HTC One M8

Zero down and $26.50 a month plus a T-Mobile plan

April 11 sees another big new Android smartphone hit T-Mobile, with the official availability of the HTC One M8 on the carrier. Picking one up will cost you nothing up front, with a $26.50 a month payment for the phone over 24-months.

Plans start at $50 a month for 1GB of data, rising to $80 if you want to go unlimited. It's only available in the Gunmetal finish, but if this is what you've been waiting on hit the source link below to place your order.

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HTC One M8 now available to purchase on T-Mobile


Bought it a half hour ago online as soon as I woke up. I don't like buying it in the store, hate when carrier associates get their grubby hands all over my brand new pristine device. I can set up my device better and know more about it than any of their workers anyways.

Not more than me, but I understand you not wanting us touching your new device, I'd feel the same way

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The guy who activated my s4 pulled off the plastic wrapping. THATS WHAT I DO SO STOP RIGHT NOW.

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lol this is so true, I don't like it when they start taking off the plastic off the phone. and when you ask questions about the device that you already know the answers to they get that confused look on their face

Always prefer the carrier to run up the phone for me incase it's a dud.

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Call a T-Mobile store before ordering online. Some stores have them in stock already.

I have been waiting for this day so I can port 4 numbers from Verizon to T-Mobile. If anyone is interested in a VZW unlimited data line, contact me at my username at live dot com.

My Tmobile store has 40 s5s and 12 HTC ones wth that sucks, hopefully they have one when I get off

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In reality, they are just going with what the public at large is gonna buy... iPhone or Samsung because that's what the television says they want... You know that...

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Too late for me lol I got my developer edition One last week. I didn't want to wait. Luckily, I live in a reframed 2G area so I get hspa when my LTE goes down which hardly ever happens

That's the way to go... Bought M7 Developer Edition for the 64gb storage (Since AT&T had Exclusivity) Wife was pregnant knew i would need it for Pictures and video. I don't think I can buy a Carrier edition again, especially with how good HTC has been with their updates

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I just switched to T-Mobile from Sprint and ordered this phone. I loved my M7 but after playing with the M8 you can really see that they took a great phone and made it even better. Very excited to get it, and to still get an educator's discount, which was one of the discounts that they decided to keep. I am in NJ where T-Mobile has excellent service.

I am switching from Sprint to T-Mobile myself. Bought unlocked M8 and finalizing everything this weekend. Live in eastern PA but work in NYC so believe I'll have no issues with coverage. Can't be any worse than Sprint. Damn 4g never works in lower Manhattan.

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Absolutely! I have been with a T-Mobile user in the past 5 months in NJ, NY, and PA and they had excellent coverage throughout. Sprint 4G coverage is so spotty around me.

I was wondering... I had an M7 but some other jackoff wanted it a little more than I did apparently

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Because once you pay off your device, your bill goes down by 26.50. With most other carriers, you buy the phone subsidized, but after your two year contract, that bill stays the same (even though you have long since paid off that subsidy).

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The ones who crack me up are the big three subscribers who buy outright... They pay for it TWICE!!

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Not if you're with att next. Its basically the same thing as T-Mobile. So far I'm happy with it. My family save $100 a month with it over our original plan.

Yeah not with att next. 4 people, 10gb of data, unlim talk text obviously, we all have our own phones, so $160 a month, roughly $180 with taxes, split evenly we pay $45 a month. And if we split data evenly thats 2.5 gb each. I tried out T-Mobile with an unlocked moto x for one month. I played $80 after taxes for 2.5 GB of high speed data. (I know its unlimited) maybe the family plans are cheaper? Idk I didn't look into it as much...

Yes. Depending on the data you want.

You pay 50 (1gb), 60 (2.5gb), 70 (unlimited) for the first phone. Apparently there's a 40plan now too.
30 for second (1gb)
10 for third and fourth (1gb)

I have mine on unlimited so it's 70 + 30 (1gb) + 10 (1gb) of I'm not mistaken. You can upgrade the data per line.

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Such a great deal! Not! Lulz. It would be cheaper to pay the normal one time $200 for new flagship Android device than $26 for 24 months. But most people think its a great deal. They must also love rent to own places where you pay $2000 for a $500 TV.

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Normal one time $200? No matter where you purchase the phone you are going to end up paying the full cost. Yet with most carrier plans which are on contract and give you a "one time fee" or "free phone", you typically end up paying more than what the phone is worth. The deal is you simply pay the cost of the phone without any hidden fees on top of whatever plan you choose.

Someday people will actually understand that carriers subsidize their phones and you are paying way more than $200 for new flagships....someday.....

Anyone have one in their hands yet? I'm curious as to what kind of bloatware comes on the t mobile version.

Got mine today and not looking back. Very slick piece of technology. Great feel in hand and extremely responsive screen. Sense 6 is not the same sense of yore. Just an excellent user experience all around.

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I find T-Mobile's stock of both phones ridiculous. When I went about 2 days ago, they had one Black Galaxy S5 and NO HTC Ones. They had a boatload of the white GS5 which makes sense because it is so terrifyingly ugly that not many are buying the white one.

I went into the store not knowing whether or not I wanted a Galaxy S5 or an HTC One M8, but the employees hunger for commission was incredibly obvious. They kept trying to steer me into buying a Galaxy S5 because the One is $636 and the S5 is $660. Telling me that the S5 was a superior phone in every respect except the speakers. "Sure the HTC is pretty but it doesn't do much, but the S5 will do everything and do it better" is what one particularly biased employee told me, I also found it funny because this girl was part of the iPhone team at the store.

After holding the M8 in my hand (their demo unit, also the only one they had in the store at all) I've decided on the M8. It is flawless, I don't use my smartphone for professional photography I have a DSLR for that. So yeah, the M8 is flawless in my opinion.

If you are going into the carrier store undecided between 1 or 2 or even 3 or more devices then don't let the employees influence your decision. Read up on the devices, and form an educated opinion because the employees do not care about you they just want more commission.