy it.

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Name any other company that innovated? Marketing wasn't really huge for them until the S3. The S2 wasn't marketed as much ad the S3 and it was the first one to sell great from Samsung. So cut that marketing crap out. Even if they didn't market the S2 the S3 would have still sold off the shelves due to the fact that a lot of people liked the S2 and now and going to want the S3 and as you can see it keeps going. When u buy a product from a company and you like the product and you keep buying more from that company. Just like Apple. People like apple products so they continue to buy nothing but apple products. That's how it went with samsung. They could not have marketed a little and it still would sell. Once your brand gets big then it sells. Everyone knows what a galaxy is and I mean everyone. Don't blame them. If they don't market the S5 is will still sell! Also it sells due to the upgrade process to. HTC can market as much as they want if people don't know your product from being what u claim it is. It will never outsell the top companies.

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HTC: Made the G1, the first nexus device (which I believe also happened to be the first phone with a 1GHZ ARM Processor, feel free to correct me.), the first device at 4.3", the first phone with a 720p display, the first phone with 4G, the first phone with a 1080p display.

Ehhh, I see what you're saying--but still. Samsung has reached a level of success which invites complacency. There devices are no longer "forward thinking," "innovative," or whatever other adjective you want to use to describe their products. The point I'm making is, yes, Samsung helped establish android but so did HTC. Let us not forget the first android phone sold was the HTC Dream yet HTC, today, is anything but complacent. They can't afford to be. So if I were a betting man, I would put my money on the One Max to out do the Note 3.

Posted via the Android Central App on my Note 2

You are right and I think every company will get to that point when there is less innovation. I mean how much can you put into a phone. Takes time to add so much new things. Look at apple. They was at the top for so long and have nothing new to out into there phones. Samsung will eventually fall off and another company will rise. But can people at least let them enjoy there success. A couole of years ago we was hoping one android phone could compete against apple. Samsung did it and now other phones are all selling good if u ask me. They will always be on top even if its not sell phones because they make dam good TVs.

Posted via Android Central App

I really don't get all this fanboyism lol if you like htc you don't need to hate Samsung and vice versa.. People should just by what they like instead of bashing a device they have no plan on getting.. I guess this is what happens when you at the top, people in general Just dislike the people at the top of there game.. It use to be apple and now it's Samsung and when a new company is at the top it will be them.. Let's not forget it's us cosmumers that decide who's at the top by how we purchase lol

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Also your right because I dam sho had the G1 and HTC Evo. We were all happy for HTC when they had there success. Feels a little different for Samsung. People seem to not be happy and thats what I don't like. I and I hope no one can forget the Evo. That put android on the map as a Eco system to me. That's when I realized what a phone could do. Then Samsung came with the Galaxy S2 and it took off. I think we should be happy for both companies. HTC One is selling pretty well and I'm happy with that. People have choices and that's the best part. But Im happy for Samsung too!

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Oh and I can bet you the One Max won't come close to sells as the Note 3! The Note series are proven. Watch what I tell you! So that's a bet lol!

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Can't wait to get my hands on this, assuming Sprint pulls the trigger. I hope it has the stylus because if anyone can make the stylus worthwhile it's HTC. They made the vast majority of stylus-based smartphones out there and always did a great job. They know how to do a smartphone right. I could care less about aluminum vs. plastic because HTC has always had a great polycarbonate on their previous phones, especially the way the put the soft-touch texture on the back. I'm glad Sammy had success w/ the Note series, otherwise HTC wouldn't be putting this out there, but I'm not a Samsung guy so a Note isn't a viable option for me.

I'm not a fanboy of anyone of the manufacturers. I've owned HTC, LG, Samsung, and Motorola. Having many options is a good thing for all of us and keeps these companies striving towards making good phones through competition. I'll be giving the One Max a real close look along with the Note 3, Oppo Find 7, or a new Nexus if there is one.

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This might be the most retarded device I've ever seen next to the Note. But, if it makes HTC money and helps keep them around to be competitive, I'm all for it. But if you're using it in public and you see me laughing at you, just know it's because this thing is ridiculous.

