HTC One M8 Ace leaks in red and blue plastics

If you've been eyeballing the HTC One M8's more affordable plastic brother, the HTC One M8 Ace, you'd be interested in hearing about two new color options that have appeared through a recent leak. Red and blue versions of the HTC One M8 Ace appear to be in the works, in addition to the silver version we saw in the original leak.

We may be hearing about the M8 Ace in an official capacity as soon as June 3. We're not sure what to expect price-tag wise, pricetag due to plastic build materials and downgraded camera, but you'll still get a 5-inch 1080p display, Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and HTC's usual array of software customizations.

It's likely that the M8 Ace will be a successor to the HTC Butterfly series, bringing the same specs at the standard One M8 to Asian markets where the metal-bodied smartphone isn't being sold. That said, would an M8 Ace with a plastic shell and these brilliant colors be the sort of thing you want?

Source: @upleaks; Via: GSMArena


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HTC One M8 Ace leaks in red and blue plastics


With the amount of variations they're putting out, one of them has gotta be 1

Posted via Android Central App on the Nexus 5

They are not putting out any more or less than any OEM. Not a big deal

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I think it was written wrong. He meant to say upgraded camera! I would take a 13mp camera any day over this 4 ultra pixels!

Posted via Android Central App

This is what I was going to say. I'd rather have a standard 13 mp camera in my m8 than the 4 up duo camera. The 4 up camera is OK, but the resolution is just so crappy. Viewing pictures taken with my m8 on anything bigger than a 7" tablet isn't very pretty.

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I'm more interested in the Ace than the M8. I had an HTC metal phone before (Glacier) and didn't like the cold feel.

What bothers me about metal phones is that they're prone to scratches... I had iPhone 5s n despite caring for it like my baby it caught small nicks n scratches...
Plus m8 is slippery n is prone to being dropped... N cases? Why hide beauty of these expensive aluminium phones behind a case is beyond me. I now have a nexus 5 n I'm very happy as the build is even though plastic it doesn't look like glossy Samsungs n is more scratch proof than metal ones.... I'm looking the m8 Ace n will probably nick it!!

So its still a large phone with a small screen for speakers I will rarely use. No thanks. I'm not rooting for HTC anymore, obviously no matter the quality of the product people just don't like it that much and they aren't going with what works.

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I agree. They need to take the Apple approach. Mimicking everything about the iPhone will send their sales through the roof. Metal + smaller screen + no SD CARD slot + 8MP camera = #1 sales............................/S

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If the 13 MP rear camera has OIS and it is available in Red on Sprint, I'll upgrade from my HTC One (M7) because of the smaller size and inclusion of powerful, broad spectrum, and energy efficient chipsets. And I'll use it without a case.

I tend to prefer flagships, but I think this looks nice. In fact, it reminds me of the M7 from the front (they both have black trim around the screen and sides).

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