Verizon HTC One Max

The Big One looks destined for Big Red

We're all pretty sure HTC will eventually tell us more about the One Max soon. It's a given — we know it exists. They know that we know it exists but this is how the game is played. Here in the states, because we have a wonderful system built around carrier lock-downs and subsidies, we all want to know who will be getting it, and when.

We can't help much with the when, other than a few secret Internet rumblings from people who oftentimes know these things. But AC forums member Jeremy Kessous has some good news on the who side of things — he has pictures of the One Max sporting (tastefully done) Verizon branding.

It appears just like the rest of the One Max leaks we've seen, except between those capacitive buttons it says Verizon instead of HTC. That means it's big — 6-inches to be exact — with BoomSound dual stereo front facing speakers. And get this — Mr. Kessous said his source has confirmed a removable back cover and a fingerprint sensor.

We all want to know more, and if things are this close — the phone pictured is in a Verizon location — we should know more soon enough. There's another picture after the break, and I imagine the forum thread would be a great place for further discussion.

Source: Android Central forums

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This is the HTC One Max dressed for Verizon


You made me clicking on the comments tab worth while thank you

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This definitely isn't of any interest to me. I already have the industry leading best.

From my Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App

You mean you don't want to hear about his 'pimp' slapping and bitch slapping note 2 on T-Mobile?? ;)

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This is definitely of interest to me, as Samsung products are definitely of no interest to me.

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That's my take on it, too.

HTCs build quality intrigues me. The only things that made me shy away from the One were the smaller screen size (5-6" is great for my giant hands), and lack of microsd-coupled with the fact that Verizon only has the 32GB model.

A 5.7"-6" (depending on which rumor you believe) screen and a microsd slot would solve both problems for me.

So this is definitely on my radar.

Oh snap, son! (of course nobody would argue if he just added "phablet" to the end of that sentence)

Most of "my" phones are loaners or Mobile Nations property. I do buy a few because I'm a phone nerd. 

The Loaners go back to the manufacturer or carrier that sent them.

Company phones either get given away as contest prizes or sent off to someone else who needs it. We ship lots of phones all over the place!

My personal phones that I don't want to keep (I have all the Nexus devices and my G1) are donated to the local woman's shelter so kids who don't have much at the moment can play a little angry birds or go on Facebook :)

I am curious what kind of psychosis it is that leads someone to read an article and comment on something that they say isn't of any interest to them.

While I tend to agree, but the One Max is a nice alternative, and if like previous HTC One they maintained the ablity to unlock the bootloader, AT&T and VZW incdluded. Outside of SD and battery. main advantage of the Note 3 is a superior cpu.

In anycase good luck with the new Note, and if I was in the market, that or the upcoming Nexus 5 would be my choice.


Aren't you tired of constantly getting blasted for every comment your make?! You are by far the most annoying fanboy of the bunch...

Enough already man... nobody gives a sh!7

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I like Richard.

He's like the Honey Badger. He says what he thinks, and don't give a shit what anyone else thinks of it. I admire and respect that, even if i disagree.

Keep on keeping on, Richard.



Actually, he likes to harass users on Google+. I've seen it and it's even happened to me.

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Phone is way too big. That's why I won't even look at the Note.

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Damn why they put that logo there? It makes the home and back buttons further apart than what they would have been if the HTC logo was there.

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I just hope the Verizon logo is programmable. It would be very convenient to access VZ Navigator with one touch of a button.

OMG I love VZ navi......ok, I can't even type that all the way without my phone threatening to self destruct

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Verizon are some sick bastards. Ruin a beautiful phone by putting its ugly logo in the front

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For once, I agree with him! Version ruins great phones with their dammit logo.. Not to mention they're CDMA lovers...

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And they have the audacity to replace the HTC logo with their lousy logo. Stupid idiots.

Posted by the man who makes things happen...

They're taking turns with Samsung and HTC replacing the bottom center pieces of phones with their logo. Samsung had a Verizon logo'd home button on the Note 2 last year, and HTC gets a Verizon logo on the One Max this year. It's only fair! Come on guys!

I like it and it's nice that it has the removable back to add storage, and I read that there is another aftermarket backing that adds an additional 1200mah on top of the 3300mah it comes with.

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No one said anything about an SD Card slot. Just that it has a removable back cover...

Posted via an HTC Thunderbolt

Doing a Google image search for the back of the One Max shows a microsd slot at the top right of the back of the device. Now, it's possible that this is only for E. Asian market, like with the original One, but if the microsd makes it onto the N. American devices, then the One Max will definitely be on my short list.

And they have the audacity to replace the HTC logo with their lousy logo. Stupid idiots.

Posted by the man who makes things happen...

Well I better start saving money for this phone. Its something I was really waiting for. Now all I need to see are some specs and release dates for India.

I refuse to carry a man bag/purse around because a phone is just too big for normal carry.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

Sure, I'll just slide it in there right beside my Nexus 7.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

So its going to b more plastic with same old chip n specs. No thanks

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Just my opinion, but this looks a lot better than the Galaxy Note 3 (which in turn looks a lot better than the Galaxy Note 2). Even though I don't like the plastic around the edges, I'd rather have a little plastic than all plastic like on Samsung phones.

I rather have excellent storage options, great battery life, and a industry leading proven product from a software solutions standpoint and feature implementation standpoint.

HTC isn't nowhere near Samsung when it comes to these circumstances. Why be with the pretenders when you can have the best such as I already do.

From my Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App

I would agree with you if Samsung priced their phones accordingly. From my knowledge, plastic is cheaper than metal, yet the all-metal HTC One (32GB) is the same price as a Samsung Galaxy S4 (16GB). I like the SD Card Slot, but in my book it doesn't compensate for the fact that I still have to buy an SD Card.

