HTC One Max

5.9-inch screen, Snapdragon 600, HTC Sense 5.5, fingerprint scanner

HTC has just officially announced the One Max, its latest Android smartphone with a whopping 5.9-inch 1080p display. Styled similarly to the rest of its One series with an aluminum chassis, the One Max runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and the new Sense 5.5 UI, and debuts as HTC's largest smartphone to date.

On the inside, the Max is powered by a 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor with 2GB of RAM. Around the back is HTC's familiar UltraPixel camera, along with a new fingerprint scanner, which can be used for security or mapped to quick-start certain apps. Internal storage comes in 16 and 32 gigabyte helpings, and there's also a microSD slot behind the removable back panel, along with a non-removable 3300mAh battery. HTC will also offer a special flip cover with a built-in 1200mAh battery to augment the Max's battery life — the case connects to the phone through pogo pins on the back cover.

HTC's BoomSound front-facing speakers have made it across too, though following the end of the HTC/Beats partnership, the Max doesn't feature Beats Audio software enhancements.

HTC's Sense 5.5 software adds new features to BlinkFeed, including full Google+ support, RSS integration and searching — as well as the ability to turn off BlinkFeed if you want. The Gallery app has been expanded with more control over video highlights, as well as a new side-scrolling layout.

The HTC One Max is due to launch first in the UK later this week, followed by a wider international launch. In the U.S. it'll launch on Verizon and Sprint for the holidays.

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HTC officially unveils the One Max


This definitely has me laughing real hard. Future proof definitely not competition for the Galaxy Note 3 that's comical definitely.

From my Tmobile Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App

The Note 3 has such poor software optimization that it needs the 800. The One is smoother than the Note 3 even with its Snapdragon 600.

And the only reason the Note 3 needs such high specs is because Samsung can't optimize their software worth a d*mn.

You wouldn't say anything about a note 3 with a snapdragon 600, would you? Also touchwiz is why the note 3 needs the 800 more then any other phone

Posted inside a time machine 30 years in the future

I don't understand why HTC would release this phone without upgrading the camera and without including a Snapdragon 800 processor. These are two deal breakers that make the device feel more budget orientated and guarantee it won't sell well. The phone should have included significant upgrades this late in the game. Let's not forget that most people who don't know better will see the lack of beats audio as a downgrade.

I totally agree with you. Upgrading the processor is not that horrible as I think that Snapdragon 600 is still quite powerful.
But the same camera as my HTC One has is a big no no. I have been most disappointed of the camera in my HTC One, it just isn't as good as the hype told it would be. Pics look quite good on the phone screen but try to look them even at 10" tablet and you will see only pixels.
HTC did so well with the original HTC One that I am actually surprised to see how uninteresting and under-performing they came with their phablet.

This shouldn't surprise you at all. HTC is notorious for their ability to make stupid decisions that make people scratch their heads. It wouldn't surprise me at all if this phone was literally just a larger version of the One with an ugly white bumper running around the edge and no new phablet software.

The Snapdragon 600 is as fast as it should be, compare the One with G2 ant apart from numbers you wont see a difference. Also the main deal breaker here is the inclusion of micro SD plus a huge battery and a large screen.. This is what attracts people. Plus a fingerprint scanner! If the price will be balanced, I'm sure it will attract attention.

The only downside is lack of a stylus and beats can be replaced by other software tweaks

You guys are super nerds. People don't care if it has a SD card slot. People don't care if it's the 600 not the 800. People don't care if it's the same camera as the one. If HTC markets this to focus on that scanner like the iPhone, it'll be fine.

This phone may fail or not be as successful as the Note but not for any of the nerd reasons you guys think. The average consumer doesn't care about anything other than "what features does it have? How good is the camera?" And so on.

Posted via Android Central App

They do care about the camera. That's one of the most common questions I get. How good is the camera. Ofcourse they don't understand what makes a good camera but they do care . Everything else you said is spot on

I agree, if the price is right it will sell well. I also read that in some markets it will come with a stylus and a notebook/memo app to use to scribble and doodle on.

Posted via Android Central App

212g weight is a "whoah" for me, I guess that's because of the aluminium.

Agree with the Camera, it has been average for me on my One, they should of done what apple did with 8mp instead of 4mp

Next year on the Htc two it will have a 8mp/ultrapixel camera now that will be awesome.

