So there's a new batch of rumors floating about detailing what might be going on with an amped up version of the HTC One M8, an HTC One M8 "Prime", if you will. Like the rumored Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, the M8 Prime is said to have a bigger and denser screen, higher power processor, and be faster all around.

These leaks come courtesy of none other than @evleaks, and considering that the came out in a spat with Jeff Gordon (HTC's Senior Global Online Communications Manager, not the race car driver), they should be taken with a bit of a skeptical eye. It's also worth considering that, like the Galaxy S5 Prime, we don't expect that any One M8 Prime device would be a replacement for the One M8. Think of it more as a next generation HTC One Max. So on to the leaks:

  • Quad-core 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 5.5" 1440x2560 QHD display
  • Cat. 6 LTE
  • Waterproof design

Those specs, while open to change, would be in line with what we might expect from a phone like this, and they line up with an earlier leak out of China. There's one more leak, and this one we're strapping on our skeptic helmets: it's made out of "a composite of aluminum and liquid silicone."

While it is true that there is a composite aluminum-silicon material designed for enhanced and strong heat dissipation, aluminum and liquid silicone is something that makes us scratch our heads. It's worth noting that manufacturers try all sorts of crazy materials in the process of prototyping and many may not ever see the light of day. So… yeah. Skeptic helmets firmly strapped on for that one.

Source: @evleaks (1, 2, 3, 4).


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HTC One M8 Prime rumored to have exotic material composition and faster LTE


This is the htc phablet many htc enthusiasts and big screen device lovers have been waiting for.... the HTC one max doesn't count.

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I actually find a phone I like(G3) and this happens... Options are good but damn...

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Man, I'm so with you on that. I just posted last week on how I passed on the M8 because I didn't see it to be much better than the M7 and isn't much competition with the G3 and the Nexus (until it's 'officially' named different) 6. I was about to move on from my beloved HTC, then they try to sway me back with this... I can only hope that they rid the phone of that godawful useless black logo bar and use that real estate for that 5.5 in screen so they can keep the Prime from being a clunker of a phone. And a better camera is due, it actually got worse IMO on the M8. That is..... if any of this is even true, but I admit that evleaks has been as reliable as you can get....

Tis NOT the same thing, my friend. I'm referring mainly to the 'Smart Stabilization' which was supposed to be a replacement for Optical Image Stabilization. In short, it doesn't work well IMO (and I think OIS worked really well on the M7), but you're entitled to your opinion, just needed to clarify mine. Carry on...

Not the same.

HTC has 'mechanical' Optical Image Stabilization on the M7, that is not on the M8 because of the duo lens.

Big difference for capturing non jiggly videos and clear snapshots.

For me, OIS is of critical importance. I'd like to know if the new HTC M8 mini's 13 megapixel camera will have OIS, otherwise I have to happily continue using my highly acclaimed HTC One (M7) that will continue to be rapidly updated with Sense UI components and Android updates.

What´s with all the "Prime" rumours this year. What we got earlier this year was not really the flagship they wanted to bring?

I don't think the S5 nor the M8 were true flagships. The M8 just didn't do it for me, man. If I still had the EVO 4G LTE, then I'd think the M8 was the best thang smokin' (like I felt when I got that M7), but I have the M7... And I just don't see the killer feature that separates it enough for me to drop my money and sign on for 2 more years... I mean, I'm not sure how much more tech you can squeeze into a phone, so I'm taking that into consideration as well.. But that's probably why phones are getting bigger and bigger as specs become more impressive... Gotta feed that batter.

I have an HTC Desire HD hahaha feeling lots of that "best thang smokin'" but waiting to see the Prime. :D

It seems this is an industry wide effort to create a new category above the existing $199 mark. The price of the rumored Htc One Prime, Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, iPhone Air will begin at $299 on contract and Google's project Android Silver is also rumored to have been created to join these products as competition.

Basically companies are saying - "Hey customer you want metal, wood and 'premium' materials on your phone ? Well we want more money so pay up !"

I do hope the rumors are false. Because off contract these phones could sell for $900-$1000 :( :(

I have the feeling that this could move people away from Android, and that's what project silver is meant to address. If iPhones and Android phones cost the same amount, there's no guarantee that Android would maintain the market share that it currently has.

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There are plenty of people who use Android for the features, not price. Many Android flagships already cost the same amount as an iPhone. And, even if super-high-end device come out, there will always be companies making the super-low-end phones for emerging markets, too, because there's money to be made there.

Come on, where is all the rage at HTC like there was at the S5 Prime?

One thing everyone always should realize by now, your phone is obsolete before it hits the shelves. A newer/faster/better one is already being planned and almost ready to go.

Lol... But you know after the year you can always look at the next model and go meh, same old crap... Nothing new.

The S5 prime is a big leap from the S4

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Yea maybe or maybe not. QHD resolution screens may not be such a big leap from 1080p, it may just be incremental and having snapdragon 800 or 805 don't make much difference to the average user.

