HTC One Max

Sprint this morning announced that it'll carry the HTC One Max — that's the larger one in this picture here, folks — starting this Friday., Nov. 15. It'll run $299 on contract with a two-year deal, or $25 a month with the Sprint One Up program.

As you'll recall from our HTC One Max review, this is a mondo 5.9-inch phone, with a 1080p display, HTC's Ultrapixel camera, a 3,300 mAh battery and the new Sense 5.5 user interface.

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fantazzum says:

She said its too big...

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As much as I love the One, the bezel takes up too much real estate and it's only going to be aggravated by scaling these specs up. Do we know what HTC is cooking up for next year yet? Because they drastically need to get a handle on this design issue.

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unixpsycho says:

So the Nexus 4 doesn't have any bezel? And the software buttons doesn't take up any screen real estate? hmmm.

All I know is I've held the One and the LG G2 side by side and they are the exact same dimensions but the G2 has a gorgeous 5.2 display compared to the 4.7 on the One.

HTC could do a lot more with a lot less bezel.

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Ribs85 says:

To be fair, the g2 is a fair bit newer.

Ribs85 says:

To be fair, the g2 is a fair bit newer.

PZR18 says:

True loose the hardware buttons HTC & keep the front facing speakers & SD card those are key features.

Def needs a Snapdragon 800 cpu & less bezel

Yet, if this comes in a Google play edition then im obviously going to replace my note 2 asap

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92turbo2 says:

And galaxy phones dont have a bezel and the buttons dont take up any realestate,

Flippin nubies

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No one brought up galaxy phones. Oops.

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return_0 says:

Pretty sure Galaxy phones have bezel.

That's where, you know, the buttons, earpiece, and front camera are.

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Saneless says:

Given their recent trend, they're going to increase the bezel size next year and only offer one single capacitive button

Fadakar says:

Actually, if they rip off how Palm did it with the pre with the gesture bar, I'd love it. I have no idea how that would work in Android but I'd like to see someone at least try it.

droidhead_1 says:

That was funny

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jmbburg26 says:

I have a Note 3 and this doesn't look enticing at all. You forgot to mention that it will run on Sprint's new Spark Network.

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hmmm says:

I would never buy a phone based on what Sprint says about is network. The current triband devices like the Nexus 5 and the G2 don't even work in a lot of current LTE areas because they are triband phones and aren't compatible with the current state of Sprint's LTE network. Basically if you own a Nexus 5 or G2 in places like Minneapolis or Raleigh NC or many other areas you will have a 3G only phone right now even if your old Galaxy S3 or S4 or whatever was able to get LTE.

Amir47 says:

I call bs

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Saneless says:

My EVO LTE is about to end its contract and I will have spent exactly 0 of those months on LTE. So yeah, I'd never listen to Sprint's network promises.

TLB69 says:

I don't want a Spark,I want a Fire.

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Xader says:

Just gonna leave this right here...

jakedsnake says:

HTC waited to darn long to release this phone and when they did the specs were such a letdown.

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Amir47 says:

Weaker than note 3 but same price? Yeah I don't think so

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Ohleo says:

I am glad sprint is getting phones. We were falling behind.

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NoNexus says:

No reason to get this anymore.

The note 3 only loses on one thing compared to the Max and that is speaker sound

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the note 3 has better specs but its the most laggy phone on the market so the specs are useless in-tell samsung stop wasting time with tizen and build a new clean UI

Duncan1982 says:

^^^^^Most laggy phone on the market....stop with tizen and focus on a UI hmm you must be on acid as you be trippin lol

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rpmorri says:

Saw this a few weeks back, the specs didn't impress, unfortunately. I ended up getting a Note 3 this past Monday.

thabanga510 says:

I already ordered my hard case and holster, I will be getting the Max this weekend.

Oskar Edholm says:

HTC One is as great it can be. Why make it bigger/smaller, waist of time. Make a completely new phone instead...

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PZR18 says:

Cause consumers like choices, its capitalism if no one bought phablets then they wouldn't make them.

Personally i use my phablet more than my laptop & tablet combined

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