Posted via Android Central App

I agree 100% It doesn't matter if the Snapdragon 600 is sufficient.. This is supposed to be a premium device and they should have put the 800 in it.... The 800 is very power efficient anyway.

Yeah this just made my day. Full RSS and Goofle+ support. HTC is listening to it's customers. Way to go HTC, way to go. Now I only have to wait for a Stealth a black version to come out and buy the damn thing. :)

I'm glad about the Google+ and rss integration for blinkfeed too :-D looking forward to the euro 4.3 update now

Posted via Android Central App

Bye bye HTC I see your about to hit the grave might just look into nexus 5

Posted via Android Central App

sigh ... SD600 REALLY WTF HTC WTF ... sadly at this rate htc will be dead in a year i fear i was looking in to getting the MAX not now ... finger print scanner please thats a gimmick .. SD600 .... what a let down

I don't know... Maybe you should calm down? It's only a phone...

Posted via Android Central App

Well this is disappointing, no beats audio, and a not top of the line snapdragon 600. I don't see anything "max" about this oversized jalopy other than hype. And the only thing going for it is screen size, battery, and microsd storage. Its going to be overshadowed by lg, Samsung and even sony within a few weeks time. HTC had better speed up company buy out planning, lenovo might do them some good.

Posted via Android Central App

The irony of complaining about there being no Beats Audio and then saying the only thing max about the phone is the hype

As I've stated before I've enjoyed beats on my HTC DNA, to me it makes the difference for the mobile listening experience, a lot of people bash it when they themselves have not tried it, take for example my LTE nexus 7, s4, and nexus 4, all sound much worse when paired with quality headphones compared to my DNA

Posted via Android Central App

Yup very true. I can say the same about my new nexus 7 and note 2 compared to my One. The beats software definitely helps a lot. Its not a gimmick to me if its actually useful. And useful it definitely is.

Posted via Android Central App

I have the HTC EVO 4G LTE, and it has BeatsAudio. Beats sound good (not great) when using with Beats headphones (IMO), but I downloaded PowerAmp music player awhile back, and I actually like the sound it makes better than beats. The equalizer is AWESOME. Beats just pretty much boost bass and mids. I like to enjoy the sound of all instruments. Not just the bass and mids.

P.S. Just to add, I'm glad they dropped beats because Dr. Dre was (and could probably still be) an VERY ABUSIVE HUSBAND. I can't in my right heart/mind and soul support someone like that.

I'm just saying.

Beats audio is just a brand name. HTC still included the same engine as beats but its not branded 'beats' so that's not even an issue. Besides, the beats logo on the back sucked big time.

Beats Audio is overrated you can find an APP that will do the same thing better
SD600 is fine, you'll get over it

Now here is why you should get excited. Improvements to Blinkfeed are nice, 16-32 GB storage and a SDCARD slot. If you want to go 32 with no slot, that isn't bad but hey guess what you have a choice to not use it in any case! Hey 4.3 and 5.5 is nothing to shake a stick at either.

The disappointing thing is that it is just a big One. No extra productivity tools (s-pen).

Not a bad deal if your in the market for something like this. We are never getting some of the other big phones, the Mega is MegaBad.

This is a solid offering.

Well beats audio is a matter of opinion, I happen to be a HTC fan and have had the HTC DNA from its beginning, I felt no need to upgrade to the one and with this I feel no need to upgrade to the max, I personally have enjoyed beats audio with my DNA and feel it gives my music the extra thump I like. Also android 2.3 would not be a big deal in my opinion from 2.2 or even 2.1 as features of 4.4 seem like they will benefit the most with the plentiful features, I've been using 2.3.1 on my 2013 LTE nexus 7 since that came out and I really don't see sense 5.5 and 2.3 being that big of a deal since 4.4 is right around the corner. Finger print sensor...who cares.

Posted via Android Central App

I had it on my Rezound and it is nice, but like I said you can get apps in the Plays Store that will do the same thing. Back then it was noticeable going from HTC to Samsung so but the app filled in nicely.

MY question is, and I didnt see it mentioned. Is it usb 3.0 or 2? The pictures never show the port...

Well HTC has strange standards even when it comes to their chargers and it doesn't look like the one on the note 3, also USB 3 is a feature of the snapdragon 800 CPU and not the 600 so I'm guessing with a strong no.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah the rezound had one of those weird mhl/USB combo adapters.