People are angry about the launch of this prime phone esp. the ones who bought the S5

If I'm reading these leak articles correctly, it seems that the M8 prime is akin to the One Max, while the S5 prime is an improved version of the S5. So if the M8 prime is a completely different device and the S5 prime is just an S5 with improved specs, then I can kind of see why the reactions differ.

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The .5" bump in screen does not make it a Max (especially since it came in at 5.9" last year) and it appears as if they are marketing it as a M8 Prime, not a M8 Max.

I do agree with you that if this comes as a Max, then the reactions should be different, but I do not see it being that way. Looks to be a beefed up M8

Hmmm. Good point about the screen size, I totally overlooked that. It appears that HTC MIGHT have changed their approach to what the Max should be. Last year it seemed that the Max just meant a larger display, larger battery, and fp scanner. If the prime is the new Max, then it seems like all hardware specs are substantially improved and are worthy of the Max moniker.

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Agreed. If you throw in a stylus, I am gonna buy it day one, the note 4 would be an afterthought...

Haha.. Sir Richard is probably tossing in his sleep at that possibility.

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Not to mention removable back for battery replacement. Thing is that to me, it was a big but neutered M7.... And a really ugly phone. Didn't really give you that premium feel you got when you held that M7... That's my opinion though....

It had a removable back, but no removable battery. The removable back just led you to an SD card slot.

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That's correct. Or better said...

The HTC One M8 is already a gorgeous phone that doesn't need a "Prime" version to it. While the Samsung Galaxy S5 is made of cheaper materials that can certainly afford to be updated.

I don't really care about any of this since I have a Nexus 5. However, I do love the HTC One M8...but not $300 more than my Nexus 5.


They are different phones for different consumers.

I would take the plastic over the scratch and dent metal Unibody anyday

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If I had bought an LG G2 when it came out, I'd still be feeling happy. That thing was the most balances phone (software, build quality, camera, battery life+) that has come out for a long time.
Sadly I bought a Samsung Slag4.

Yeah, even though I am getting a Note 4, I am very happy with the Note 3. These "prime" models are making me a bit jealous, but not all that much...

I've been dealing with Notes since they came out, it got me away from my beloved HTC of they keep those specs and beef up the screen size to compete with the Note 4 maybe even release it a month ahead of it also it'll do wonders. I'll be sold

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Which is why I am hoping Google's Phoneblok-esque modular phone system can gain traction and become mainstream: to neutralize my damn-this-phone-techolocigal-update-every-three-months-or-so rage. That and a pint of Guiness.

I cannot see that going mainstream. It will be fun for us guys, but the average consumer won't go through the hassle. They want a phone that just works.

Might catch on a bit with business though..

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You right. Any more than your "average" consumer goes an buys a bunch of PC components and builds their own PC's. If anything, we'll see stores, like WalMart buy components and over the "WalMart cell phone".

What the Hell is CAT 6 LTE?
Also, 5.5" is a Downgrade from 5.9", so how is this supposed to be an Upgrade from the Current HTC ONE MAX where Size is Concerned?

If this turns out to be a real phone, then I might actually consider upgrading my nexus. I've been in a toss up between the S5 and m8. I love then m8 speakers on the front, but hate the low MP of the camera (yes I blow pictures up). I love the S5 camera, but hate the speaker on the back (along with all the extra crap I won't use). Hopefully this is true to help me decide.

I think you are gonna wanna wait and see the S5 Prime vs the M8 prime. I think the speaker placement on the S5 is on the bottom, not the back. it still pales in comparison to the M8 speakers but it is an improvement.

I'm curious to see how "huge" this thing is going to be with all the extra top and bottom bezel for the boom sound speakers. I love my Note 3, but I really wouldn't want to go bigger. The M8 was already as tall as the Note 3. This thing is going to be ridiculous.

All the rumors have them abandoning it for somewhere between a 13-18 megapixel camera. Not sure if it is Duo or what...

First off, stay on topic, this has nothing to do with Sprint.

Next, it may suck for you, for me it is excellent. Sucks to be you.

I want to try the m8 so much but I just know the camera will disappoint since it is a big deal to me. Keep thinking about the xperia z2 but the 16gb internal is a concern. Why is it always one thing that has to be out of line specwise.
I'll wait to hear more about this M8 prime. If I can hold out...
Sent from my Moto X!

If the camera is important to you, do not bother with the M8. Hold out and see what the Primes have and the LG G3 has in store for us.

It is better to wait than to have buyers remorse.

yeah the camera is fine for non-professional types. For those people they should have a DSLR.

90% of the pictures most people take never get seen outside a phone screen so what's the problem?

Can't please everyone I guess.

No it is not about being professional. If I take a shot that is good with one tool, and one that is great with another, in its same class, what would you choose?

Not to mention why carry around two devices for the same shot?

