The uphill battle for HTC continues. The proposed savior for the struggling company, the HTC One, now faces delays due to problems with component suppliers. The problem lies with one of the main selling points of the upcoming flagship phone - the "ultrapixel" camera. With the significant loss of profits and decrease in shipments HTC has had, an unnamed executive tells the WSJ that they are no longer considered a "tier-one" customer. This means they don't have the priority they once did with their parts suppliers, and are currently running short on components for the HTC One's camera and metal case.

It's worth noting that suppliers have not mentioned anything of the sort, and it's possible that frustrations have company executives a little emotional. This certainly seems the case with CEO Peter Chou, who The Verge tells us has stated he would step down if the HTC One "fails to become a hit with consumers". It's also hard to determine what a "hit with consumers" is. Focus Taiwan reports that pre-orders for the HTC One have exceeded the companies target, which sounds fairly successful to us. In short, we're not going to read too much into this one.

While there are still no concrete dates, HTC promises to start fulfilling pre-orders at the end of March in select markets, with a wider rollout scheduled for sometime in April. The HTC One's release is inching ever closer towards a confirmed release date of its strongest competitor, which could take away a much needed edge it would have with an earlier release.

Will fans wait it out through expected delays, or will we see potential buyers jumping ship for something else? Read the review and discuss in the forums.

Source: WSJ


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HTC One launch delayed, suppliers no longer see HTC as a 'tier-one' manufacturer


I agree with him actually. Samsung is by far Apple's biggest competitor in the mobile space. If Apple threw a bone to HTC and HTC was able to get a head start on the S4, then consumers who are a bit impatient will purchase the HTC instead of the S4, which would decrease Samsung's market share.

It's an interesting thought, nonetheless. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

The possibility exists that Samsung, may be flexing muscle with suppliers that they "share" with HTC. "Make them an offer they cant refuse" type of thing. Maybe they dont even share the supplier and sammy has that influence. Just a thought.

This Sounds Like HTC Bounced Some Checks to Their Suppliers Last year and need to pay off previous balances before they get any more new supplies, that, or don't have enough liquid cash to buy the supplies they need to make this phone

What does "throw HTC a bone" mean? I don't see where anyone gets the idea that this has anything to do with Apple unless you're suggesting that Apple should become HTC's sugar daddy when negotiating with suppliers.

They already did. Hello? The recent HTC license agreement with Apple allows them to use iPhone shape and aluminum body to make it look like an iPhone without being sued.

That doesn't make any freaking sense at all. The HTC is competing against the iPhone too.

This would only make sense if Apple was a company that was competing with Samsung in another field like computers and computers only. if they hurt the sales of their phone industry they hurt Samsung period.

actually it's more like splitting sammy's android base if HTC can get in the game and take even a 3rd of sammy's android marketshare Apple could be more popular than sammy or htc... as a handset manufacturer. This is all assuming that apple fanboys will stay loyal and android fanatics will stay loyal. Apple is not competing for the same customer base as sammy and htc.

More and more I am beginning to think that HTC is toast. With this sort of problems they just won't be able to compete against Samsung or even LG, let alone keep their business afloat.

They need to stick to the One. One phone, One name, and get it on as many carriers as possible. Look at the GS3, Note, and iPhone/iPad. Same device with the same name on just about every carrier. Then do some marketing to get the name out there. Don't count on any changes this year, but by next year, people might be able to remember who HTC is and give their products a second look.

Marketing is the big thing. Where is the television campaign with creative material. That has been the biggest booster for Samsung. Ask Sony how creating the best equipment and not marketing it worked out for them with the betamax?

Ok this I don't get. Please, let's not have the Samsung fans turn into people like the Apple-only guys. You know that if Samsung had made the Galaxy S4 aluminium, you would be completely ecstatic.

It is a higher grade, higher quality material. Plastic is cheap and easier to manufacture. That doesn't make it better for the consumer, it makes it better for the company providing the product. Especially if people tout plastic as "superior" to aluminium as you are implying.

Tell me you are joking with this? One pre-production phone breaks and you think the build quality sucks. Read every review so far of the One compared to other phones and every time the One wins in build quality.

Busted at the seams. That looks like nothing a little super glue can't fix. A crack in the plastic or the screen on the other hand...

Yes, metal looks better and sometimes it lasts more, however its harder to get the parts and its a little bit more expensive for manufacturers, even the iphone 5 struggle with launch because of this. Thats why Samsung use plastic, because its easier to get it, cheaper, it lasts more, and also its easier for the engineering team to get everything together.

I have had several HTC phones (HD2, Sensation 4G, One S). Back in December, HTC stated that the Jelly Bean update for the One S was in testing and owners were led to believe the the update would be out in weeks. It has been over 3 months and no update or news. When I heard about the One, I thought "'s the plan...get me to update to the One instead of updating my older phone." Then I heard of a delay, but that it would not effect North American customers. Now I hear that it will indeed effect us here in the United States and now we are looking at mid-April or so. I am beginning to think that HTC can not deliver on its promises. I am now reconsidering whether to purchase the One and I will be taking a look at the SG 4 instead.

If it's a replay of the Desire HD ICS fiasco that cost HTC Tons of customers it may be another nail in the coffin. HTC has got to be the worst at updating there products. Too Bad because the ONE looks like a great device.

Once again people, complain about your carrier. It's up to them when your phone gets the update, not the manufacturer.

the problem htc has issues and delays with ALL carriers, also they are well known for unexpected bugs that will make your phone unusable, htc evo? all of the sudden it will start rebooting and there is no fix of that, also htc made a bad mistake when they pull out the website that was posting some custom and default roms, just because they were using the htc logo, they were actually doing them a favor.

