HTC One M8

Just last week we reported that the Gold version of the HTC One M8 would land at Carphone Warehouse in the UK by April 7. Fast forward a few days and that seems to have improved to a new expected delivery date of April 2, with the phone going on sale online and on the phone today. So, if you've already pre-ordered one you might be receiving your shiny new handset a little earlier than you expected.

If you want to go to a brick-and-mortar to pick one up, you'll also be able to do that starting from April 2. Carphone Warehouse will sell you a Gold, Silver or Gunmetal HTC One M8 for £529.95 SIM-free. You'll find all three at the source link below.

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Source: Carphone Warehouse


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HTC One M8 in Gold arriving in the UK earlier than expected


HTC are doing a great job promoting this phone. Getting on sale so early after launch was perfect. I think Samsung could lose sales of the GS5 to the HTC. Also Sony could learn a lot from this.
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Sony has a ton of work to do when it comes to successful product launches.

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It is a Damn shame they didn't include the Black instead of this cheesy looking Gold colour.

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anyone know if this colour will come out in the Canadian Markets? We lost out on the Gold/Blue/Red variants with the M7