Don't be surprised if people you are laughing at just arrive at the conclusion you're a little slow since it makes no sense to behave in such an immature manner. Unless you are a child of course.

Posted via Android Central App

Note retarted?????? If a device doesn't fit your needs ... need it be retarded??? The device actually filled a huge void for people were on the edge of getting a tablet but didn't have the need... let alone the features it produced in the mobile world that have been placed in other phones (mainly samsung)... if its so retarted why did it sell so well?... why are so many OEMs trying to now compete in this space? Smh..

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Having had an EVO and EVO 3D, I want another HTC device.
And yes, I may be crazy insane lucky because I didn't have a problem with either phone. Except that the battery on my EVO did die on me. Bought a replacement at Best Buy and never had another problem.

I switched to the Note 2 because I really like the size and the feature set is nice. Prior experience with Samung was not great (Transform).
I have high hopes for this phone and it would be one that draws me away from Samsung.
Hoping it comes with a stylus.

Come on HTC give me a reason to come back.

And for the record I am not tied into marketing or any manufacturer. If MOTO, LG, or anyone releases a phone that kicks rear quarters on everything else out there, I'm in.

So ur not in the market nor a note 3 at all??? Just asking, cause unless its thw size ... I haven't heard one note2. Owner say or not say rather they cant wait to see what the note3 packs

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Of course I am. I am a hardware agnostic.
I don't care who builds my next phone. I want the best phone I can get when my upgrade comes around.

Just a few years ago Samsung was below HTC in terms of build quality now it's flipped but HTC seems to be on a comeback.

Consumers would do good to buy the best available hardware that fits the way they want to use thier phones. Whatever size or feature set you want should be what you buy and forget who makes it. I for one hope HTC, Samsung, Moto, LG, Sony whoever it is, makes great hardware and sells millions of them.

If we want to fight over something fight over Android vs iOS vs BB or windows.
We are all Adroid afficionados here, go Android and those manufacturers that are wise enough to build phones for it.

Here's where I'm at: My first Android was the HTC Eris. First Android, hell, it was my first smartphone. At first I thought it was great. Then I went to work for a Verizon retailer. Everyone always had the latest phone, except for me. Family, blah, blah, blah. I'm sure you can get the picture as to why I never had the latest, greatest phone even though I sold them. Then one day we had an HTC training seminar at some local hotel. I was forced to do stupid things, but ultimately I got an Incredible 2 for free. The Incredible 2 came out barely after 4G was introduced. It was a pretty amazing phone, though. The battery life was terrible, though. So I immediately rooted it and loaded it with CM7. After that, I got incredible battery life after some tweaking. But I missed Sense. I got a stripped down Sense rom, but it didn't offer me the control that I got from Cyanogenmod. The beauty of this experience, however, was that the Incredible 2 was easily rootable. As has been most HTC phones that I have worked with. I have a RAZR right now, and I'm sure most of you know what a nightmare that phone has been to customize. I've rooted a few Samsungs for friends, and they weren't terribly difficult. I've been out of the game for a little bit because I'm stuck with this Motorola until next summer, but I've always loved HTC and Samsung for their customization. I know every OEM is doing what they can to prevent people from rooting, but Motorola has been the most ridiculous. I really like HTC. I like Sense. I'm not a fan of Touchwiz at all. But I would deal with it if it's able to be customized. The fact that you have to go through Moto to unlock your bootloader is sad. And they don't even offer support to all their "current" models.

I digress. Rootability and UIs weren't even the point of this post. If you like Samsung, fine. If you like HTC, fine. If you like Motorola, fine. Why should it matter? We're sitting here, posting on an Android forum. I think the more important topic is that we're not using Apple, or giving our money to them. They constantly file lawsuits against Samsung, HTC, etc., but then blatantly steal the notification bar from Android. They try to place patents on geometric shapes and angles. I'm surprised that they haven't tried to copyright any from of math K-12 and above. So yeah, there's always going to be greater Android devices. But can all agree that all Android devices are better than the cookie-cutter repeats that Apple is offering?