I hate that HTC is having such a hard time trying to make it.
They only need to do one thing,....

Let me guess. The name of this unnamed executive tipster to WSJ is JK Shin. The folks at WSJ just couldn't tell their Asians apart.
Lets not forget that this phone probably has some very new parts and materials that may just be harder to produce/procure. We all know it takes longer to build the metal body than it will take to build a plastic one, yet they will go for the same price. So people need to chill. I don't understand why not just release it and have it be constantly sold out like the nexus 4 which made it seem like they were selling like hot cakes. Seriously they never released numbers but everybody thinks it was a huge success because it was never available.

Nexus 4 keeps getting sold out because it's sold at half price compared to rest. I very much doubt that anyone would wait as long for phone which has double price.

The only reason anything is ever sold out is because they didn't make enough to begin with and the Nexus is not a huge seller compared to the SG series so it's the manufacturing that is causing the problem.

I really wish good luck to HTC. This needs to take off, or there will be less competition in the market, which is definitely not good for the consumer.

Well if HTC hadn't pissed their credibility down the pan and hadn't wasted resources with Windows Phone, they wouldn't be in this mess quite frankly...

They had a good thing with Android in the early days, and they took their eye of the ball and diluted development resources on the failed Windows Phone, this let Samsung in.

This company started with Windows, and the Treo devices, long before Android was a gleam in a nerd's eye.

I had the HD2...worse phone experience I have ever had. I am obviously not an HTC hater...I have owned several since then including the HTC One S that I own now. I want this to be good phone and I want it done right. I have been anticipating owning this one for a bit now.

HTC One will appeal to those that place value on so-called build quality and design. Those that value light weight, durable (read plastic) phones and see Micro SD cards and removable batteries as essential will go for Samsung's offerings. It's good to have options.

There is nothing amazing here, nothing really new.

Metal case - old news
Fancy camera/camera marketing hype - sooo 2011
Fast processor - that $49 special on t-moble has a fast processor
Huge battery - Oh, wait, the battery is just average, never mind

Nothing truly new here so consumers will not find a compelling reason to (1) wait for it and (2) pay a lot for it. It is just another nice phone in a sea of nice phones.

"So what is the galaxy s4?"

I assume you mean compared to the ONE?

* Smaller
* Lighter
* Bigger screen
* Bigger/removable/replaceable battery
* MicroSD card
* 802.11 ac
* USB host mode
* Jellybean 4.2.2

That's all other than the one little detail of being manufactured by a company that's huge, flush with cash, and has more leverage with suppliers than just about anyone.

You forgot:

*made by a company non-techy people (majority of purchasers) know of
*is a brand (Galaxy) that non-techy people (majority of purchasers) know of

I think he meant in terms of the original comment, which was basically saying there is nothing really new with the One so it's not a big deal. If there is nothing new with the One then what would be new with the GS4? The implication being that nothing is nee with the GS4 either. Man, people talk about HTC fans being testy but you sure seem a little thin-skinned about Samsung.

And the One has 802.11ac capabilities, too. and Wallace nice to say that it doesn't ship with 4.2.2, what are you really missing? Here's some neat reading from the resident guru:

I'm sure and update will get pushed pretty early on, but really I could care less. The truth is that the biggest user feature since JB was released is Photosphere. And nobody's getting that, unless you have a Nexus device.


This probably doesn't have anything to do with Samsung directly, I mean it's not like HTC has made things easy on themselves for the past few years.. in fact they've quite shot themselves in the foot time and time again. I'm sure the HTC One is a nice device but if you've got a bad reputation, you can't pin it on others for not wanting to try and push your products.

Really hate to hear this news.

It looks like HTC has engineered a solid device. But because of this somewhat complex design, it may cause them issues right out of the starting gate in the competition with Samsung.

The One WILL without a doubt FAIL to be a hit with consumers if HTC fails to advertise like Samsung does. I have yet to see a single commercial for The One, hell I haven't even seen a banner or a simple text ad for it.

HTC can talk all they want to tech sites that have a very specific demographic; but if they do not advertise extensively on TV and online like Samsung does, The One will be a flop.

I'm not a big fan of HTC Sense, but I'm tempted to buy this phone anyway to give HTC a shot. I hate to see a good company go down, and the HTC ONE is the best looking device of 2013!

I agree with you completely! I've been with HTC at the start, but once they decided to make their phones more iPhone-like, I stopped buying their products.

When every other manufacturer is bragging about quality of materials used and going aluminium, Samsung stayed with Plastic and it still seems to be very successful. Looks like the Philosophy of samsung is, Use decent materials outside which are cost effective and fast paced in production, appeals consumers, give every option to consumer like micro SD, replaceable battery etc and provide the phone with beast of internals. Every one of us know that most of us carry the phone a year or two and start watering for the new one with greater hardware. So, Sammy does it right in not much bothered with outer casing as its materials just do fine (may be better) job at keeping the hardware tight for 3 or more years and they don't expect user to keep the phone for lifetime to waste money in highest grade materials..... If this is true, I am with Sammy.

And after trying Motorola and HTC this is what brought me back to Samsung when it came time to upgrade again. The Dinc2 was a PITA to unlock and root, and the reception was horrible on it. The X2 was built very solid and had great reception but the locked down bootloader really limited it. Now that HTC has gone to this non-removable battery and no expandable storage like Apple I'm not interested. I want the option to add memory and battery if needed. While the geek in me would love to find a good underdog like HTC you just can't beat Samsung's for durability, ease of unlocking and rooting, expandability in both memory and battery. So long as Samsung continues to give all types of users everything they want, how can you not buy their stuff?

How is something that was never confirmed in the first place all of a sudden delayed...I dont get it?