I didn't know that the 2 were tied together. The SoC and the USB. I always think of USB being on its own with and extra instruction set in the kernel

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Lol yeah honestly due to HTC's lackluster announcement I've decided on the note 3, I'm the kind of guy who likes options, and the note 3 with a smart dock (i know not yet 3.0) gives me the idea of a all in one work station connected to a larger screen with keyboard and mouse.

I had no issues delivering this massage to you via my LTE nexus 7 lol

Posted via Android Central App

I have thought about going that route (the dock) as well but haven't decided.

My handwriting is terrible hence the sig, my n7 with thumbs would be much better.

I have resigned myself to use the pen whenever possible to get in the habit

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

I guess I better get used to the idea as well as I'm ordering my note 3 very soon

Posted via Android Central App

I got best buy to price match amazon, 249$ plus some other stuff brought it down to about 170$

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

I might have bought this 6 months ago when Snapdragon 600 was still top tier and there were no other big phones to choose from, but now that the Note 3 and LG G2 are available, I think HTC lost a huge window of opportunity. I really hope HTC sells enough of these (and other models) to stay in the game, but I'm afraid they are offering too little too late.

The snap 600 on the Htc one was the smoothest out there. Htc sense is very light so he is assuming that the max will feel just as smooth.

Posted via Android Central App


(Max vs One)

162.5 x 82.5 x 10.29mm vs 137.4 x 68.3 x 9.3mm (43% increase in area and 58% increase in volume)

217g vs 143g (52% increase in mass)

DPI 373 vs 468 ppi

44% increase in battery size (MAh)

I believe 5.9" refers to the pixel area. Add the bottom black bar with the HTC logo & nav buttons, plus the top & bottom bezels housing the speakers, and you have one massive phone.

Why HTC is going back again??? I think HTC Max should be more powerfull than HTC One,, 1. CPU as minimum Snap Dragon 800, 2. Ram 3 or 4 GB, Camera should not 4 Ultra pixel but as minimum 8 Ultra, Battery as minimum 4000 mAh, if there is 16GB internal memory then put SD Card slot, if there is not SD card slot as minimum put 64GB. So if it was as I told config then I am ready change my HTC One to this HTC Max, but unfortunately this not Max, this something like HTC One Unknown max :D

It is all about cost. HTC, more than any other android OEM, must maximize profitability in order to stay afloat, and HTC does not manufacture many components. SD600 is cheaper than SD800, 2GB RAM is cheaper than 3GB, a fixed battery is more cost effective to fab than a removable one, etc. I am surprised they included a SD slot, but perhaps HTC is realizing that 16GB internal storage is a dealbreaker for many buyers when 32GB & 64GB are becoming the norm.

I highly doubt 16GB of internal storage is a deal breaker when 16 GB iPhones and the 8GB iPhone 4 sold like hotcakes. Its just that a minority of people (honestly) want larger than 16GB standard in their phone.

Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App

What's sad about your comment is, if this phone you wanted was available, and you bought it, next year you would be crying about how it doesn't have the snapdragon 1000, and 6 GB RAM, and 16 Ultrapixel camera, and 5000 mah battery. You're one of those people that don't know about true performance of devices. you just want to have the latest bragging rights of the highest specs. SMH. Then when they tell you all of this cost $500 on contract, $1100 off, then you're right back on here complaining again. Do us all a favor, and go back to never never land. Where all your dreams come true.

You are going to have similar specs. Yes I know the N5 supposedly has a sd800 but the rest will be worse or similar

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Analysts like myself predict the dismal results for Q4 and the first few quarters in 2014. The HTC One Max fails to impress in a market dominated by Samsung and its Galaxy Note smartphones. As consumers familiarize themselves with Snapdragon's latest SoC, it is unclear why HTC chose to use a previous iteration of the SoC; especially when companies like Xiomai, and ZTE seem to be on board with the Snapdragon 800.

In light of efforts by Nokia, LG, Samsung and Apple who have all made significant strides in camera software. HTC also failed to improve its controversial Ultrapixel software which is still a hard sell with its current marketability.

Consumers who see the prowess of the Beats branding on previous HTC devices will not only fail to see the One Max as a hero device but will think of it as a step back.

