HTC One Android 4.2.2

Biggest update yet for HTC's leading handset

The HTC One Android 4.2.2 update has been pushing out in parts of Europe for over a week now. However the HTC UK Twitter account has revealed that today is the official UK launch day, and that British One owners should now be able to download the new firmware.

The update brings a wealth of changes to HTC's flagship device, including launcher and widget improvements, lock screen widgets, a way to disable the on-screen "menu key," quick settings in the notification shade, Instagram support for BlinkFeed, new video highlights and the ability to lock AF/AE in the camera app. For a full rundown of what's new in this latest HTC One update, check out our video feature.

There's no word on which, if any carrier-branded phones are getting the update in the UK. If you're seeing Android 4.2.2 on your HTC One for the first time today, be sure to hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

Update: We're hearing through Twitter that other countries including Ireland and Spain are also getting the update today. Three UK has confirmed that it's rolling out its version of the 4.2 firmware today, too.

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HTC One Android 4.2 update officially rolling out in UK 'from today'


Just got it - had to download a bug fix first to allow the download.
Looking good so far.

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US user impatiently waiting for the update!!!

On another note, has anyone using the unlocked 32GB version received the update?

I have the 64gb Developer Edition and still no sign of an update. Thought this would get it before the carrier versions, but it appears the U.S. is on the waiting list as well.

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I don't quite understand why the update has to be "rolled out" country by country. When Google updates - it seems to update across the world within a week. I have the Nexus 4 in Australia - and the updates rolled out to it within a few days of the US, Europe and Asia. I can understand that the carrier branded One's may need to have the update go through each carrier's QA, but the "unbranded" versions should surely get the update immediately across the globe... No?

No. I mean yes. Unbranded should get them as soon as they come out. It must be HTC causing this country by country roll out. Any GE owners get the update yet? It's been reported that HTC would update the Google Edition before stock ROMs.

Am on O2, got it today, updated the bug fix first then downloaded the big update wont install. says download corrupted. please download again. I press ok, the phone resets and appears with a red explanation mark onscreen.

Anyone else got this problem?

Have you enough space free - on my install it seemed to back up the existing ROM first, so you will need at least 1Gb free.

Really? Just now? I've been running a leaked version for over a month now.

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Got mine earlier, O2. Small update first then big update with hitch less install. Now have to turn nova launcher off to try it out... Sigh

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How do they select who gets it when they roll out ... Seen several reports including on here that three UK users are getting it been checking all afternoon and nothing showing.....

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I'm on Vodafone UK with a HTC One direct from them. I got the first bug update but not the 4.2.2 one

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I was really excited to loose the menu bar and saw that the update was live downloaded all looked good went to install and let it do its thing had 100% battery and when I cam back to my device it wouldn't turn on wouldn't hard reset wouldn't charge. Pretty disappointed really.

EDIT: As I was playing with my bricked phone pushing buttons and hoping it has come back to me :S who knows what has happened.

On Three UK, still have not got it. Also @ThreeUK are saying that it is still in testing and not being pushed out to handsets?
Very similar to what they did with the 1.29 firmware update.... which we still have not received.

Just received the 4.2.2 update and it seems to of made my HTC One even faster! Works well. I'm on Orange UK

I've been also been told by 3uk that's its still in testing and will be rolled out soon, wondering why some on three have it and some don't :-\

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T-Mobile UK last night. Seems a little smoother on the touch. And love the the ability to chose how the home button behaves

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