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Try the M8's camera for yourself. It's a decent camera with some great features. Many people talk about things that they've only read about. You should go see for yourself. It's a great phone, just as the m7 was a great phone.

It is a great phone. Everything on it is good, with the exception of the camera. If it is a must have feature, then the M8 is not the phone for you.

I am speaking from real world experience, not opinions from reviewers

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"I am speaking from real world experience, not opinions from reviewers"

And that's what planoman should do too, see it from himself.

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I am not a reviewer, I am not paid for an opinion. I am a user and it is WAY below pat

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If LG hops on this rumor trend, can we please call it the Optimus Prime?

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That would be awesome. Do a tie in with the next transformers movie

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Why do these people keep thinking we want waterproof? If I have to open a hatch to charge it I'm not even gonna bother. I really hope they didn't ruin the boom sound speakers by placing a waterproof membrane over them. Any why not address the camera?

I love everything else about the HTC One but a camera that constantly overexposes in day light just isn't my cup of tea.

You, sir, have obviously never wrecked your $600+ investment in an unexpected rainstorm. As someone who has, I want every single phone I own from now on to have the s*** waterproofed out of them

Well rumors are just that- regardless of who they come from. Didn't see where Gordon gave any actual info out either...

Personally, I sent back the M8. I really wanted to like it, but a number of small issues for me all added up. the most significant was that even though the M8 has a 5" screen, it's a very narrow 5" screen. Like the iPhone 5...the image on the screen doesn't really get much larger, just more vertical real estate. Well that's not all that helpful because it's the width of the screen that's the limiting factor. Web pages, documents, photos and the keyboard are all uncomfortably narrow for a 5" device. (Plus the much-cursed black het logo bar)

If HTC insists on this aspect ratio, my sense is that the 5.9" screen, like the M7 Max, is the way to go. I'm afraid that a bump in 1/2" on the diagonal is not going to have much effect on the image; I may be wrong. Yes I know that ,unlike last year, much of the hardware is getting an upgrade, but much resolution on a 5" screen do you need...and how much more processing power? For me, the screen size is key. I do not carry a laptop around and the phone has to be an all-in-one device...AND fit in my pocket. And if HTC really intends this to go against the Note 4, without a stylus, than it HAS to have a big screen. Otherwise it's not even close to being comparable.

I know many think a 5" screen is too large anyway, but when you hold the M8, you will not think it overly large. Overly TALL, yes. For those who are bucking the trend of the last five years of devices moving from 3 1/2" screens to 5 and over...there's the mini. Great, yes? Something for everyone.

The waterproofing would be nice, and a larger battery will be required to power the larger screen...but really, I'd be happy with the device overall with a 5.9" screen. And- HTC- PLEASE abandon that Ultrapixel approach. It does not work! At least it does not work well enough in all lighting conditions to make it a useful approach overall. Maybe take the high-quality selfie front camera and downgrade that- then eliminate the stupid focus gimmicks- and give two choices on the main camera...
1. Low light levels: go to Ultrapixel mode
2. Normal to higher light levels, go to a standard 15 mp mode.
Also, the speakers, while good, are not really THAT loud. I have a four-year old Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 with the rear stereo speakers, and they are significantly louder than the M8s.

However, all that being said, I am likely to purchase the Prime when it arrives.

Oh yeah- one last comment: 16 gigs on-board here is really an insult. This is probably the highest-spec phone in the world (speculated anyway) and should be issued in AT LEAST 32 gigs, if not 64 or 128.

That's where the OnePlus One at less than half the price takes care of practically all of the objections.

In the scheme of things, except for a miniscule minority, the S-Pen is irrelevant. And for those who are uniformed or prejudiced, Oppo's build quality among a myriad of devices has been reviewed as outstanding.

Personally, I don't require nor do I care for huge slablets.

Except for the fact that outside of Blu Ray players, OPPO is an unknown company, with sketchy tendencies
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In a year or so that might change but not today

If it has a single lens camera with OIS and a competitive 8 or more MP sensor, I will put the HTC One Prime on my personal short list of candidates for new phones.

So I guess same 4mp camera? It has to at least be 8mp before I buy it.

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No, actually it will have dual 41 "Mega-Ultra-Pixel" (R) combining the Nokia technology with their own, as well as a windows phone spinoff/partnership....(I'm lying ;D)

So glad my M7 Google Edition is still going strong and I can wait! Looking forward to watching this one play out.

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If it were up to me, they'd flip the name around a bit...make it the Prime M8 (/ˈprīˌmāt,ˈprīmət/). Then they could package it with a buttery smooth gorilla leather case. Very exclusive.

Don't consider buying these Prime devices.. ( S5, M8 )
I've heard that their is a October / November release date for the "Maximus Prime" devices..
Stay Tuned For Further Updates..

Any other M8 owners out there that will be pretty f*****d off if this device (with those rumoured specs) comes to fruition?? The M8 is fantastic, but c'mon! Who wouldn't want this bad boy over the M8!