Suffice it to say, HTC kept it simple when they needed to be bold.

Chou keeps making the same mistakes over and over again and yet he expects different results.

From The Verge review

"There are too many good headsets and wireless speaker options for a phone to truly need great speakers built in."

Seriously, who writes this this garbage...

Posted via Android Central App

I don't typically buy HTC, but this does look like a damn nice phone.
I genuinely hope they succeed... With that being said, the Nexus 5 seems like my next phone (most likely).

Still, this all sounds impressive. Go HTC!

(to nearly everyone commenting here)

What if I told you...

...that the average customer doesn't care whether this has a Snapdragon 600 or Snapdragon 800.

What if I told you that's incorrect. The average customer buys whatever the carrier tells them to buy which will be the devices with the best specs. You won't ever see AT&T telling customers to buy the S4 Mini or Galaxy Mega over the Note 3 or S4.

Right, that's why Apple sells so many phones... Because it's the greatest and latest specs...


Try again.

Posted via Android Central App

No they have name recognition and marketing.

They don't make the best phone by a long shot, but they make a phone that no one cares about specs.

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Well I'd rather have a device with a good user experience and nice design than that spec orientated crap some companies ship (no, won't say any names).

Posted via Android Central App


My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

I'd say you're 100% right, until someone points it out to them. Then, obviously they need the 800. They won't know what it means, but higher is always better on a spec sheet, right? But then you introduce the A7 and the Tegra 4 and watch someone try to puzzle that one...

(to nearly everyone commenting here)
What if I told you...

.... that the average customer doesn't care whether this has a Snapdragon 600 or Snapdragon 800. Because, based on the financial numbers, the average customer cared very little about the HTC One and will undoubtedly care much less about the HTC Max.

Hmmm, nice phone especially for someone who loves Phablets and would never consider getting anything less than 5.7 inches. I'm concerned about the battery life with that 3300 mAh battery. If the case is too ugly then I'll pass on it, even if it adds up to a 4500 MAh battery, and get the Oppo N1 instead. Price will be another deciding factor. These OEMs get away with too much on some of these ridiculous prices. Some of these phones are a couple bucks short of a MacBook Air and that is outrageous!

Who the f. cares about specs? Just look at Samsung and the S4, better hardware, terrible performance (stutter and lag), no consistency in the interface/apps l. Can't say anything about the Note, but touchwiz won't be better there.

You cry and bitch about a device you haven't even used yet.

Posted via Android Central App

Says the man who is crying and bitching about a phone he has tried.

The note 3 with touch wiz is a dream once you cover the ugliness of tw.

In addition, the s4 had its issues, they solved them, time to move on from that old song and dance

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

The last S4 I used (with 4.2.2) was still horrible. Not unusable, but still pathetic for a flagship device.

And I said I don't know how it's on the Note.

Posted via Android Central App

I will say it is a step behind the One but not so much that it would be a PITA like it was when it was released

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Actually as much as you would like to believe the last update fixed the stutter and lagging on the s4 it still does just not as bad as it used to it still isn't as smooth as the Htc one.

Posted via Android Central App

Too much is made of the SOC. Let's see how it performs.

This phone is huge, that screen is almost as big as my old Nook reader. Too big for me, but hopefully HTC finds a market for it.

You complain about not having an SD card. You get one. Now you all complain about stuff that you can't tell the difference in. I bet you 1000 you couldn't tell what the soc in a phone was if they did not tell you. Samsung and moto are clear examples. specs don't matter. Samsung devices always lag. Why I gave up the s4. My droid DNA preformed better than the s4. One day we will realize that most phones are very fast and responsive. As long as my battery can last 10+ hrs and expanded storage I'm good. Regardless of manufacture.

Posted via Android Central App

I still cannot get past that horrible button setup. HTC has always had one minor flaw to their phones and it drive me nuts.

Posted via Android Central App


When will you guys stop obsessing over specs and realize it's about the experience. Motorola and HTC have figured this out. No phone should need 3 or 4 gigs of ram. If it does then something is clearly wrong and no, the average consumer doesn't know a damn thing about processors.

