It looks like the HTC One E8 is coming to Sprint. The video above was found on Sprint's YouTube page and highlights various aspects of the E8, such as its design, size, and speakers. However, the video did not show a release date for the E8.

The One E8 was originally launched back in June, targeted towards parts of Asia and Eastern Europe. It's a plastic variant of the HTC One M8 with a single rear camera. It's specs are also similar to the M8, with a Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 5-inch display.

Be sure to check out our hands-on, as well as our review of the HTC One E8. Will you be picking up the E8 when it comes to Sprint? Tell us below in the comments.

Source: Sprint on YouTube


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HTC One E8 headed for Sprint


I wish. Yet, I'm going into a Sprint store to test the camera. If it's as good or better than the EVO LTE, I might consider replacing my red HTC One (M7).

After rereading Alex's review posted a few weeks ago about the camera in particular, I think I will stay with my HTC One (M7) at least until reviews indicate it's more compelling. Mechanical Optical Image Stabilization is important for me especially when shooting video.

I am actually getting a replacement for my current M7 due to that purple hue problem that has been reported with the camera. They tell me I should not have a problem with the replacement M7. Have you experienced any camera issues with your M7?

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DroidOn... I have experienced NO camera issues with my HTC One (M7). The replacement they provide you should be fine.


Exactly. HTC and Sprint have had a wonderful relationship. I remember when the EVO came out. I had it. It wasn't a bad device @ all. But being on Sprint makes your experience all the more frustrating.

Same here.... I remember asking them all about when we'd get 4G when I bought the OG EVO. 4 years later I was asking them the same thing but still receiving the same answer. Just switched to AT&T and while it's more expensive, it's way-the-fuck worth it. My phone can now be used as gd phone.

4 years later and it wasn't the same answer. After a year and a half WIMAX was dead and LTE began lol. I still had customers coming in 6 months ago wondering why their Evo 4G and Epic 4G werent getting 4G LTE...
I had to be like ummm well you see its not that 4G, its this other 4G...

HTC favors Sprint in part because Sprint was the first US carrier to feature their phones, back in the days before Android and iPhones existed.

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I think the carriers decide which handsets they stock (purchase).

I'm also going to be patient and await special promotions perhaps during the holidays and also to patiently evaluate the upcoming Moto and Nexus releases.

In addition to mechanical optical image stabilization, a form factor of this size, particularly width, is my strongly preferred choice. While the LG G3 appears to be awesome with the cameras, display and specs, I'd prefer it to be slightly smaller.

Say what you will, but I'm good with my m8. Although I would like the 13 megapixel camera. I'm kinda over the ultra pixel thing.

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I'd take this over the m8 any day. Pretty much the same phone, but none of the gimmicky Ultrapixel nonsense and a soft touch construction instead of the slick brushed aluminum.

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One of the youtube videos (pocketnow I think) saying if imported it would convert to $450 USD, not counting shipping. So it will probably be $450 since its $450 over there. But then again the Nexus 5 is $450 off contract with Sprint. So it wouldn't surprise me if Sprint did $499. But it wouldn't be more than that.

I want to get a skinned Android phone since I have a N5 but planning on switching to T-Mobile and getting a G3. Probably going to do the uncarrier program cause sprints LTE is not good speeds even here in central MD city suburbs. But an E8 is very tempting if their 13mp camera gets a software update.

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