$199.99 with 32GB of storage, pre-orders start April 5

Following on from AT&T's announcement earlier today, rival network Sprint has announced that it too will start selling the HTC One from Apr. 19. Pre-orders on Sprint begin a day later than AT&T this Friday, April 5. Sprint will sell the phone with 32GB of storage for $199.99 on a two-year plan.

Doesn't look like Sprint's offering any free accessories with preorders, unofortunately.

Like AT&T, Sprint will carry the phone in silver and black color options.

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bblande says:

I think you mean "on April 19."

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Jay Holm says:

Hmm, HTC is going to bring their One to Sprint before Samsung brings their S4 to the carrier.

Sprint sure is slow about their LTE rollout, haven't heard any new announcements of new LTE markets.

maverick7526 says:

Sprints rollout is slow because they are rebuilding their WHOLE NETWORK! Not just adding lte to existing towers. It kind of takes some time to build out a cell phone network.

troyboytn says:

Just because a market hasn't been announced doesn't mean there isn't LTE already in your market. There are Sprint towers nationwide (that havn't been announced) which already have LTE available and running. A tower 1 mile from my home is one of them.

DWS44 says:

Agreed. No "official" announcements for Charlotte LTE (that I know of), but its been up in parts of town for several months, and just this past week, they turned it on @ the tower next to my office!

buffdaddy72 says:

Well wasn't that the plan all along? I thought the ONE was to be already released here in the U.S., but got delayed due to a parts shortage (or something like that)? It's already out in parts of Europe and Asia.

As far as Sprint LTE network? Got very few complaints here in the Chicago area.

kicko says:

whats that wallpaper?

Floss82 says:

Sense 5 wallpaper you can get it from the play store

kicko says:

thanks, i knew it was around but i couldnt rememeber :)

kitster says:

What is it called in Play? I looked for it and couldn't find it. Thx.

buffdaddy72 says:

Just called HTC One Wallpaper in the play store.

Still_Thurro says:


st_7 says:

Does this sprint model have sim slot or is the gsm part is embedded(if at all it supports), just like some of the recent sprint global phones?.

I still do not understand why Sprint does the embedded GSM as well as 4G phones. It would be nice in a way to have 4G sim cards rather than built in.

turdbogls says: it seems the "Evo" line has been killed off.

crash180 says:

My Wife loved her EVO. If she had a case on it, it would have lasted longer and she would not have jumped ship to the Samsung Galaxy 3.

Gator352 says:

My wife still loves her EVO. In fact, she made me buy her a new one awhile ago so when the one she's using craps out, she has a new one waiting.

bigtank says:

IMO Sprint and HTC are dumb for doing this. The EVO name has been good to both of them

I doubt either company wanted to kill off the EVO line, but it had to be done. Like a lot of people have said in the past, part of the reason the GS3 was successful was because it was available and almost identical on each carrier. HTC has to do something to rejuvenate their image and appeal to customers. They need to emulate Samsung's strategy of universal availability in order to stay in business.

kzibart says:

I still have the original EVO, and I plan to finally replace it with the One. I just hope the One serves me as well as my EVO did. The name doesn't mean much to me. I just look at the specs.

crash180 says:

Finally. I have been waiting for this phone. My Wife has a Galaxy 3 and wants me to get a Samsung phone. I like this phone too much though. Will be pre-ordering this bad-boy.

RedDotNick says:

My samsung galaxy s3 (gt-i9300) is showing me that there is a firmware update!!!!!

Best Buy has started taking preorders now for both Sprint and AT&T

crash180 says:

The web site still says, "coming soon", with no pre-order option. Called Best Buy and they said they are taking pre-orders in store as of today and online as of 4/5

abie6972 says:

Is Best Buy offering any perks for pre-ordering with them? Saw elsewhere that Radio Shack is going to offer $50 Play Store credit and a $10 coupon.

Just talked to two Sprint reps yesterday in a corporate store and they both swore they were going to have The HTC One on the 15th of April !