What did HTC figure out? That the average customer wants a smartphone as heavy and large as the Max, which offers less than the Note 3? What value in experience is the HTC Max going to provide over the Samsung S4 or Note 3? The average customer looked at the gorgeously constructed HTC One and the greasy, plastic, cheap feeling S4, yet went with the S4 overwhelmingly. What's gonna happen when the average customer compares the HTC Max to the Note 3? Hmm?

HTC has figured out the software experience.

The value in experience will be a much snappier UI which actually has features that people will use and benefit from.

Samsung designs software features to look cool on a commercial. HTC designs software features that enhance the experience. Zoe, highlights and Boomsound speakers all make the experience better.

I am not an HTC homer btw. The Moto X spanks anything Samsung or HTC has put out.

That's a lie. People went with the Samsung products because of their marketing strategies. I have an HTC EVO 4G LTE, and almost everyone that I meet that see the way this phone looks, feels, performs say they would have purchased this over their S3, S4 or Iphone. No Lie. Forgive me for saying this, but most people are ignorant when it comes to why they purchase cell phones. They go with what they hear on TV, and what the masses buy, instead of searching around for a truly superior device when it comes to hardware/software. My phone may be a SECOND slower than a S4 or HTC ONE. That to me is not enough to go purchase a new phone to just say....HEY LOOK EVERYONE, I HAVE THE LATEST CPU... I'll just wait my one second longer to download.

A major upgrade is when I went from my Samsung Instinct, to my original HTC EVO 4G. A mid grade upgrade was when I went from the original HTC EVO 4G to my current phone. That original HTC EVO 4G went through 3 major Google upgrades. To get an HTC ONE, S4 or any other current device would just be a very minor upgrade.

P.S. My phone is on it's way to a third major upgrade since I purchased it (4.3). So I'm good for another year or two.

All those people buying the s4 overwhelmingly and suffering with poor performance will probably not be buying another Samsung phone.

Posted via Android Central App

- Apple added a fingerprint reader to it's latest iPhone. We need one in our devices ASAP!
- But...
- No time to explain, just cut a hole in the back!

Uh no it was there for quite some time on leaked shots...and Apple wasn't the first with a fp sensor.

But nice try, kid.

Posted via Android Central App

Yet you have leaked pictures of the HTC One Max with this same fingerprint reader from august 2013... Wasn't the iPhone released in mid-September?
Facts, facts, facts.

You guys should learn not to take some words too literally.
First, everyone and their grandmas knew, that Apple is going to release a phone with a fingerprint reader (FPR) by the time HTC planned one. Somehow, you compare HTC leak date with iPhone release date, why won't you check when info about iPhones FPR first showed up. Also, nowhere has I stated, that Apple was the first one ever to release a phone with FPR ( to the "mature" guy above ).

Secondly, you completely miss the main point of my post. Even if HTC planned for FPR 10 years ago, it doesn't make their current implementation of it any less ugly.

Add dual boot for WP to these gimmicks and gg HTC.

Hahaha............ Sadly I think HTC put much more thought into it and still came up with the same dumb idea.

Just so we're clear, I think that the current HTC One is one of the best and most premium phones on the market. However, we need to closely examine the facts. HTC are struggling and the HTC One didn't save them, even with all the praise. People chided the non-expandable storage, 4 megapixel camera, and poor battery in comparison to other 2013 Android flagship devices. The HTC One was the first bonafide flagship of 2013. It had everything that people could ask for, except a better than 4 "ultra pixel" camera. With that said, the HTC One Max is coming out at the end of 2013 when Snapdragon 800 powered flagships are dominating the market. Other than the screen size, HTC did nothing to upgrade their existing product (no a gimmicky fingerprint sensor doesn't count). I believe the a Snapdragon 800 and at least a higher quality 8 Megapixel camera would have went a long way in marketing the One Max as a premium flagship device. Especially when it's up against the Note 3 and LG G2.

Just so we're clear, I think that the current HTC One is one of the best and most premium phones on the market. However, we need to closely examine the facts. HTC are struggling and the HTC One didn't save them, even with all the praise. People chided the non-expandable storage, 4 megapixel camera, and poor battery in comparison to other 2013 Android flagship devices. The HTC One was the first bonafide flagship of 2013. It had everything that people could ask for, except a better than 4 "ultra pixel" camera. With that said, the HTC One Max is coming out at the end of 2013 when Snapdragon 800 powered flagships are dominating the market. Other than the screen size, HTC did nothing to upgrade their existing product (no a gimmicky fingerprint sensor doesn't count). I believe the a Snapdragon 800 and at least a higher quality 8 Megapixel camera would have went a long way in marketing the One Max as a premium flagship device. Especially when it's up against the Note 3 and LG G2.