I'm a Galaxy S3 owner (which I personally think has not-so-great battery life) and yet I still think that Samsung products are overpriced, but again this is just my opinion.

richardyarrell we all know you are hiding in samsung toilet in there headquarters they pay money go on all sites you writing for samsung your one of the students

Industry leader at sales yes... Features that half ass work yea.. I too was hung up on Samsung for gs3, gs4, note 2 ...but I'm putting them on pause..... HTC user experience(sense) is better than touchwiz... HTC build quality is better than Samsung..HTC cameras better tan Samsung..
so after leaving HTC from thunderbolt ... Owning 3+ Samsungs ..I realized Samsung user experience is bad ..touchwiz sucks ...they have creative features ...but other than split screen I don't user them and when u do it's not fluid.. And much like Samsung needs to HTC went back to the drawing board ...and I'm picked a HTC one over the note 3...6mth after the HTC one released...why because the user experience is better on This phone.. lets see if I get past the memory issue (no sd) while I'm in return period...because that's the only reason I'll go back ...until Samsung overhauls touchwiz

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Wow. You don't know whether to criticize Samsung or give them credit where it is due. I left HTC after the one X and have not looked back since. The last phone that was worth their name was the inspire, imho. This is another last ditch effort by a dying company that is wasting their time and money on another phone that is under developed. Samsung is the future. Get over yourselves. HTC blew it.

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I go back and forth between the two.

The One is a great phone, the One Max is just bigger, thats all.

It cannot compare to the Note, any note.

HTC is still doing well recently and in the next few years they could come up on Samsung..

I didn't know you tried something different. You're a man of your word. A while back you said that you had a strong preference for Samsung phones (I think you had the S3 at the time), but if HTC just happened to have something that interest you, you'd give it a try.

I say this in light-hearted sarcastic humor: Shame on you for being open-minded and being a tech enthusiast instead of a rabid, blind fanatic who spends weeknights being Samsung's personal fluffboy.

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Seriously they replaced HTC's logo with their own? I'm rather disgusted with that move.

Posted via HTC One on Android Central App

I think its beautiful logo or not...I can't wait to play with this and the note 3 side by side

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For all those who don't like the logo on the front (myself included), just wait. We haven't even seen the back yet. It could, in fact, be worse on the other side.

Posted via MY NOTE 3

Out of curiosity, does anyone with a Note *not* use the stylus? I just don't see the point of a phone this big without that extra functionality.

I have a Note 2 and I can count on two hands the number of times I've used the stylus (I love my Note 2 for the screen size & battery life). But the Note 3 stylus integration & functionality have been improved 1000%. I'm pretty sure most Note users that have ignored the stylus will actually use the Note 3 stylus.

Beautiful. With a removable battery, SD and boom sound (assuming that it has all of this) this could be my next phone.

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how do do people going to know its HTC phone ? it say Verzion wtf verzion? how does HTC accept this?

i guess verzion know this is going to be a very popular phone even more than the note 3 that they put there logo like this to promote themselves.

i was going to buy the note 3 on Tmobile this week but after i saw the htc one max i changed my mine now i want the HTC ONE MAX i just hope it comes to Tmobile.

I completely disagree. There is absolutely no way this phone will be more popular than the Note 3. In fact if HTC is dumb enough to just make this a larger HTC One then this phone will be an epic failure.

I don't know that it will totally fail, but it will always play second fiddle to the Note line. The S-Pen, although most admit to using it for the first few weeks, then never again, is a big draw.

Having a wacom digitizer in your pocket has more utility than just a gigantic capacitive screen, despite the fact the the wacom is rarely used (S-Pen).

I just see the One Max as being too large for a phone and too small for a tablet. It's confusing to me. Something that large as a phone better have a must have feature. The speakers I suppose, but if I'm buying something that big, I'm buying the one I can at least draw and sign PDF documents on.

Another reason I'm glad to be part of the death star. Lol. Look forward to this device.

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Some of the other sites said the US Max actually has a far more manageable 5.7in screen. Looking a those pics makes me think it's indeed not the 6in monster we were led to believe it would be.
That... Or the dude has large hands
Posted via Android Central Appt har.. Or

Man I have been waiting for the note 3 vzw have the note 2 now but I think I'm gonna have to wait to see them both before I make my choice! Now we have the note 3 and the HTC one sketch pad LOL.

That would be same size screen as note 3 tho and slcd>amoled ..though i guess it doesn't matter ass long as u don't try to see you're screen outside ha.
Both look like impressive devices but the boom sound speakers might make this slightly too big.

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Lol they always screw the customer like that. Why not launch both sizes At the same time and let people decide.

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If it has at least a 32GB version and Snapdragon 800 then it's cool to me. If it has an SD card slot that's cooler to me. Words, etc.

I could be swayed into buying it buy only if it had a removable battery. I would love a microSD slot but a removable battery is a must! I'm tired of all phones with a removable battery starting to go bad after a year and then having serious battery issues you can't do anything about it without spending a bunch of money and sending your phone in.


Does anybody else find the proportions of this device to be....odd? I'll admit that I have a soft spot for HTC. I've always appreciated their build quality. That said, there's just something slightly "off" about the look of this phone. It's large, but strangely thin. It reminds me of a 6' 4'' guy that weighs 150 pounds. Other phablets, such as the GN3, are wider, and I think they look a bit better because of it. I don't know....maybe it's just me.

How big is actually phone and the screen size? this actually looks bigger than the note 3 which is same as note 2 in actual size. Most average consumer will not know anything about this phone. Another of their failing...sad sad sad