I knew this phone would be all about the specs even though specs don't mean crap when it comes to how well a phone performs.
The Moto X outperforms the S4 in every day use, it never lags, but since it doesn't spec as high, people don't want it...
Funny how the boards were full of specs don't matter when the A7 was shown to outperform the SD800 is 9 out of 10 benchmarks... specs sure didn't matter then, but now its all about the specs.
From what I have heard from every HTC one owner on this board, that phone never stutters no matter what you throw at it.
Guess people would rather have high numbers that lags like a dog, aka ALL Samsung phones, than a phone that actually runs smooth no matter what the specs are... people....:(

All Samsung phones? The S4 had/has issues. Never heard or saw complaining about the Note series or sgs3

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

You havnt watched enough reviews the note 3 has 3gb of ram and still stutters occasionally it's touchwiz that is slowing it down that's why I recommend to turn off the gimmicky features they don't need or install Nova launcher.

Posted via Android Central App

I realize the snapdragon 600 is disappointing, but have people forgotten this phone is almost all metal? That plus the fingerprint scanner definitely puts this on the same plane as the note 3 in my opinion. I mean, when the galaxy s4 came out with 16gb and SD card vs 32gb on the HTC One, it was fine. Now that the position is reversed, all of a sudden 16GB is not enough. Not really sure I understand this.

Posted via Android Central App

This phone should have been released months ago, for it to be relevant.
I guess, this is how it went:
• OK we are ready for production on the MAX!
• BEATS by dre don't like us anymore.
• Stop what we are doing, focus on losing da BEATS.
• Oh well we lost da BEATS.
• Now we gotta remove da BEATS from our Sense. That might take a few months to beta test.
• We've been hypin' da BEATS who's gonna buy our phones now?
• Let's give them an updated Sense 5.5, and say "all new", the costumers will love this phone.
• It will take a few months to update Sense and beta test.

Introducing the long awaited 'HTC One Max' with Sense 5.5!

*behind closed doors*
~ We should have released this phone months ago, before da BEATS debacle. At least the phone's hardware would have been more relevant at that time.
~ Get Lenovo's number, we are ready to listen.

I could be way off but that's just ONE theory.


H elp
T his
C ompany

Posted via Android Central App

I really don't understand the fuss about the snapdragon 800 v the 600 processor. The major difference between the two is the ability of the 800 to record 4k videos (which I don't still see its relevance).
In real world usage, you can hardly tell the difference and saying the Note 3's better than the One Max makes no sense. Most of y'all debating don't have any of these gadgets and most tech sites are yet to review them.

The Galaxy Note 3 needs the extra 1GB RAM and S800 chip cos of it's laggy touchwiz. HTC on the other hand have optimized their software to work with the hardware that's why sense makes more sense (Forgive the pun) than touchwiz. Looking at the Iphone 5s with 2011 specs, it still runs smoothly why? because it has software optimization.

I fully agree. I see folks are having the same spec frenzy that they did over the Moto X. When will people understand: specs are not the end-all be-all when it comes to the user experience of the phone. Sense no longer needs a ton of memory (like Touchwiz still does), so 2GB vs 3GB of memory makes no difference except for in price. The only major change made due to market pressure was adding a microSD slot. Folks should be happy, as in day-to-day use this appears to offer a better experience than a GN3. I would love to see for myself, but evidently T-Mobile isn't offering the One Max unless something changes.

Sadly, some will never understand. I try to not make judgements as to how a phone will perform before I either try the phone for myself, or check out reliable reviews.

Posted via Android Central App

The storage options reported here are wrong. Per HTC, storage options are the same as the One: 32GB/64GB.

With the boom sound speakers I feel that a 5.4 inch display would have been the perfect size and would have been a more comfortable device in the hand!

just to big ... waiting for new ipad mini and comparing it to nexus 7 then trading in my s4 for nexus 5. 4.8" phone 7"inch tablet is the sweet spot for me. and i'll never buy a samsung phone again.

Not for me... What bores me the most is that 4 "ultra" mega camera! Just not the thing that i can use

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